Small changes in Home Brings more Happiness - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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Astro remedies to stop fights in your house, why you should not use box beds,  how broken excess of irons can lead to unhappiness and many more astro remedies.

Small Chnages in Home Brings more Happiness - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Small Chnages in Home Brings more Happiness - Astro Uncle ke Upay
We impact on children and people’s thoughts and luck by making changes in the house, let us know how:

Those houses in which there must be a fight, lack of mutual assistant, Jupiter of that house, Mercury and the Moon so ever be good, but never give good fruit, there must be problem arise in their life, while Jupiter, Mercury and Moon gives the best minds, but there is lack of mutal harmony in house it cannot give good result.

If a broken excess of iron remains in a house, which may not be of any use, children of that house will never properly study, especially if the child preparing their competitive exams then the success level will be reduced, mind of people of those house will be disturbed, the keys without having lock, or keys without locks, broken things of iron, or other unused things invites bad luck for the children, so by the time they should be removed from the house.

Nowadays most of us have box beds in our homes, and most of us keep our stuff in this box bed, and that stuff are electrical appliances which we get in gifts, glassware, wires, switches and many more, but who sleep on this type of bed in which this type of stuff are stored they have to face problems, insomnia, sourness in mood, decrease in mind stability during time, there must be problem in health, therefore you should remove this type of stuff from bed and store such stuff like bed sheets, pillows, clothes which can be used by a person who sleep on that bed.

Neither sleeps on this type of bed nor gives this type of bed to your children, where there are shoes and sleepers kept in 2 feet. There must be rug near bed so that you cannot directly put your leg on floor, and after that there must be sleepers. You should have to throw torn stockings/socks, it works the same.

Such homes where the heavy stuff like Cupboard, almirah, sofa set are kept, children of that house do not get promotion easily, they become physically weak, you can keep vegetation on this place, and to get promotion for children you can plant Sunflower, this is good remedy, children can plant this as well as they can give water to this plant.

If the entrance of the house has some stuff which restrict to come in and out then you can consider that it will create problem in children’s marriage life, they cannot get good friends, and it they have their must be some dispute with them, so there is no constraint in front of the entrance, this also should not be inside the home such as while entering in the home you put table.

Donate your old shoes and slippers regularly, if they torn bit do not be greedy to keep them, it increase the unfortunate. Wearing torn shoes and slippers increase the strength of Saturn and Rahu, so that person becomes lazy, their nature does not remain good. You should also throw torn socks which is also not useful.

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