How to Improve your Planets by Indian spices - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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The Indian spices are not only good for health but also by using those planets have good effect.Check this awesome ideas and upay of astro uncle for which indian spices to use in day to day, to improve planets.

How to Improve your Planets by Indian spices - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

* Fennel: We have already discussed on Fennel, by eating Fennel our Venus become good, you can intake this with or without Misri after lunch or dinner, it removes the problem of acidity or Nausea, when you are going outside eat fennel with Jaggery, by doing this Mars gives you support to finish your work.

* Cinnamon: If someone’s Mars and Venus is weak then they should eat Cinnamon adding in honey and with the fresh water, it increase the power in your body and there will be less problem of cough in winter.

* Pepper: Sun and Moon becomes good by intake of Pepper, there is less problem of Cough and also increase our memory, and you can also keep pepper on dining table pour in copper so that there are no bad effects on home.

* Barley: Stone problem would never come by Intake of Barley bread.

* Green cardamom: If anyone has trouble digesting milk, then cooks the green cardamom in it and drinks the milk, the problem removes. This is helpful to those who want to maintain their health or drink milk for calcium but having digest trouble after drinking milk.

* Turmeric: We all know the hidden qualities of Turmeric, Jupiter becomes good by intake of turmeric, and you can also tied turmeric in yellow thread and wear in neck which gives good result. We all know the drinking milk with turmeric gives best result in Arthritis, bones and infections.

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