Remove Debt of Mother in Pitru Paksh

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The biggest debt is our mother. The fourth house, Moon and Venus relates with mother. If Rahu relates with fourth house, Moon or Venus then one have mother debt. The strong hand, black palm denotes maternal debt. Many problems arise if we do not such remedy for maternal debt.

Remove Debt of Mother in Pitru Paksh

Pitru Paksh
A person gets fear and stress. Usually, person becomes victim of hyper tension and depression. People face ups-downs from youth. A person faces problem due to woman.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius people faces health issue due to maternal debt. They face superstition and depression problem. A person might become mania.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn people faces financial problem. A person may does suicide in anger or insistence. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius people faces problem in domestic life. A person does mistake in emotions and love. They get demotion due to woman. They also get defamation.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces people do not get happiness from children. They face problem due to children and they face many problem. They face problem in senility.

Take complete adornment on Matru navami. Take red color’s sari, vermillion, bindi and bangles. Prepare complete food. Keep urad products in food. Invite any blessed woman at home and feed her. Donate adornment to her and give blessings to her.

Remedy: Worship of goddess Lakshmi on Friday is beneficial. It is beneficial to do money related work on this day.

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How to Avoid MISADVENTURE - Horoscope Wise Astro Upay

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Many things affect happiness and luck in the home. Never do condemnation and anger in the home. Always feed food to guests. Do not keep dry trees in the home. Always clean net from the home. 

How to Avoid MISADVENTURE (दुर्भाग्यअ)- Horoscope Wise Astro Upay 

Do not let bathroom wet. Do not keep unused leather products in the home. Do not keep unused clothes in the home. One faces skin diseases, hair fall and stomach problem. Their prestige also decreases.

Aries: Never dishonor female, friends and elder sister. Do not eat too much chili.

Taurus: Never dishonor scholar and saints. Never dishonor brother.

Gemini: Never dishonor girls and plants. Don’t leave grind food and vegetables in plate.

Cancer: Never does anger and hurry. You should respect your friends. Keep your stuff and home clean. You should respect your mother and younger sister. Never waste water and milk.

Leo: Never do arrogant. Never keep unused iron stuff in the home.

Virgo: Never make fun of saints and scholars. Never hurt aunt and younger brother-sister. Take care of trees and plants. Give respect to small girls, widow and patients.

Libra: Never cheat your friends. Always keep your home clean. Never disappoint children. Never see sunset. Avoid arrogance.

Scorpio: Never make fun of colleagues and siblings. Never make fun of weak people. Never keep unused stuff. Never let water stuck in the home.

Sagittarius: Never dishonor milk and rice. Give respect to idol-saints, friends and lovers. Always keep clean books and utensils. You should serve patients.

Capricorn: Never donate green clothes. Always wear clean clothes.

Aquarius: Always eat food after cleaning your home. Do not keep sweat clothes in the home. Do not keep unused wooden stuff in the home.

Pisces: Keep your head of the bed open. Never keep stale vegetables in the home. Avoid having stale foods.

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How to Win Over Your Enemy ? - Horoscope Wise Astro Upay

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Do you have any enemy? if you want to defeat your enemy, you need to try this astro upay. Check out horoscope wise astro upay to win over your enemy. 

How to Win Over Your Enemy ? - Horoscope Wise Astro Upay

Horoscope Wise Astro Upay
Aries: Arians don’t have enemies. But they might have enemies for money. In To avoid this, you should take care in financial matters. Offer Durva to lord Ganesha on Tuesday.

Taurus: Taurians get enemy due to their nature and speech. Their enmity stays for long time. To avoid enemies, you should take care of your speech and stubborn nature. Offer perfume to lord Shiva on Fridays.

Gemini: Gemini’s are angry and short tempered. But their enmity doesn’t stay for long time. To avoid enemies, don’t give immediate response. You can visit to lord Hanuman temple on every Tuesday.

Cancer: Cancerian has many hidden enemies. But they don’t harm them due to their personality and effect. To avoid enemies, don’t involve in emotional matters. Do yellow tilak on every Thursday.

Leo: Lions enemies are powerful. To avoid enemies, don’t take every matter seriously. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on every Saturday.

Virgo: Virgonians are very intelligent. They don’t get enemy. However, if they have enemy they handle them with intelligence. To control enemies, you should use intelligence and improve conduct. You can wear blue color cloth on every Saturday.

Libra: Usually, Libras don’t have enemies. They don’t care of their enemies. You should remain alert for enemies, especially in money matters. To avoid enemies, offer yellow flower to god.

Scorpio: Scorpions have many hidden enemies. They take revenge. You should avoid taking revenge and conspiracy. Offer red flower to lord Hanuman on every Tuesday.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians have many enemies due to conflict. Don’t create enemies by doing fight. Offer white flower to lord Shiva on every Friday.

Capricorn: Capricorn’s don’t have many friends or enemies. They win over their enemies with their intelligence. You should avoid politics. Offer basil leaf to lord Krishna on every Wednesday.

Aquarius: Aquarians have very few enemies. But their enemies are very strong and they try to harm them. To avoid enemies, stay alert toward your near ones. Offer water to lord Shiva on every Monday.

Pisces: Piscesens cannot get on enmity and friendship for long time. You should take matters seriously so that enemies become your friends. Mix red flower in water and offer it to lord Sun on Monday.

Remedy: Eat red lentil on Tuesdays. It strengthens the Mars.

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Know more About Impact of Mars Changes Horoscope - Astro Upay

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Mars stays in any sign for one month. Sometimes, it takes more time due to speed. Mars impacts on courage, energy and power. The sign change of Mars will affect everyone. Due to this change some people face difficulty and some people get rid of difficulties.

Know more About Impact of Mars Changes Horoscope - Astro Upay

Mars Changes Horoscope
Now, Mars is going in Sagittarius sign. After long time, the relationship of Saturn and Mars is broken. This change is good and beneficial for people. Mars will stay in Sagittarius sing till November.

Aries: The financial part will improve. There is high possibility of changing place. However, pregnant women should take care.

Taurus: One should take care of bone problem. Keep yourself away from vehicle accident and conflicts. Chant Hanuman Bahuk every morning.

Gemini: Keep control on anger and speech. One might change his career. Avoid wearing red color clothes.

Cancer: Your pending will finish. There are changes of marriage and progeny. It is beneficial to chant Hanuman Chalisa.

Leo: There are chances of position-change in job. Financial part will improve. Chant Sundarkand on every Tuesday.

Virgo: Don’t be neglect in career. Prevent financial and property loss. Donate sweet products on Tuesday.

Libra: Avoid conflicts in marital life. You might get benefit in business. Chant Hanuman Chalisa every morning-evening.

Scorpio: You will remain busy. There might be big change in career. Chant Hanuman Chalisa in front of lord Sun.

Sagittarius: There might be sudden change in career and place. Do not get involve in unnecessary conflicts. It is beneficial to wear copper ring.

Capricorn: Avoid conflicts regarding property. Take care of your eyes. You might get injury. Chant Shnakatmochan Hanumanshtak.

Aquarius: There might be change in career. One might change place. Donate red flower on Tuesday.

Pisces: Health issue will be solved. You will get good success in career. Worship lord Hanuman.

Remedy: It is auspicious and beneficial to do prayer, practice and worship secretly. It gives more benefit.

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Astro Upay to Improve your Career Graph - Astrology & Career

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Every person’s workplace is depends on his horoscope’s planet. Different planets take people in different places. We can get more success if we strengthen the career’s main planet. Therefore, it is beneficial to wear gemstone. We can decide it based on career.

Astro Upay to Improve your Career Graph - Astrology & Career

Improve your Career Graph
Advocacy: Jupiter, Mercury and Shani are the planets of advocacy. They can get benefit by strengthening speech and advice. Yellow sapphire and emerald is the best gemstone for advocates. You will get success in career and financial benefits.

Doctor: Sun, Moon and Venus relates with medical. A person would be surgeon if there is relation of Mars. If there is relation of Mercury then person would be physician. Surgeon should wear Ruby or coral. Physician can wear emerald. In other conditions, doctor can wear pearl.

Engineer: Mercury, Shani, Mars and Rahu gives technical education. Coral is beneficial for civil engineers. Gomed is beneficial for computer engineers. In other conditions, sapphire or emerald is beneficial.

Art & Media: Venus, Moon and Mercury relates with art & media. They can wear diamond and opal. Singers and writes can wear emerald. However, you should avoid wearing red color or Aganeya gemstone.

Politics & Administration: Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter relates with politics and administration. Politician can wear yellow sapphire for good success. Ruby is beneficial for administration or high position. Wearing ruby and yellow sapphire together can create problem in politics.

Remedy: Always wash gemstone with Gangajal. After that offer it to god and then wear it.

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Planet of Imagination and Beauty - Venus

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In astrology, Venus is the main planet of imagination and beauty. There are other planets found in Venus. However, all the emotions and glamour of Venus found in Neptune. Neptune is the planet of imagination, emotions and beauty.

Planet of Imagination and Beauty - Venus

Neptune is also called as Varun. It is very powerful in twelfth house. Its sign is Pisces. It stays for 14 years in one sign. Neptune controls water element. Therefore, many people called it as Varun Dev. In numerology its number is 7.

If Neptune is auspicious, then a person would be sensitive and soft. It creates imagination and secret property in person. A person would be pure spiritual. People get good success in art, music and film. Neptune gives too much prestige and fame-prestige.

If Neptune is inauspicious, then person gets depression and obscurity. It also gives mental disorders through imagination. It takes you to alcohol, fascination and darkness of secret. It also creates odd problem for character. It also creates problem in sleep and rest.

Do not waste water. You can wear one opal. Chant Varun mantra “Om Vam Varunaya Namah” every morning. You can use light green color.

Remedy: You should blow shell. It strengthens your hearts and lungs. Your speech will also improve.

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How to Reduce Your Anger? - Astro Upay

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Moon is the factor of mind. We can decide mind’s situation by Moon. One cannot have control on speech and mind if Moon is impaired. If fire element such as Mars or Sun comes in then person does anger. 

How to Reduce Your Anger? - Astro Upay

Reduce Your Anger
If Mars in exalted sign or its fire element sign then person would be angry. People who born in the afternoon they are also get anger. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius sign people get too much anger.

If palm color’s is red or not clear then person would be angry. If there is cross or knot on Mars Mountain then person would be angry. If there is mole in the middle of the palm or below it then person would be angry. If thumb is small then person get anger easily.

If Mars is in Mercury sign then it takes form of violence. If there is impact of Shani or Sun with Mars then person does fracas or fight. If Mars is strong and Moon is weak then person does loss of himself. A person becomes angry during Sade Sati. A person does crime if there is high impact of Rahu.

One should less use of onion-garlic. Do not eat raw onion and garlic. Eat yogurt in afternoon meal. You can eat juicy fruits. You should keep fast on Ekadashi.

Always keep your kitchen clean. You should arrange proper sunlight in your home. Light sandalwood incense stick in the home. Angry person should avoid staying in Aganeya (Southeast) side.

You should wake up before sunrise and offer water to the Sun. Mix rose water in bathing water. If Shani is prime then you can wear Opal and if Jupiter is prime then wear pearl. You can also wear silver chain in throat.

Remedy: You can start such work, which requires movement or change, on Monday. You can buy vehicle or good on journey.

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