Astrological Reasons and Remedies for Mood Swings - Stress in Women

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Astrological Reasons and Remedies for What are the reason for mood swings or mood instability or Stress in women, what are the factors and how to overcome with this problem.

Aaj Astro uncle ke Upay main janenge mahilao main mood swings ya mood instability aur stress ke kya karan hai or unko dur kaise kiya jaye.

Astrological Reasons for mood swings or mood instability or Stress in women

Astrological Reasons for mood swings or mood instability or Stress in women

There is mood swings or mood instability going in women generally, due to there is no one with whom they can express their feelings or they remains busy in the work whole day so that they can tell to anyone, also the planets also impacts, and those planets are Moon, Rahu, Ketu or Marsh.

If there is first expressions of Rahu or Ketu on the woman’s horoscope, or the first owner of marriage planet is weak then women will be victim of mood swings. There will be love and mercy but there will be increase in doubt, they always feel insecure, they cannot adapt the thoughts which comes in their mind even if they want to adapt them, the work which they want to work according to their wishes they will do it by willful whether its result right be or wrong, and if they handle their self for few days then after some days they pick mood swings, so they own will remains more disturb.

The cause of instability is Moon, the women and daughters whose Moon remains weak they remains ultra emotional, they cannot handle their feelings and will disturb in small things, if you cry in a small situation then it indicates that your Moon is weak, weak moon never gives you strength to fight in the adverse conditions.

If the mood instability comes longer then it turns into disease, women cannot open their thoughts, the mind cannot work properly, even it also be that women does not understand the atmosphere of the men, they cannot understand the things from her father, husband, son, brother and so the mutual harmony of perfecting will remove, and we man blame why women cannot understand the thoughts of us but the it’s not their fault, by doing measures of their weak moon and giving them emotional support we can do good easily.

The women whose moon is weak it will not make them practical, it will always make them emotional which is neither good for them nor for those who are close to them.

There is heavy loss of concentration, disturbance with mother, cannot concentrate in work, headache, high blood pressure, due to moon.

The highly emotional women lost their beauty, because if moon is weak then the skin will damage, and if the Moon and Marsh both is weak then the skin does not remain good because it cannot communicate the blood and so the glow of skill will not remain.

The third home of mood swings is marsh, it provides extreme mood swings, due to marsh women can also have blood related diseases and mental weakness.

There is bad effect of Marsh on Menstrual in women, there will be less in power of mind, gets too much anger, feeling too much sleepy in noon, always remains tired, such things, there will be not interest in their family and children, cry, sulk, even if getting hunger they cannot eat, remember their past, this situation will be deteriorated, they try to find a support and will seat lonely, in this situation their husband, son, father or brother blame them, criticize them that there is something wrong with them, scolds them which is completely wrong, if they do this then their mental status cannot remains stable, after staying good they will become worse in a few days.

Due to weak Marsh there will be damage to the blood, if menstrual is bad then there will be glitch in chemicals (hormones) in body, which cause the depression, pain in legs, pain in waist, anger all happens due to this reason.

Astrological Remedies to overcome mood swings or mood instability and Stress for women

 Astrological Remedies to overcome mood swings or mood instability and Stress for women
Today, we’ll know about some measures which help to overcome the stress, which must be adopted by the daughters and women if they feel that they are victim of the stress.

The target should be clear in your life, those women whose motives are not clear they cannot direct their target and that is why they become upset, work according to time and rules, do not keep pending work, where work gathering occurred , the stress and moroseness beginning.

When the stress slowly makes grip, those women and daughters drink less water by itself, please do not so, and consume significant water.

Sometime go to Satsang or Asylum, Satsang means a place where you get support and energy for yourself power, a group which shows you the hope of beam is called as Satsang, without laughing, criticism and condemnation is also called the Satsang because it keeps your mind faint.

Take some time for which you have interest or talent you have.

Maintain 2-3 relations in life which accept you with your shortcomings and handle you in your difficult time.

Experiment of copper or silver helps you to keep relax.

The imbalance of metals cause the stress in body, therefore, eats good and nutritious food.

Keep attention in solitude, wonderful remedy to avoid the stress, if there is nothing then pronounces Om while sitting in privacy. Attention is that action whereby we separate ourselves from the society and sees in our inside, rub your palms until it becomes hot and then take it too close to your ears, pronounce the Om along with it.

The women and daughters who live in more stress they should take more calcium.

Do not eat cold things; do not reduce the iron in body. Holding Iron also will help or eat vegetables or onions occasionally.

Pronounce the mantra of Moon or Lord Shiva on full moon, “Om Shri Shri Shro Sah: Chadramashye Namah” or “Om Namah Sivay”. You will get more benefits if you do sitting in moon light.

Do not or eat less sugar, walk on the grass, do not sleep in the noon and sleep early in the night, remove constipation from your life.

Try to read something, whether it is newspaper or books, especially between 2 - 6 PM.

Keep light aroma in home in morning or evening, in the evening make sure you fire a light.

The women who have issues relating to lethargy and exhaustion, they should consume benzoin, ashwganda, avla regularly.

Women and daughters should explain that the cause of stress probably not disappear, but they should always ready to fight with those situations, if you do this all remedies, along with praying god then we hope that you can remove stress permanently and live your life happily. 

Its request to everyone to say this remedy to everyone, do not keep it as yourselves, if you help someone inadvertently then you will become get virtue.

Mood Swings and stress reason for Men

Aap sabko yah jaankar aaschrya hoga ki purushon mein bhi chandrama mood swings karvata hai , kyunki sabke man ka kaarak grah chandrama hi hota hai , par mahilaao par asar zyada padta hai , hum upaayon ko vistaar mein jaanenge kyunki abhi mahilaao aur betiyon ke baare mein bohot si baatein rahti hai .

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