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There are so many ways shown in Hindu religious scriptures by which you can know that you will get your desire result or not. This signs called as prognostic and hoodoo. According to the scriptures such activities happens while you are going for such work. You should keep these mind activities.

Janiye 8 shukan or apsukan jis se kafi prabhav padta hai or unse bachne ke  upay astro uncle se.

8 Omen - Bad Omen and Solutions (Remedy) - Astro Upay

Small prognostic and hoodoo matter is good and bad luck. Such people do not believe in this however such people also believe. Person knows during such activities that his work will not be completed.

Prognostic means symptoms or message. While hoodoo means bad or bad symptoms. We believe in such symptoms which affects our work and the work cannot be completed. While after seeing such things we believe that our work will definitely completed and we called it prognostic. Let us know through slides about prognostic-hoodoo and few remedies for it. 

1. Broom (झाड़ू) : It is considered as hoodoo taking broom into new home. It is also considered hoodoo brooming after sunset. 

2. Milk (दूध): Straggle of milk is considered as bad luck. It is also considered bad if children go outside after drinking milk. 

3. Dog (कुत्ता) : If you are going outside and if dog is seen you then it is considered as bad luck. It is also saying that if you are going outside and dog inching then you cannot get success in your work. 

4. Cat (बिल्ली) : If cat drinks the milk than it is considered as bad luck. If black cat cross over your way then also it is considered as bad luck.

5. Tears (रोना, लड़ना व छींकना): Crying, quarreling and sneezing also considered as a bad luck. 

6. Duck(बत्तख): If duck is talking left side then you cannot get success in your work. 

7. Birds (चिड़िया) : It is considered as a bad luck if you are seeing herd of birds while travelling. 

8. Owl (उल्लू) : If ladies see the owl speaking on a left side then someone’s famine death will happen.

Who to do if you see anything like this (Remedy of bad omen)

1. If you see such hoodoo things then you should do “Gayatri Mantra”. 

2. You have to do “Ganesh Stuti” before starting any work.
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How to Read Palms - Kaise Padhe Hath ki Rekha Ko - Learn Astrology

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It is saying that there is treasury in one’s line in palms. Such people get attraction who knows how to read palms. Learn reading Palms and lines of your hands, learn astrology from astro uncle.

How to Read Palms - Kaise Padhe Hath ki Rekha Ko - Learn Astrology

How to Read Palms
You don’t need to afraid as today we are going to discuss on few important topics. After knowing it you will also get attractions from other and can know about your luck.

It is saying that there is a Brahma Tirth in our thumb. You should do Tarpanadi in the field of Brahma. There is a place of Pitru between index finger and thumb. One should get good benefits if they do Pitruparn work by thumb and index finger. Each god lives in palm. Goddess Laxmi lives in front of the hand, Sarswati in the middle and Brahma in the origin. One can get saintly by seeing palms and if they see palm in the morning after waking up.

Let us know the prognostic and Hoodoo:

If the color of palm is red then person would be rich. If it is yellow then they have shortage of money. If karagra part is blue then person would be social worker and he might be unhappy. Person whose middle part is upward then he would be philanthropic. If the middle part of palm is downward then person would be affected by Pitru Money.

Different signs and their benefits of palm:

1. Hexagonal (षट्कोण) :- A person who has hexagonal sing he would be rich and landlord.
2. Shell (शंख) :- If there is a shell on palms then person does sea journey. He earns money by export business. He is spiritual.

3. Swastika (स्वास्तिक) :- If there is Swastika on palms then person would be rich, prestigious, does journey on spiritual places and have splendor.

4. Triangle (त्रिकोण) :- Person would be landlord, rich and prestigious.

5.Parasol (छत्र): Person who has parasol sign he might be king or live life like a king.

6.Trillion (पद्म) :- A person would be spiritual, victorious, and king or have splendor.

7.Cycle (चक्र) :- Person who has sign of cycle he would be rich, splendor, beautiful and royal.

8. Fish (मछली) :- Person who has sign of two fishes he does spiritual works.

9. Urn (कलश) :- Person who has sign of urn he travels on religious places, victorious and build temple.

10. Sword (तलवार): Person who has sign of sword he would be lucky and get respect from the king.

11. Flag (ध्वज):- Person who has sign of flag he would be religious, kuldeepak, successful and brilliant.

So, hope you are now learning bit of astrology, use this knowledge and educate others too, happy learning. :)

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Predict Future and Character from Lips - Astro Upay

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The naval scripture is the main part of astrology scripture. You can know about anyone on body parts by naval scripture. Good lips can make unattractive face to attractive face. A person beauty will increase. One can not only know about nature but also they can know about their character.

Predict Future and Character from Lips - Astro Uncle

Predict Future and Character from Lips - Astro Uncle
1.    Tight lips: People having tight lips have small and thin lips. These lips have no color. This type of people is specious and incapable. They also do not talk more.

2.    Big Lips: People having big lips have chubby lips which looks very unattractive. They are angry, emotionally weak, guilty, stubborn, passionate and immature. They lose their control easily.

3.    Jolly Lips: People having jolly lips have red lips. They are funny, lust, voluptuous and smart. They have good sense in art.

4.    Red Lips: People having red lips are symbol of terrapin. Their nature would be angry, excited, stubborn and brave.

5.    Pink Lips: People having pink lips are prototype, social, liberal, good knowledge, balanced and delicate.

6.    Bulgy Lips: People having bulgy lips are non-vegetarian, daft, timid, despicable compatible and downgrading.

Symptoms of Good lips

1.    People who have spot on his lips they can attract anyone to themselves.

2.    Person whose lips are with each other they are very beautiful and lucky.

3.    People having long lips they live luxurious life.

4.    People who have spot exactly below their lips they are sedulous.

5.    If lips are flounder then you can assume that you can get the desire result or you can get your desire life partner.

Symptoms of unlucky lips

1.    People whose lips are open their nature and luck might be mysterious.

2.    People who have black spots on outside of their lips then their luck is weak.

3.    Existing lines on the lips are considered as blocker of luck.

4.    People having small lips have unfortunate life.

5.    People having black and rough lips are luckless.

6.    People having black, spots, mutilated and big lips have shortage of money.

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How to become Rich - Instantly? - Astroupay

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Below is some important ways to get rich instantly. you can try this upay and become rich now. Check and read the most important 5 ways to become reach.

How to become Rich - Instantly? - Astroupay

How to become Rich - Instantly? - Astroupay
Black Turmeric is considered as marvelous in neural activities. If this activities can be done on right time and right way then a person can get their desire result. One should do this in some auspicious beginning.

1. Take black turmeric, Akshat and piece of silver and tie up in new cloth and offer resin and worship it. After that you have to keep this in treasury at your home or shop. The source of income will increase.

2. Take black turmeric and clean it and keep it in front of Lord Vishnu or Goddess Laxmi in temple. You should offer resin and worship every day. The source of income will increase.

3. If your business getting loss then takes black turmeric, 11 spellbound Gomati Chakra, silver coin and 11 spellbound pearls and tie up in yellow cloth on the first Thursday of Shukal Paksh. You have to do 108 times “Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudeway Namah”. You have to keep this in treasury. Your business will definitely increase.

4. If you are rich and still you cannot invest the money then take black turmeric, Nagkeshar and Sindoor, keep it in silver box. You should keep this box in your treasury after touching to the Goddess Laxmi. The source of investment would increase.

5. Take black turmeric and clean it and keep it in front of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi in temple. You should worship every day in the morning. The source of income will increase. The income would also increase.

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Good Aspects of Kal Sarp Yoga - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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A person has Kalsarp Yoga due to specific placement of planets in respect to Rahu and Ketu. This yoga is considered an evil yoga. According to astrology a person’s life may be destroyed due to the harmful effect of the kalsarp yoga. This is one aspect.

Good Aspects of Kal Sarp Yoga - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Good Aspects of Kal Sarp Yoga - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

The other aspect is that this yoga makes a person excellent in his chosen field.

In Vedic Astrology Kalsarp yoga does not find any special place. Around hundred years ago some astrologers traced out this yoga and gave it a special position. This yoga has been described as troublesome and is reputed to create obstacles in the life of the person who has it. Many astrologers earn huge amount of money from people by creating fear of this yoga in their mind. People happily spend money to safeguard themselves from the bad impact of the planets. The truth is, just as Saturn is not always bad for you kalsarp created by Rahu and Ketu is also not always malefic.

If your Kundali has kalsarp yoga and you are afraid of it, throw away the fear out of your mind. There is no need to get disturbed because of this yoga as there are some real-world examples which prove that this yoga has given some people the highest amount of success. Many people have achieved a lot of success in spite the affliction of kalsarp yoga. Amongst them Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru require mention.

Astrology says that Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which are always apart seven houses. When all the other planets are placed between Rahu and Ketu, the Kalsarp Yoga is said to take effect. Rahu and Ketu are considered inauspicious planets like Saturn but they also have some beneficial impact like Saturn. A person whose Kundali has the Kalsarp yoga achieves success in his life if Rahu provides him benefic results. As Saturn forces a ‘sade saati’ person into laborious works and inspires him to reduce his inner weaknesses, Kalsarp makes the man dedicated, brave and honest. This way the kalsarp afflicted man utilizes his potential and attains success.

A Kundali with Kalsarp yoga gives very good results from Jupiter in exalted state, or in own house, Rahu in exalted sign, Gajakeshari Yoga, and the fourth house. If seen in a positive way an individual who has kalsarp yoga in his Kundali possesses excellent talent and personality. It is quite possible that the Kalsarp Yoga present in your Kundali might take you to the height of success. So do not worry about the difficulties you are facing in your life, instead give your best to solve them. If you have Kalsarp Yoga, you’ll lag behind only if you’re careless or pessimistic. Kalsarp yoga is a blessing for hard working and dedicated people.

If Kalsarp Yoga has the ‘Trik Bhav’ and Rahu is placed in the second house or eighth house then a person faces several difficulties but they can be rectified using astrological remedies.

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Hanuman Jayanti 2014 - The Mighty Vanara - Astroupay.com

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The most auspicious occasion of the year is here, yes Hanuman jayanti. 2014’s Hanuman Jayanti is going to be celebrated on 15th April, 2014. Hindu People used to wait a lot for this day because Lord Hanuman is most popular deities among all other lords. Every year Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on Shukla pratipada (Poonam) of chaitra month. After finishing chaitra navratri we celebrate Lord Hanumanji’s birthday on full moon day of chaitra month.

Hanuman Jayanti 2014 - The Mighty Vanara - AstroUpay.com

Hanuman Jayanti 2014
Lord Hanuman is actually an avatar of lord shiva. As you know, every Tuesdays and Saturdays people use to go to hanuman temple and devote lord hanuman but this is some special day which is not limited only to Tuesday or Saturday. Luckily, this year hanuman jayanti is on Tuesday only. Hanumanji is great mark that endows a fortunate opportunity for truly seeking the blessing of this deity. And the reason, he is known as many different names like sankat mochan, bajarang bali, pavan putra hanuman, maruti etc.

 Celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti in 2014

Well, it’s a day to remember your favorite lord Hanumanji. It is the day of his birthday, to thank them for everything. Hanuman ji is known as God of strength and power, he is son of the ferocious Vayu Deva and Mother Anjana. And reason, he sometimes called kesri nandan or anjani putra too. In temples, pandiji and devotes used to sing devotional songs, kirtan, sundarkand and hanuman chalisa. Other than this, people used to chant hanuman stuti, hanuman aarti to devote and impress lord hanuman on the day of hanuman jayanti.

9 Ways to Get Blessings of Lord Hanuman

With devoting lord hanuman, lord ram and seeta are also devoted because in every temple of hanumanji, you will find them. Because, Lord hanumanji was known as the ‘Param Bhakt (great devotee) of lord Rama. It is also said that if you devote lord rama, then you are indirectly devoting hanumanji. In Hanuman Jayanti, Hanuman devotees offer lots of verities of Prasad (blessed food), flowers, and various types of sweets. Also, lal jasud (red shoe flower) to delight deity Hanuman. One Hanuman Mantra in Sanskrit you can chant by seeing here:-

Hanuman Mantra for Hanuman Jayanti 2014: 

Manojavam Maarutatulyavegam
Jitendriyam Buddhimataam Varistham,
Vaataatmajam Vaanarayoothmukhyam
Sriramdootam Saranam Prapadhye.

Hanuman Vandana for Hanuman Jayanti 2014

Charan sharan mein aaike , dharu tihaara dhyaan
Sankat se raksha karo , pawan putra Hanuman
Durgam kaaj banaike , keenhe bhakt nihaale
Ab mori binati suno , hey Anjani ke laal
Haath jod binati karun , suno veer Hanuman
Kashton se raksha karo , Raam bhakti dehu daan
Pawan putra Hanuman

The main reason to celebrate hanuman jayanti is to reminder to all the people in the world that life should be dedicated to the almighty. We always focus on serving poor people and towards mankind. Life is all about sharing and caring for each and every one. Hope all the Hanumanji’s devotees understand this lesson of life that hanumanji teaches to us. We wish you all happy hanuman jayanti 2014, stay blessed with love. :)

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How to Worship Shani on Amavasya - Astro Upay

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If you want to impress shani dev then you can choose amavasya as its the best time to impress shani dev. Below is 9 ways you can worship shani dev on amavashya with time and mantra's to worship.

How to Worship Shani on Amavasya - Astro Upay

How to Worship Shani on Amavasya - Astro Upay

The best time to worship Shani is 5 PM to 11 PM. You can offer light to the Peeple tree. Shanidev likes to donate also he is the god of Judgment.

Take string which is height of yours. Take bowl and feel mustard oil and deep that string in it. You have to offer that oil to the Shanidev. You have to say “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. After doing this you have to do 7 lights under the Peeple tree.

Take one bowl and do Swastika in it. Feel Sesame oil in that bowl and go to the Shani temple and keep face on east side and offer that bowl to Shanidev. You have to do 11 lights of Sesame oil. Also you have to do 11 Mala of “Om Namah Sivay”. Donate jaggery, sesame to the Shiva temple. You can also do “Om Maheswaray Namah” which helps to remove Shani dosh.

Take one iron bowl and feel it with one cup of rice and one cup of wheat. Keep one pointer on it. Now you have to add ghee on it and do light on it. You have to round it 7 times from the right side and “Om Shandevey Namah” and offer it to the Shani dev. Now you have to do 5 lights under the Peeple tree and round that tree 5 times. The problems will remove and your work will be completed.

You can donate black and blue clothes to poor. Take the cloth according to your height and make pind. Now you have to do tilak on it and cover it with the blue cloth and take it in your hand. You have to do 21 rounds of Shani temple and then donate that cloth to the Pandit of Shani temple. You have to do 3 lights of Mustard oil and take 4 rounds of Peeple tree and do 4 lights of Mustard oil. You have to do “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. You will get progress in your job.

You can also donate black lentil. Take one steal bowl add chameli oil, black lentil. Now you have to go to the Shani temple and face the east side and offer this bowl to the Shani dev. You have done 11 lights of oil. After doing this you have to take 3 rounds of temple. You also have to do 7 lights under the Peeple tree and take 7 rounds of tree. You have to do “Om Sham Shaneshwaraye Namah”. You have to offer black lentil to the Peeple tree. Your business will increase. You will get rid of accident and Pitrudosh.

You can also donate umbrella and shoes. Take umbrella in one hand and shoes in other hand. Now face the north side in the Shani temple and donate it to the Pandit. You have to do 5 lights in front of Shani dev. You have to take 11 rounds of temple. You have to do 1 light under the Peeple tree and take 7 rounds of tree. You have to do “Om Namah Sivay”. You will get peace and prestige in your home.

You can also donate black flower. Take one pot and do red tilak on it. Tie yellow string on it. Now take steal bowl and keep 7 leafs. You have to add black chana in it. You have to offer this pot to the Shani dev. You have to do 5 lights in the Shani temple. You have to take 9 rounds of Shani temple. Now take water of that pot and take 5 round of Peeple tree. You also have to offer that chana to the Peeple tree. After doing this go to the Shani temple and offer blue flower’s mala to the Shani dev. You can also offer dhup, light and Prasad. Your children get good nature, discipline and ordination.

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