How to keep Grain Pots, Unused Food, How to deal with Dirty Pots of Kitchen - Astrology and Kitchen [Part 3]

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Where to put Grains pots, how to deal with Unused food, how should be water place shattered, all these questions answered in Kitchen and Astrology Part 3. This is the 3rd dose of Kitchen and Astrological remedies for your kitchen. you can read the first 2 parts before reading these, if you haven't read it.
Apne kitchen ki, rasaoi ghar ke jhoothe barten, anaj ki peep or stove ko saaf kaise rakhe, or bohot kuch janiye aaj ke Astro uncle ke upay main - Astrology and Kitchen [Part 3].

How to keep Grain Pots, Unused Food, and how to deal with Dirty Pots of Kitchen - Astrology and Kitchen [Part 3]

How to keep Grain Pots, Unused Food, and how to deal with Dirty Pots of Kitchen - Astrology and Kitchen [Part 3]

In Kitchen, Grains means any type of flour never kept Northeast (North-East) direction, and if flour kept in there due to lack of space then that Flour should be kept in big Pots not in small pots.

The grains in large pots must be kept in South direction, the logic behind is there is warmth in the air coming from the south so bacteria has no opportunity to flourish. The Pottery in which grain or pulse kept they can not at all wall from adjoining, there should be some space between wall and grain, there must be kept turmeric between grains and pulses, this turmeric which is available nowadays market in ease, turmeric does not offers growth to the bacteria and removes the worms.

The location of cleaning dirty pots and water of location namely kitchen in tap and water collect place and water filters should be in north (north), or northeast (north - east) direction.

According to architectural view dirty pots should not kept in the kitchen, whenever the pots gets dirty they should be wash back as early as possible.

When you enter in the kitchen and you see the place where pots cleaning area, means if you stand on the gate of kitchen and in front of you see pots wash of location then the poverty shows in the house, in splendor look not in the home.

When you go outside and you see dirty pots then the effects of Rahu is not good, therefore when you go outside do not kept dirty pots in the home, do not go outside by seeing dirty pots or trash, by doing this you cannot take decisions properly, right matter cannot say rightly, therefore, by mistake if you see dirty pots or trash while going outside then eat yogurt or drink water before leaving.

If the unused food of night seen by master or mistress it is very bad thing, all pots the should be kept out of the water, and remaining unused food should be kept in bag and keep it out from the kitchen.

Those who used more polythene (polythene bags) on them bad effects affects more, the logic behind are we inadvertently use polythene and spread more pollution which is wrong and therefore we should use bags which made from the paper.

Stale food means bad Saturn and bad Rahu, it means continuously bad results from Jupiter, eat stale food only in adverse conditions, otherwise prepare only one time food which finish in a day in perfecting be to other day new food. Bye eating Stale food, there is adverse effect to home and also the atmosphere of the home also disturbs.

In kitchen at water place shattered not living give him clear and there.

The Kitchen also gets resting time, do not work whole day in kitchen, like after preparing lunch, clear the kitchen and gives relaxation, after sometime start working in it.

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