Astro Tips - How to Choose Right Career ?- Kaise chune sahi Career

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Providing some astrology tips according to your kundli, which career path you should choose. how to choose right career. choosing right career is nowadays quite important thing.Lets have some astro tips from astro uncle for right career.

Astro Tips - How to Choose Right Career ?- Kaise chune sahi career

Astro Tips - How to Choose Right Career ?- Kaise chune sahi career

Parents should understand children’s nature. Those who know own nature, temperament, capability, ability they can select right path for their career.

By checking palms you can get indications which helps to take right path for the career.

If the Mountain of Sun is upward or there are two straight lines then child works which increase his prestige. This type of person lives their life with someone and builds their career in social work, politics and media.

If Mountain of Sun is upward then you have to study in those filed where you can understand social work. You can study in sociology, politics and science.

If Moon has circle and it is upward then you have to study which increase secrets of human’s mind and body. You can work in Public Relations, Media and Creativity filed. You can also work in administrative or government job as officers/managers. Person also gets stability at the age of 27-28 if Moon has circles and it is upward.

If Mars is upward and has circle then you can choose medical field. You can also choose astrology, psychology. If the downward Mars is good then you can choose sports or army.

If Mars and Sun both are upward then you have to work for army or government job.

If finger of Mercury is long, straight, and hard and if it comes outside, also it has one or two small lines then you can choose Strategy, Finance, Commerce, CA filed.

If finger Jupiter is straight or Saturn is outside, Mountain of Jupiter is upward then this type of person can go in the field of Government Jobs, Banking, Teaching and Law.

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