Which Minerals to Use - Check According to Your Zodiac Signs

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There are different signs of different minerals. You can use different minerals according to your zodiac signs and get favor of your planets. 

Which Minerals to Use - Check According to Your Zodiac Signs

You need to check which of the home is weak and bad in your zodiac sign, because if the home is weak and you wear that planet’s ring it makes them more stronger however if you kept away that mineral from you or donate them it gives good result. 

Which Minerals to Use - Check According to Your Zodiac Signs

So, it is better to take a look at your horoscope and check which planet is surely irritated or damaged your home and what home is weak and what is giving you bad fruit, let us know according to signs which minerals are good for different signs.

Do not keep milk long time in a silver jar, same as you cannot keep curd in copper jar, also do not keep your food for longer time in metal or copper plates, you need to eat immediately after taking it in plate, the food which is longer lying in the metal can be harmful and if the food is cooking in metal or you eat in metal plates then there is no iron in it.

Aries: Eat in copper pot, and use less plastic.

Taurus: People of this signs should have to eat in silver, copper or steel utensils; they should use less aluminum and iron metal for eating.

Gemini: Eating in copper pots is excellent for this people.

Cancer: One should eat in tin or silver plate, the people of Cancer sign should not eat aluminum and porcelain crab.

Leo: You can eat in copper plate and if the financial condition is good then you can also eat in gold bowl or eat with gold spoon; keep in mind that copper should be pure not coated.

Virgo: You can eat in a plate which is made from copper and silver, if you cannot find the plate which is made of this mixed metal then you can use copper pots, it would give benefit.

Libra: You can take silver plate, whether small or large, you can eat anything, but avoid ceramic plate absolutely to eat.

Scorpio: Copper is their main metal, so if you eat in copper plate then it gives more benefits.

Sagittarius: Once can eat in tin or flowers or gold pot, this sing of people should avoid steel plate to eat, if you do not find any plates which is made from these 3 metals then you can use pure steel, similarly if you find ceramic plate then you can get taste, and make strong your planet by having tea milk and curd in ceramic plate.

Capricorn: Check Saturn mountain in your hand, if he is buried then eat in the iron pot, keep food in it for only one minute and after that eat that food, do not keep food in it for long time, it means food do not touch the iron, but if the Saturn mountain is rising in hand then eating in ceramic or silver plate would be beneficial.

Aquarius: The food which is made in iron pots gives more benefit; this signs of people can use any plates except ceramic and plastic plates.

Pisces: This sing of people should eat in small gold plate or gold spoon or in any plate which is made from flower.

The size of the plate is does not matter, but if your food is keep for a few minutes in that, if you eat food in this plates once in a day then only it gives benefits.

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