Commodity Market Prediction 2014 - Gold & silver commodity market

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People invest in commodity market business and get a good profit from it.Well, whether it is stock market or commodity market, both are risky at the same level. You never know when you have to face ups and downs in commodity market. Are you thinking about the rise and downfall of commodity market in 2014? Do you really want to get profit with commodity market in 2014? Then the one and only thing that can solve your problem is astrology!

Know more about the ups and downs of commodity market 2014 predictions and think before you invest in it.It is the best probable way through which one can get to know necessary things about the ups and downs of the commodity market 2014. Let’s have a look at predictions of gold & silver commodity market 2014 month wise.

Commodity Market Month Wise Prediction 2014

Commodity Market Month Wise Prediction 2014
January: In the beginning of the first month depreciation will be seen in market. Moreover, major downturn will be seen in silver. In the end of month you can invest in market. However, it would be good investing off after this period.

February: The commodity market will speed up after 2nd February and it will be bidirectional.The rise in silver and gold will be noticed from 6th February and will last till the end of month.

March: Gold will pick up one-sided rise and will last till end of the month.However, downfall will be noticed from 6thFebruary in silver market and it will be increased from 14th march and continue till end of month.

April: The commodity market will see bidirectional increase in gold and downs in silver.

May:Bidirectional rise will be seen in whole commodity market. However, downfall will be seen in silver market from 8th may and it will be increased from 19th may 2014.

June:In the June month commodity market will see bidirectional with ups and downs. There will be rise in silver prices from 11thJune.

July:From 15thJuly there will be one sided rise in prices of gold and price of silver will be improved. Market will pick speed from 15thJuly 2014.

August:From 7th august silver market will pick more rise and it will last till 13th august.On 25th august downfall will take place in silver market.

September: In the September month there will be downfall in silver market from 18th. While, gold market will be bidirectional with minor rise.

October: In the October month market will be better from 4th. However, downfall will be seen from 19th October. Good changes will be seen in gold market from 17th October.

November: In the beginning of month the commodity market will face downfall and last till 16th November. It will improve from 17thNovember and gold will see rise from 28thNovember.

December:downfall will be seen from 2nd December in price of silver. Moreover, from 8th December there will be one-sided improvement in silver and gold commodity market.

These predictions are made by the expert astrologers and it has been proven beneficial for all the investors of commodity market. Follow these commodity market 2014 predictions and think before your invest.


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