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Everyone have desire to go abroad, is it for study or to stay or to trip. we can know about videsh gaman yog via kundli, lets check do you have videsh gaman yog or not.

Videsh yatra ke yog
Persons having good Venus and Moon they can get chances to go abroad. The ninth, twelfth, third and fifth place of birth chart can also help to go abroad.

If such line comes from Moon and meets to life line or luck line then it is also sign of foreign trip. You will go for a long time if these lines are dark and if they are light then you will go to abroad for a short time.

If life line distract in two part, such lines comes from Moon Mountain and meets life or luck line then you can go abroad.

Such lines from Venus Mountain meet or go ahead towards luck line then also you can go abroad.

If Mountain of Moon is strong they have more chances to settle in abroad. If such people have 1, 4, 7, 10 zodiac signs in first place they also have chance to go abroad.

People who have Moon, Mars, Venus and Ketu on ninth place they get good opportunity to go abroad.

If there are few lines on Moon Mountain which do not reach up to the life line then you can go abroad for pleasure trips.

You can go to abroad for education if such lines come from Moon Mountain and meets life line and life line reach to Jupiter.

People who have weak Mars they can settle in foreign. Both Mountains of Mars is downward, life line separates from downside, such lines from Moon and Venus meet to life and luck line then it shows you cannot come back from foreign once you go there.

If lines are breaking on Moon Mountain, it has spots, such lines come out from Moon and meet life line then it shows that it would be problematic to go abroad and you might come back early if you go to abroad.

Your marriage occurs in foreign if thin line goes upward from Moon and reaches to the Mercury. Also if marriage line becomes separate in two parts then also your marriage occurs in foreign.

Perl helps if you get problem in foreign or while going to abroad.

You can worship of “Om Shra Shri Shrom Sah Chadramashye Namah”. You can also do Mahamrutanajay Mantra if you want to go abroad or you have problems after reaching there.

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