Which Planets are Responsible For Creating "Doubt"?

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People have doubt for person, relation or negative thinking. Doubt mainly seen in marital life or love relationship. A person’s mental condition can be seen by fourth, fifth, seventh and twelfth house from the horoscope. Moon, Mercury and Venus creates doubt. Saturn and Rahu increase it. If Rahu is behind the doubt then person cannot escape from it.

A person doubt when his sign is Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. A person doubt if Moon or Mercury is weak. A person doubt when fingers are thin and long. A person doubt if the palms color is light black. A person doubt when his birth reddish is 2, 4, 6 or 7.

A person doubt but his Jupiter is strong then he can come out from it. A person can forget about doubt if Mercury or Moon is strong. If a person’s reddish is 1, 5 or 9 then he can come out from doubt. One cannot maintain a relation if a person has habit of doubt and his main planet is Rahu or Saturn. If Mars is weak or thumb is small then person may does crime in doubt.

One can get rid from doubt by discussion or understanding other people. Never wear coral or ruby. You should avoid wearing red color clothes. You should chant Gayatri mantra 108 times every morning. You can keep fast on full moon day and offer water to Moon mixing white flower. You should worship before going bed.

Remedy: People who are emotionally week they should use less glass utensils. They should use steel or metal utensils.

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Connection Of Moon with Diseases - Astro Upay

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Our body forms with water element. This water element is controlled by Moon. One faces many problems due to disturbance in water element. Mental disorders, frigorific diseases and hormonal disorders are prime diseases. 

Connection Of Moon with Diseases - Astro Upay

Moon with Diseases
We can strengthen Moon by changing our food habits, life style and using colors.

Cold-Cough: Take silver or zinc glass. Drink water in this glass. Keep white flower in water and offer it to Moon on full moon day.

Hormones: Soak almond in water at night. Eat them in the morning. Keep fast on Monday. Eat fruits and drink water on this day. Wear square silver piece in silver chain on Monday. You should wear it in throat.

Mental Disorders: Keep fast on Ekadashi. You should eat aquatic food on this day. You can use milk and milk products in diet. Sit in front of Moon at night and chant “Om Shram Shrim Shrom Saha Chandramashaye Namah” for 108 times.

Epilepsy: Mix flowers of screnpine in bathing water. Take bath with this water. Don’t eat too much food at a time. Avoid sleeping late night and wake up early in the morning. Keep fast on every full moon day and new moon day. Chant “Om Jum Saha Mama Palay Palay” for 108 times in morning-evening.

Anger: Put flowers of screnpine water in bathing water. Avoid having spicy food. Also, avoid drinking cold drinks, tea and coffee.

Remedy: Souvenir lord Shiva before having any medicine. The medicine becomes more effective by doing this.

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How to Improve Rahu-Ketu ? - Astro Upay

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Our Pitra’s is relating with our birth, sacraments and emotions. Shani relates with our pre-birth, Karma and our Pitra’s condition. Rahu relates with our liability and debt. Ketu relates with our Pitra’s and their absolution. We can know our liability and our Pitra’s condition thorough Shani, Rahu and Ketu.

If Shani is good then it shows our pre-birth Karma is very good. If Rahu-Ketu is good then it shows our Pitra’s are satisfied and their blessings are with us. If Shani or Sun relates with Rahu then it means Pitra’s responsibility is pending. They do not get gratification or absolution. This condition is called as Pitru dosh. If Jupiter is good then we can get rid of every Pitra related problem.

Mix sesame in water and pour it in peeple tree during pitru Paksh. Feed poor people. Keep urad products in food. You can plant trees. Chant “Om Sarv Pitru Prasano Bhav Om” hymn for 108 times in afternoon. Keep pious during this month.

You can do this remedy in afternoon. Wear white cloth and take raw yarn and white sweet. Take sweet in hand and take seven circle of peeple tree and cover it with raw yarn. You can pray to Pitru to please on you and Rahu-Ketu become normal.

Keep sweet under peeple tree after competing circle and pour water to it. Rahu-Ketu becomes normal.

Remedy: It is auspicious to donate food or clothes on Saturday. This donation will protect you from Shani and other planet’s pain.

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Who is Your Isht dev? - Know Your Isht dev Here

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Isht Dev
According to belief, everyone has their presiding deity. A person makes progress by worshiping them. Many people decide presiding deity based on horoscope. While, there would no relation of planets and astrology with presiding deity.

The presiding deity is decided based on ritual of prenatal. In this case, your presiding deity would be the one whom you have attraction without any reason. Planets never predicate god. Therefore, never predicate the presiding deity based on astrology. However, you can worship god-goddess to get rid of planet related problem.

Sun: Worship lord Sun to get rid of Sun related problems. Chant Gayatri mantra.

Moon: Worship lord Shiva to get rid of Moon related problems.

Mars: Worship lord Hanuman or Karikeya to get rid of Mars related problems.

Mercury: Worship goddess Durga to get rid of Mercury related problems.

Jupiter: Worship lord Shrihari to get rid of Jupiter related problems.

Venus: Worship goddess Lakshmi or Gauri to get rid of Venus related problems.

Shani: Worship lord Shiva or Shri Krishna to get rid of Shani related problems.

Rahu: Worship lord Bhairav to get rid of Rahu related problems.

Ketu: Worship lord Ganesha to get rid of Ketu related problems.

You should worship lord Sun to purify body and mind. You should offer water to the Sun. You can also stand in front of the rising Sun. Pulses of the body and planets get enough amount of energy.

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Different Yantra For Differnet Problems - Astro Upay

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Yantra is special geometric structure. It is used to made special figure, sign and number. Yantra who has symbols, lines and points they are very powerful. There construction and use is difficult.

Yantra who has points, they are normally powerful. Their structure and use are very simple. There is a different yantra for everyone. One type of yantra cannot be used for everyone. Yantra should be used in special conditions and with caution.

Yantra is made by mixing words and mantra. It is formed in figures. These figures are special. They are made in special constellation. Yantra is made to collect energy of the space. Once figure is made then words entered. It is used in special constellation. Yantra absorbs energy from the atmosphere and space.

Yantra works very fast. Therefore, one gets its benefit and side effects instantly. If the yantra is made properly then it makes planets favorable. However, improper yantra creates problem in life. The procedure of making yantra would be secret. Therefore, it is difficult to find right yantra.

One should avoid using yantra which are made of figures. One wrong point in yantra creates problem in life. One should use yantra by consulting scholars. Avoid using yantra, which is made of figures. Use yantra, which is made of numbers.

Use handmade yantra instead of readymade yantra. You can wear yantra in throat. You can keep at your work place. Never wear yantra below the waist. You should take blessings from great men before using yantra.

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