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You are very good in study and you are moving towards your goal. But when you reach at one level and feel that you are going in the wrong way and do other thing. You have to improve your mental strength and confidence. This problem occurs when Moon and Ketu are weak.

Astrology Remedies for Change in Mindset - Astro Upay

Change in Mindset
Wear chitty (one type of crystal) stone adding in silver ring or chain. You can also wear this in first finger. Wear yellow cloth and seat on white bench and do meditation. Your level of understanding and confidence increase.

Take coconut and touch it on your head. You have to offer this to Kalbhairav. Take small shell and deep it in water. Drink that water in the morning. You will get stability in your mind.

When Mercury is weak or Jupiter or Saturn is too strong then your maths becomes weak. There will be distraction in concentration.

You can eat Brahami and Amla. Donate pepper. You will definitely get success. Take 3 coins of copper and tie it up in green thread and wear it in throat on Wednesday. Offer yellow flower to Ganesh and worship him.

You can wear iron ring in middle finger. You have to worship. Do not take decision in hurry. You must have to take advice and guidance. If you take risk then also you will get benefit. But you must have to take calculative risk.

Remedy: When children remain ill in home then every family member have to worship in the morning and keep sweet in the mouth. They must have to drink water after it to get more benefit.

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How to Improve Memory? - Astro Uncle ke Upay

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It is necessary to have good memory power. Planets affects on memory. You forget the things when your Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are weak. You should strengthen these planets to get good memory power.

How to Improve Memory? - Astro Uncle ke Upay

Improve Memory
You should change your behavior/conduct. You have to remain alert. You must have to do more work. You must have to keep patience. Do not eat too much food. Eat water and grams when you get hungry. Bake grams in ghee and add black salt in it.

Your memory becomes sharp by eating orange and walnut. You can use almond oil in your nose. You can do massage in hair with rosary oil or almond oil or cow’s ghee.

You can eat Saunth and Pippli adding honey in it. You must have to eat seasonal fruits. You can eat Amla. You must have to detach yourself from other stuff. Seat with peace mind and chant “Om” mantra before start studying.

Memory power increase by drinking coconut water. Wear silver chain from mother’s hand. Donate shoes or hide stuff. Peel off lemon from your head and throw after cutting it. You will definitely get benefit.

Extra Remedy
: If you get wrinkles on forehead then you can apply pindol dust on it. You can also apply it on your whole face. It gives strength to your planets. Drink more water. Concentrate on green color in morning-evening.

Chhath puja 2014 - How its celebrated, Chhath puja 2014 Date

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Chhath puja is celebrated with a great enthusiasm in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other states of India. It is done for four days continuously. Sunset is the worship of this puja. People celebrate it with different customs. Chhath puja is done after Diwali days and it has a good significance all over India. 

 Chhath puja 2014 - How its celebrated, Chhath puja 2014 Date

It is belief that if the puja is done during the ancient time with unvarying conviction that sun achieves desires if the custom of ‘arghya’ is offered with whole dedication. Moreover, the Bhojpuri and maithali speaking people do this puja. It intricately celebrated in Uttar Pradesh,Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam, and west Bengal. The festival is dedicated to god of energy known as surya.The aim to celebrate this festival is to say thank you to god sun with fervor and pray for wealth, success and care of family and friends. 

Chhath Puja 2014 Timings

Sunrise on Chhath Puja Day = 06:39
Sunset on Chhath Puja Day = 18:01
Shashthi Tithi Begins = 00:47 on 29/Oct/2014
Shashthi Tithi Ends = 23:10 on 29/Oct/2014

On this day people wake up early in the morning and get ready. They keep fast for whole day and even leave without water by standing themselves in the water. Moreover, they offer Prasad and aragh to growing sun.According to Hindu calendar the chhath puja is celebrated at 6th day of month of kartika (October or November).

Furthermore, the first day of puja is known as ‘nahai khai’, second ‘kharna’, third ‘sandhya arghya’, fourth ‘bihaniya arghya’. Each day is has its own importance. First day is of eat and bath. Second day is of fast that ends after sunset with 36 hour of long fast. Third day is of evening offering and fourth day is of morning offerings breaking of fast.

This year the chhath puja will be celebrated from 27th October to 30th October, 2014. This festival is also celebrated in the month of Chaitra, which is March or April. Celebrate the festival with happiness and cheerfulness! Happy Diwali.

Bhaiduj 2014 - Importance of Bhaiduj

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The festival of Bhaiduj is celebrated to indicate the bond of brother and sister all over India. The festival is celebrated by Hindu community two times in a year. First one is Rakshbandhan and second is Bhaiduj. It is celebrated after the great celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, firecrackers, and happiness. The festival is observed as sign of love and affection between sisters and brothers.

Importance of Bhaiduj 2014

Bhaiduj 2013 - Importance of Bhaiduj

On this auspicious day of Bhaiduj sister do tilak on forehead of their brothers and do aarti by showing prayer, love, and protection for them. Moreover, they take lunch or dinner together with whole family and celebrate it with great pleasure. Brothers give gifts, blessings and luxuries to their sisters. This day is celebrated on the fifth day of Diwali that starts on a new moon night. The word ‘Dooj’ specifies second day of new moon and bhai means brother. On this day sisters pray for their brother’s long life, wealth, and safety.

Moreover, as per the customs yamaraj the god of death went to visit his sister after long time. His sister yami was so happy to see her brother and they shared meal with each other and they repeated it every year on the second day of new moon. 

Till date this tradition is monitored in India. Diwali is incomplete without Bhaiduj. It is also known as ‘bhaiyya duj’ in Hindi speaking people and ‘bhavbij’ in Marathi speaking people. Moreover, it is known as ‘bhaifota’ in Bengal and in Nepal it is called ‘bhaitika’.

The spirit of the Bhaiduj is to celebrate and fortify the love of brother and sisters. It is the day of praying for each other, sharing food, and giving gifts. There are gifts available in market especially made for Bhaiduj. Celebrate the festival of affection and make relations stronger. This year Bhaiduj will be celebrated on 25th October, 2014 (Saturday). Happy Bhaiduj!

Planetary Situation About All Zodiac Sign On Diwali 2014

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Diwali on the day of October 23 delight the wealth Lakshmi According to astrology there are many amazing yoga poses on this day. Saturn and Jupiter will be located in their high amount and Sun will be in located in low amounts. Sun will be in Libra from 18th October. The Sun is despicable in this sign. Saturn in Libra and its position is high in this sign. Jupiter is located in high amount. Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all these three planets are large and have important positions. Sun is the king of planets, Jupiter is the idol of god and Saturn is judge.

Planetary Situation About All Zodiac Sign On Diwali 2014

All Zodiac Sign On Diwali 2014
According to astrologers, this situation was occurred in 1954 when Jupiter and Saturn were high amount. At that time Mars was also at high position in Capricorn which is now in Saggitarius. Jupiter and Saturn will come together after 616 year in 2630 with high amount. However this year is more effective compared to the next one. Mars and Rahu is in friend sign and Venus is also in its own sign.

Everyone can do following five remedies to get grace from goddess Lakshmi

You can get grace of goddess Lakshmi by making Om, Swastika and foot’s image of Lakshmi on your main entrance. You have to make this image with turmeric and rice.

Offer sugar cane or banana to an elephant on Narak Chaturdashi or Diwali. You can get grace of gajlakshmi by doing this.

Donate wheat or rice to poor or beggar on Diwali in the temple.

Make Rangoli at the entrance of the home on Diwali. Also light a lamp at night in the middle of Rangoli.

You must have to ring bell and damaru in home after Lakshmi Poojan on Diwali. Negative energy in the home will remove by doing this.

Aries: Sun, Saturn, Venus and Moon has full eye on your sign. This pose is good in financial matter. You can get chance to do your desire work. You can get support from family and happiness from child. You can get part in musical work and also invest some money and get benefit from it.

What to do: Donate old clothes to poor on the day of Diwali.

Taurus: You may get good benefit as Venus is in your own sign i.e. Libra. Be prepared to celebrate the happiness. You can get happiness for vehicle and can also do desire work. You get happiness from everywhere. You will not have to face problem. Problems will be solved.

What to do: Donate sweets to the children.
Gemini: You may get fixed property as Mars has complete eye on your sign. You may get benefit from controversial property. You may get new deals in business and everyone remains happy with you in the family. You will meet to your friends and will pay the debts.

What to do: Donate old shoes and clothes.

Cancer: The constellation of Jupiter and eye of Saturn-Mars you will get good benefit. You may get benefits from different sources. New investment also gives benefit to you. Take advice from elders. You will win in legal matters. You will get time to spend with family. You may buy new vehicle.

What to do: Donate gift to aged person. Donate used blankets.

Leo: Third Moon will create new opportunity. You will get happiness along with stress. You may have tension for future. Financial condition will improve. Your prestige and respect also increase. You may have desire to do good things for family. But you may have to face some difficulties.

What to do: Donate sweets and firecrackers to poor child. Light a lamp near the Shivaling.

Virgo: Adverse Mercury and Rahu are in this sign. Due to Moon’s second place you may have less enthusiasm but you will not obstacles in your work. Financial condition will be better. You may have anger in disorder. You feel alone. You have to remain active against your partners. Think before doing anything.

What to do: Donate red cloth or money to small girl.

Libra: Sun in low amount, Saturn in high amount along with Venus and also constellation of Moon is in this sign. This Diwali will give you good benefits. Old problems also solved. You may get new clothes and jewellery. There will be progress in work. You will be able to compensate old losses. You will get relief from debts.

What to do: Donate fruits and new clothes to old age woman.

Scorpio: Jupiter will be in ninth and Mars will be in second house. You have to work hard but you may have to face problems in financial matters. You will not get desire result. Moon is in second house so you may get stress. You will get support from family. Your secret topics may disclose. Do not invest money and avoid meeting unknown person.

What to do: Donate grains in temple on Diwali.

Saggitarius: The constellation of Mars and the third eye of Saturn will create problems. You may get news which will depress you but you will overcome with your hard work. You will win in future. Partners may harm to you.

What to do: Pour milk and water on Shivaling. Donate milk to little girl.

Capricorn: Your desire will accomplish due to full eye of Jupiter and tenth place of Moon. You will get desire stuff. You will eat desire food. Those who want to go abroad they will get success in visa. You will be dedicated to your work and the new source of income will generate.

What to do: Donate educational stuff to children. You will get grace of goddess Mahalaxmi.

Aquarius: The owner of your sign, Saturn, is in high amount. Moon is in ninth place so you may have more work. You will get desire result. People whose increment is in this month they will get more benefit. Happiness is also in family. You may get chance to get outside for entertainment. You will get support to buy new property.

What to do: Pour white sweet and rice on Shivaling. Donate dainty in temple after worshiping.

Pisces: Jupiter is in ninth house and Mercury and Rahu is in your sign. Moon is in eight house which will create more tension. But you will get happiness as good work will be done after Diwali. You will get new achievements. You will get good news and get benefit from investment.

What to do: Donate clothes and sweets to poor children.

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Sings Which shows Dhanyog - Laxmi Pooja - Astro Upay

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In Hindu religion good and bad is very old belief. One can know from many ways about it. This indication informs us about future events. They might be dreams or something else. Such indication informs us about benefit of money. It is necessary that we have to understand it. Diwali (23rd October, Thursday) we let you know about this indications which inform us about money. They are as follows.

Sings Which shows Dhanyog - Laxmi Pooja - Astro Upay

1. If you see any kinner on Diwali then it is the sign of money’s benefit.

2. If you have continuously inch in right hand then it is the sign of getting money. If you are going to bank and you see cow then all the money related work can be accomplished.

3. If you see unmarried girl in yellow clothes on Thursday then it is also the indication that you may get money.

4. If you see any beautiful girl or woman then it is also the sign that you may have benefit of money. During the adjustment of your account if you forget some money then you will get benefit of money.

5. If someone see the dream that he is in court and he release then he will get good amount of money. If you see in dream that someone is inching your chest then you can get ancestral property. If he is inching eyes then you may have benefit of money.

6. Money saves in that house that sees pearl, moonga, necklace, crown in dreams. Those who sees porter makes pottery they get more money. A person who loses all his hair they get more money.

7.  If you are going for money related work and money drop down from your pocket then it indicates that you will get more money.

8.  If beggar comes in the morning then it indicates that you will get your loan without demanding. So do not send back the beggar without donation.

9.  If anyone sees themselves wearing underwear and buttoning him then he will get money with respect. If someone sees in the dream that he is writing a check then he will get ancestral money and his business will also increase.

10. If you are going outside and you see mongoose then it is the good sign. It is the sign of money. If you see mongoose immediately after waking up then you may get hidden money.

11. If someone is lighting safety match then he will get unexpected money. If you see in the dream that you are giving money to someone then you will get lot of money.

12. If you see in the dream that you have neck problem then also it is good. If someone is seeing orange then he will get immediate money. A person who sees wheat in the farm they may become rich.

13. If dog dig his head on land and it continuously do that then there may be hidden money over there. If you see chapatti, Puri or other food item in dogs mouth when you travel then you may get money.

14. A person who eats fruits-flowers in dreams then may get more money. Those who see they are smoking they may also get good money. If one sees that snake bites on his right hand then he may get lot of money.

15. A person who do urinate, sperm, feces, puke they may become rich. If a person does break up with her partner in dreams they may get ancestral property.

16. If you see orange cow on Friday then it is also good sign. It indicates that you may get sudden money.

17. If a traveler comes to home and donkey bark on his left side then he may get money after sometime. If a person sees pig on his left side while entering in village, city or house then he may get money.

18. A person get more money if sees camel in his dream. A person also gets money if he sees green garden and pomegranate. If you see dig money in the dream then your income may increase.

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3 Astrology Measure for Every Zodiac Sign for Laxmi Pooja - Astro Upay

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The festival of Diwali is celebrated on Amavashya of the Kartik month (October 23, Thursday). It is the biggest festival of Hindus. According to astrology measures done on this day provides very quick result. Goddess Lakshmi pleased to seeker and fulfilled his wishes by doing such measures. Today we tell you the measure which can be done on Diwali. These measures are very simple and unmistakable. These measures are as follows:

3 Astrology Measure for Every Zodiac Sign for Laxmi Pooja - Astro Upay

Astrology Measure for Every Zodiac Sign for Laxmi Pooja

1. Keep white cloth by spreading red sandal and saffron in your locker. You will get good progress and you do not have to suffer untimely loss of money.

2. If you light a lamp at your entrance and add black Gunja then you do not have financial problem whole year. You will also get your blocked money.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Aem Klim Soha”.


1. If you are not able to save the money even after hard work then worship lotus flower along with Lakshmi Poojan. Keep this flower in red cloth and place it in your locker.

2. Light 2 lamps with cow ghee and keep it on silent place by saying your wish. Your wish will come true in near future.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Aem Klim Shrim”.


1. If you are facing shortage of money then worship dakshinavarti shell along with Lakshmi-Ganesh. Keep it in your worship place. The financial condition will improve.

2. If you are worried about debts then offer necklace of raw turmeric to lord Ganesh. Your problem will be solved.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Klim Aem Sah”.


1. If you have desire to get money then light a panchmukhi lamp under the peeple tree. This is very special remedy.

2. Take yellow triangle flag and place it on top in the lord Vishnu’s temple in such a way that it will fly. Your luck will improve till next year.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Klim Aem Shrim”.


1. Light a lamp with cow ghee on main entrance at Diwali night. If it lasts till the morning then your financial condition will improve during the next year. Also your prestige will increase.

2. If enemies harass you then write a name of your enemy with pen of pomegranate and dig it. You do not have any problem from your enemy.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Hrim Shrim Soho”.


1. If you have financial problem then tie up coconut in red clothe and keep it in your locker. You may have financial benefit. Also donate 2 necklace of Kamalgata in goddess Laxmi’s temple.

2. If you have problem relating to job then feed crows sweet rice form Dhanterash to Diwali. Your problem will be solved.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Shrim Aem Soho”.


1. If you are getting loss in business then write “Om Shri Shriey Namah with Sindoor on leaf and flow it water.

2. Donate 11 coconuts in temple to get special grace from Lakshmi. You have to do this after completing your schedule.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Hrim Klim Shrim”.


1. If you have desire to get money then plant 2 banana trees in pot or in garden. You have to take care of it. But do not eat its fruit.

2.  If there is a conflict in home then hid flower of Nagkeshar in home. Hide it in such a way that no one can see it. There would be peace in the home.

3.  You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Aem Klim Shoo”.


1.  To get money take a leaf and write “Shri” with Roli and keep it in your worship place. You have to worship it every day.

2.  Offer necklace of Kamalgata and lotus flower to goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi likes these two things very much.

3.  You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Hrim Klim Shoo”.


1. If money is blocked from the long time then light a lamp with cotton in northeast side. The chances of getting blocked money will increase.

2. If you are facing problem in marriage then offer yellow cloth, yellow sweet and yellow fruit to Lord Vishnu.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Aem Klim Shoo”.


1. Light a lamp with ghee in coconut shield in front of goddess Lakshmi to get money. It should last till the morning.

2. If you have problem with your partner then make kheer on Diwali. Offer it to goddess Lakshmi and also eat it. The problems will be solved.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Hrim Aem Klim Shrim”.


1. If you have problem from enemy then write a name with camphor and remove it with your legs. Enemy will not harass you.

2. Donate lotus flower, coconut and white sweet in any Lakshmi temple on Diwali to get money. You should also eat the dainty. The problems relating to money will be solved.

3. You must have to chant this mantra with sphatik or Kamalgata rosary: “Om Hrim Klim Shoo”.

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