Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall

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Are you having Hair Fall Problem? Here is some astrology remedies for Hair Fall and other problems with Hair in astrology context.

Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall

Astrology Remedies for Hair Fall
Hair fall occurs due to scarcity of oil and water in veins. In astrology, Venus is responsible for hair fall. You can solve this problem by strengthening Venus.

You have to avoid stress. Drink more water and use more white color. Take copper bowl and fill it with curd. Leave it for 3 days. Apply this curd in your hair.

Baldness occurs due to strong Sun and weak Mercury. Offer water mixed with turmeric to the Sun. Grind fresh coriander and applies it in your hair and wash in the morning. Do this twice in a week.

If Venus and Moon are weak in horoscope then hair becomes thin and two faced hair. Mixed lemon juice with curd and apply it in your hair. Wash your hair once it is dry. It will remove the problem. Do not eat sour stuff. You have to drink milk.

Dandruff occurs due to Mercury. You have to wash your hair with vinegar. You can use olive oil. Wear brass ring in last finger of right hand. Wear light green color clothes.

Hair relates with Mercury and Venus. If Mercury is weak then you have hair disease and Venus is weak then hair becomes weak. You have to strengthen both planets.

You have to include green vegetables in your diet. Wash your hair with curd regularly. You can use coconut and olive oil. Do not use sour food.

Extra Remedy:
You have to go Hanuman Temple on Saturday. You have to chant Hanuman Chalisa and worship. It will remove the problem relating to Shani.

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Easy Astrology Upay to Get Job - Naukri Pane Ke Aasan Upay

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Are you looking for job? Not getting job, having financial trouble? here is astrology Remedies for each zodiac sign to get Job easily. Naukri Pane ke Aasan Jyotish Upay.

Easy Astrology Upay to Get Job - Naukri Pane Ke Aasan Upay

Naukri Pane Ke Aasan Upay
Aries: Their job is control by Mercury. They face difficulty in choosing the right job. They face difficulty in getting job. In this situation, you have to offer Durva to lord Ganesha for 27 days.

Taurus: Venus relates with job. They do struggle finding the job and they do not get job according to their competency. You have to use light fragrance. You can wear more white clothes.

Gemini: Mars is responsible for getting job. They find difficulty getting job due to their anger and immaturity. You get benefits by chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Cancer: Saturn is responsible for getting job. They do not face difficulty in getting job however they face problem while working on job. They do not get job and if they get job they do not work. In this situation, you have to feed poor on Saturday.

Leo: Their job relates with Moon. They face many difficulties in getting job. You have to pour water on Shivaling for 21 days.

Virgo: Sun helps them in getting job. They work with ease. They do not like pressure and labor work. If you face difficulty in getting job then you have to light a mustard oil lamp under peeple tree for 27 days. You can also offer water to the Sun.

Libra: They get job with help of Jupiter. They do not get satisfaction with their job. They keep changes their job. Sometime they do not get job. In this situation, you can donate banana for 27 days.

Scorpio: They get job with help of Venus. They always remain busy in other work. They left job for no reason and so sometime they do not get job for long time. You have to do tilak of curd and rice.

Sagittarius: They get job due to Mars. They want to do job with their desire. They have conflicts with their seniors. In this situation, you have to chant Hanuman Chalisa for 27 days.

Capricorn: Mercury gives job. They like to do business more than job. In this situation, you have to offer laddoo to lord Ganesha for 27 days.

Aquarius: They get job with the help of Moon. They do not like to work under anyone. They do not find job seriously. You have to do tilak of sandal to Shivaling for 27 days.

Pisces: Saturn is responsible for job. They easily get the job. But due to their laziness they face difficulty in job. You have to light a 19 mustard oil lamp under peeple tree.

Extra Remedy: You should avoid wearing torn and dirty shoes. It increases struggle in your job.

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Astro Upay for Improving Beauty

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Are you searching for tips to improve your beauty? Want to look more beautiful? here is some beauty tips by astrologer.

Astro Upay for Improving Beauty  

beauty tips by astrologer.
Multani Mitti: It is special type of soil. It gives beauty. It decreases the oil on the face and removes dead skin from the face. Your skin becomes tight and wrinkles remove. It is very beneficial for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces sign. Grind it and mixed milk in it. When soil become thick then applies it on your face with finger. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash your face with rose water. It increases your face beauty. You have to do this at night twice in a week.

Turmeric: It removes poison and spiritual spices. It prevents from negative energy. It makes skin shiny and removes darkness from the face. It is very auspicious for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius sign. Take malai and mixed turmeric in it. Apply it on your body before taking bath. Leave it for 10 minutes. Clean your body with soft towel. You can do this remedy in every three weeks.

Lemon: It is sour and juicy fruit. It makes face beautiful and decreases weight. It also removes dandruff from your hair. It is very beneficial for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sign. Take one teaspoon of honey and mix half teaspoon of lemon juice. Leave it for 10 minutes. First wash it with rose water and then cold water. You can do this measure every night. A person who has more dandruff problem they can take half cup of water and half lemon juice and apply it on their hair.

Basil : Take 4 teaspoon corn flour and mixed 1 teaspoon malai, 1 teaspoon of rose water in it. Add 11 basil leaves in it. Grind them all and keep it. Apply it on your face before going anywhere and wash your face. You will get shine on your face. It is very beneficial for Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn sign.

Extra Remedy: If your Sun is weak then you should avoid eating salt and oil on Sunday. You have to eat oatmeal on Sunday.

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Check How to Do Treatment With Colors (Holi 2015) - Rangon ke Jariye Ilaj

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If you have disease like Constipation, depression, heart or blood problem then you can try these remedies which you can done with color. As holi festival is coming, you can try these remedies with color.

Check How to Do Treatment With Colors - Rangon ke Jariye Ilaj

Orange color can be considered as power of energy. It is also considered as a color of peace. Children who do not share their views with others they do not like orange color. If child does not talk openly, he has gas problem or energy is less or they may have depression or they have stomach problem they should wear orange color.

We should use such color after thinking. If child have depression, negative thinking and also have weakness then he should use orange color. Color can be used in many ways. You can take sunlight on your face and head by keeping cellophane in front of you. Take white bottle and covered it with orange cellophane and keep it in sunlight for 11 days. You can give this water to children to drink.

Breathe problem occur if orange level decrease in the body. You can use orange bottle while doing yoga so that breathe problem can be solved. Take one bottle and covered it with orange cellophane and keep it 2-3 hours in sunlight. You have to do Anuloam Vilom by using this bottle. You may get benefit. If one has depression they have to wear orange color clothes.

People have constipation, depression, heart and blood problem if they do not talk openly. In this situation one should use green color. You can tie up green string or wear green clothes or can keep green color things with you. Take bottle adding water in it and covered it with green cellophane and keep it in sunlight for 11 days. You can drink this water in the morning. If there are clouds in the sky then you can keep this bottle for few more days. Such children have urine problem or have bed wetting problem they can also drink this water. They definitely get benefit.

White color can be considered as a patience and peace. Children who has anger and anxiety. Their concentration level is weak due to nervousness they should take white bottle adding water in it and keep it in sunlight for 11 days. You can drink this water in the morning. They also have to use more white color.

People have mental stress due to decrease the level of blue color in body. Their concentration and memory power become weak so those people get depression. If one has low blood pressure then they should wear blue color. It reduces the fatigue. You can wear red color with blue to get passion and relish.

If one have nervousness, depression, blood and breathe problem. Also if they have cough, they feel themselves undervalue then they should choose color carefully. Happy Holi and Safe Holi :).

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Importance of Holi Colors in Astrology - Astro Uncle

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Holi Festival is heading on 6th March, 2015. Here is something you need to know about the colors, how it harm and how it is benefit you, and the importance of colors in Astrology.

Importance of Holi Colors in Astrology - Astro Uncle

Women's playing holi in india
Color deeply affects on our mind and head. We can give strength to our mind and brain with the help of color. Every child should have red, white, yellow and orange color clothes. They should also have black and sky blue color clothes.

If child is hyper and he gets angry, make noise, throw such things then do not give to wear dark green, yellow and red color clothes. Children who are mischievous and impatience they should wear white color clothes. By wearing white color clothes they become quite and have patience.

If child is happy but have hyper nature then he should wear grey and sky blue color clothes. It gives quietness, patience and increases the concentration level.

Children who are gloomy they should avoid grey color clothes. They should wear red, purple, light green, sea green and sky blue color clothes. Children who are gloomy and do not have too many friends they should wear yellow color clothes. Yellow color gives strength to Jupiter. By using yellow color child remains happy and also start making friends.

Children who have dullness they have to wear green, black, sea green, peacock green and purple color clothes. It increases the perkiness in child. Children whose Mars is weak they should wear red color clothes.

To give strength Venus you should wear pink color clothes. Take pink bottle adding water in that and keep in sunlight after few time you should drink that water which gives perkiness to the body. You may get benefit by drinking this water if you are gloomy and have dullness in your life. It also decreases the stress.

Girls can also wear blue color clothes. To get dynamic personality girls can wear blue color clothes. If they are gloomy and want to achieve their goals then they should wear blue color clothes. They become active and get energy to achieve their goals.

Do not give to wear shiny color clothes to those children who are ill mannered. By wearing shiny color clothes children gets hyper and it also increase the anger. They should wear light color clothes which increase the quietness in them.

To increase the level of immune system you should wear blue and purple color clothes. If child is not short tempered then they can also wear red color clothes. Also if child does not remain happy and have weakness then they should start to wear red color clothes. Red color considered as attraction, energy, husband and fortune.

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March 2015 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

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Check out the March 2015 month Horoscope (March 2015 rashifal) for all zodiac sign. This is March month's monthly prediction for all zodiac sign.

March 2015 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

March 2015 Horoscope
Aries: This month is going to give you mixed results. This is going to be good time for students. Enemies will demolish. But some hidden enemies may also come forward. You will get success in legal matters. However, expenses are likely to increase and income might decrease a bit. During this time, you might feel toward bad stuff. Your increased libido might also drag you toward the dark side of the world. Keep your desires and expenses under control. Otherwise problem might arise in future. In addition to all these you also need to keep a check over your temper and drive very carefully. Offers sweets or sweet bread to dog. Worship lord Hanuman or Bhairav before leaving home and don’t take an alcohol at night. Stay away from addiction or drugs. Perform Rudrabhisek. It will keep you away from many problems in the future. Avoid night journeys and take someone along. Wear more white cloths and use fragrance. Auspicious dates are 6, 7, 10, 18 and 26. Inauspicious dates are 1, 11, 20, 29 and 30.

Taurus: This month will give you mixed results. Income will come from more than one source. On the other hand, disputes will from government officials or with boss are possible. Hence, you need to be really careful. This month you may feel angry and annoyed at every point. You will feel tired due to family problems. Disputes with life partner and arguments at work place are also possible. This might not be a very positive time to propose anyone. If we talk about education and children this month might give you a bit tough adventure. Pregnant ladies need to take extra precaution during this time. Enemies may plan something to disturb you. Drive very carefully. Worship to pacify Moon and Jupiter. Abandoned all kinds of addictions. Make donations to pacify Ketu. Otherwise it may lead to bigger financial losses. Don’t get into any kind of addiction and consume curd during the day time. Auspicious dates are 3, 7, 10, 16 and 22. Inauspicious dates are 11, 12, 13, 29 and 30.

Gemini: This month is going to be really great. Money will come in a good amount. Power will increase. And efforts will show colors. This time is going to be extremely lifting for politicians. Respect and popularity is also likely to increase. For those who are not related to politics. Everyone will appreciate your work during this time. You may also get rewarded. Businessman will get new contracts and immense success in foreign related matters and government works. In spite of all the good things your mind might remain a little disturb. And you may feel alone. Disputes are possible with someone older. Stay very cautious about your behavior. If previous thing related to government works this is the time to stay extra cautious. Try to solve every possible problem as soon as it arises. Do all your works with full dedication. Negligence might trouble you this time. Offer lotus flower to goddess Lakshmi on Friday evening and water to Sun regularly. Chant Gayatri mantra. Worship lord Ganesha. Put picture of lord Ganesha on peeple leaf at work place. Auspicious dates are 3, 7, 9, 12, 18 and 26. Inauspicious dates are 5, 11, 19, 22 and 25.

Cancer: Despite of weaker luck there are good chances of gain of wealth. However, uncertainty and expenses might also occur. Success might take you way or government related works. If you are associated with politics success will come in great amount. Your respect will increase in society. Troubles and mental stress are possible from children side. But they will perform great in studies. You might go on pilgrims or any religious event in family. You might get benefited from abroad relations. Try not to get into any disputes with friends or colleagues. Worship lord Kartikeya and serve usually impaired people as well as leprosy patients. Avoid anger while traveling or driving. Visiting lord Bhairav temple on Sundays will keep you away from inauspicious matters. Avoid consumption of meat and alcohol. If any lady is pregnant in your home. Perform Rudrabhisek for maintain good health of children. Auspicious dates are 4, 9, 11, 18 and 23. Inauspicious dates are 1, 7, 12, 22 and 26.

Leo: Your wealth will improve this month. Take care while driving and traveling. Do not drink and drive otherwise accident may occur. Injuries are possible in the lower back. Control your mind words. Time is not at all favorable for starting any new work. Don’t rely on luck. Losses are possible from stock markets. Don’t invest anything blindly. You may spend time in company of bad people. A great amount of may come suddenly. But you need to stay away from this kind of situations otherwise unnecessarily problems might trouble you. Worship lord Shiva. Chant Mahamrutanajay mantra and wear Rudraksh. Stay away from any type of addictions. Auspicious dates are 5, 9, 14, 23 and 25. Inauspicious dates are 8, 12, 16, 17 and 26.

Virgo: This month is great for income. Any good news may come from children. There are good chances of their success in education and competition. Your fame and respect will increase in society. Time is also good for those who are in love. New love relationships are possible however complications may increase in married life. Married ones may feel little attractive towards someone else. Try to control yourself else problem in married life very much possible. You may get profits through female native. Differences will relative are also possible. Luck will be with you times. So make the most of the it. Patience and charity are the ways to bring the upcoming in favor. Offer water to lord Sun to gain name, fame and respect in society. Chanting Gayatri mantra in the morning will make the upcoming times stronger and favorable. Auspicious dates are 2, 7, 12, 17 and 26. Inauspicious dates are 5, 9, 14, 23 and 27.

Libra: This month is advising to stay cautious. Time is not very good for financial matters. Any strong opponent will try to harm you. But you will be able to defeat him or her with your strength. Ideological differences or problems are possible with life partner. You may also feel tense because of children. Take care of the lower back of your body otherwise some problems may occur. Success will come in properties and land related matters. People related to political field will get promotion. You will get support higher officials and from government sector. Drive very carefully. If you are fond of drinking alcohol either abandoned it take it only at home. Worship lord Hanuman and offer him red clothes as well as vermilion. Auspicious dates are 7, 14, 15, 16 and 23. Inauspicious dates are 4, 9, 13, 22 and 28.

Scorpio: This month is showing the chances of excessive expenses or sudden money loss. So you need to stay very cautious in money related matters. You will take some decisions in a hurry which may produce negative impact in the future. So do not rush in any serious matter. You will get support of your father in any odd situation. Senior official support a lot and this will help you to coming out from any major problem. External relationships will prove beneficial. Cough and bile related problem occurs according to ayurveda may increase. So stay cautious. Tensions related to children are possible. Injuries are possible for any family member. Ask your children to drive very carefully. Do regularly yoga and meditation as it is the best way to cure tension. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Worshiping lord Shiva and Saturn and making donations for Moon will prove to be very favorable. Auspicious dates are 1, 5, 9, 12 and 18. Inauspicious dates are 2, 6, 7, 13 and 23.

Sagittarius: There are good chances of getting respect this month. Luck seen in your favor. Time is not very favorable for financial matters. Expenses might increase. Domestic life might not stay very pleasing but benefits will come through external relations. Time is good for politicians. They may get respect and better position. Journeys will be enjoyable and will produce great results in future. Avoid involving in legal matters during this time. Disputes may arise with father or elder brother. Stay very cautious. Don’t consume sweet products. Perform Rudrabhisek every month. Auspicious dates are 4, 9, 14, 22 and 28. Inauspicious dates are 2, 8, 13, 17 and 26.

Capricorn: Your financial situation may go down a bit because income will come in a little less amount. Support will come from sister but disputes may occur with brother. You might not look lucky to during this time so don’t take any kind of risk. Stay cautious from strangers. Take care of your valuables as you will them or they may undergo malfunction. Chances of traveling will life partner are also arising. Property related disputes are also possible. Take care of your eyes while traveling. New love relationships may develop. Keep a control over your excitement. Stay cautious while dealing with strangers. Take more of green vegetables and wear more of white color clothes. Auspicious dates are 3, 4, 5, 15 and 19. Inauspicious dates are 8, 17, 18, 23 and 27.

Aquarius: Sudden financial gains will occur and benefits will come from the distant journeys. Your mind may remain bit disturb. You will feel angry at one moment and calm at the other moment. Domestic pleasures are likely to decrease and disputes are likely to occur with brothers. Stay away from disputes of properties for some time. Health problems might trouble you. Keep it check on your eating habits. Profits will come by the health of female friend. Spend time with your mother. You are likely to gain some benefits from to your luck. If you are associated with glamor or media, your respect will increase in society. Donate things like mustard oil, black clothes and black sesame seeds. Offering footwear to poor would be extremely beneficial. Stay cautious from fire, electrical appliances especially while traveling. Auspicious dates are 3, 7, 14, 18 and 19. Inauspicious dates are 5, 13, 22, 23 and 29.

Pisces: Material pleasures will increase. You may get into new relationships with opposite sex. Your libido might also increase. Keep your control over yourself. New love relationships may develop. However, old relations may get bitter. You will make new connections with higher officials. Try to improve your relationships with father otherwise it can become difficult to handle in future. Happiness will come from children. Courage will increase. You may follow and unethical way to disturb or upset someone which you will regret later. Chances of buy new vehicle are there. Overall, time is in your favor make the most of it and try to away from ego. Make donation of gram, jaggery, copper and red flowers. Visit lord Hanuman’s temple every Tuesday. Don’t drink and drive. Auspicious dates are 1, 5, 10, 14 and 23. Inauspicious dates are 3, 6, 7, 11, 21 and 24.

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How Saturn Will Benefit you - Zodiac Wise

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Check out How saturn will benefit your or will punish you? Here is zodiac wise astrology remedies for saturn.  

How Saturn Will Benefit you - Zodiac Wise

Aries: Saturn is directly relates with name and fame. Saturn’s little weak position gives them defamation. You have to donate such stuff to poor on Saturday.

Taurus: Saturn is not directly relates with defamation. But if they get then it stays for long time. You have to chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” for 108 times on Saturday evening.

Gemini: Saturn gives reputation and defamation from court matters. Usually they get defamation in Sade sati and Dhaya. In this situation, you have to offer oil to Shani dev.

Cancer: Usually Saturn does not give defamation however when it gives defamation you may have go to jail. In this situation, you have to donate black shoes and black clothes on Saturday.

Leo: Saturn does not give defamation but it affects person’s mind in such a way that he does such work which gives him defamation. It happens in love relationship. You have to light a mustard oil lamp on Saturday.

Virgo: Saturn gives better life to the person. But the chances of defamation increases when it is with Mars. You have to do complete Aarti on Saturday.

Libra: Saturn does not give defamation. Also it saves from defamation when it needed. You have to regularly worship Shani dev and chant his mantra.

Scorpio: Saturn gives defamation if it weak in horoscope. They get defamation in job and work. You have to donate food on Saturday.

Sagittarius: Saturn directly impacts on their speech. So due to their speech and nature they get defamation. In this situation, you have to light a mustard oil lamp on Saturday and take round circle of Shani’s image.

Capricorn: Saturn does not become responsible for defamation. But if it relates with Sun then it gives defamation. You have to chant “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah” on Saturday evening.

Aquarius: It is Saturn’s favorable sign. Saturn does not give defamation. They do not care for others. They get defamation. You have to pour mustard oil to Shani dev on Saturday.

Pisces: Saturn gives defamation. A person gets defamation from wrong impression/rumors. In this situation, you have to donate black clothes, black shoes and black umbrella on Saturday.

Extra Remedy: Donate new black shoes on Saturday. You will easily get the new job.

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