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Coriander’s botanical name is Coriandrum sativum. It has been using for 5000 years. Coriander is rich in iron. Its regular use easily cure anemia.

Coriander Health Benefits - Astro Upay

Coriander Health Benefits
It contains minerals, vitamin A which strengthens the body. It also prevents from the cancer. Insulin level remains control due to regular use of coriander.

Coriander is very beneficial in nose bleeding. Take 20 gram coriander leaves mix little camphor in it. Put 2 drops of juice in nose every day. It easily cures nose bleeding.

Irritation, hear burn and headache removes due to coriander. You can intake one teaspoon mixture of saunf, mishri and coriander after having your meal.

Coriander is used in Middle Asia, India, South Asia, Latin America, China, South Africa, Southeast Asia, France and Scandinavia countries.

Coriander has protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates and minerals. Green coriander leaves have calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamin, potassium and vitamin C.

Coriander makes sauces healthy. It also increases your appetite. Tie up coriander power in one cloth. Add black pepper, rock salt and lemon in it. Drink this mixture slowly.

Coriander reduces cold-cough. You can drink coriander juice. It also controls bronchitis and asthma. Coriander is rich in vitamin A. It is very useful for our eyes. It reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Coriander juice can be used to do gargling. It is very beneficial in throat infection and mouth sores. Grind the coriander and boil it in water. Put this mixture in your eyes. You have to take medical advice before doing this remedy.

Intake of coriander powder mixing mishri is very fruitful in stomach problem. Pregnant woman can drink this mixture when they get vomiting.

You can eat coriander chutney without adding salt-pepper for 4 months. It is beneficial in thyroid.

Boil coriander leaves in water. Filter it and make it cold. Drink this juice every day. It controls your cholesterol level. It is also beneficial in menstrual.

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Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases

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There are many diseases which occur in summer. These diseases relates with food and drink habit. It is mainly relates with water. In summer, food easily becomes bad. In this situation you must have to eat fresh food. You should have to eat light food before going anywhere.

Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases

Tips to Avoid Summer Diseases
Due to shortage of water in the body one gets hot wind, heat stroke and stomach problem. In this case, you have to drink plenty of water. In summer, there are chances of mood swing. To avoid irritation you should do shitali activity.

One should avoid eating outside or stodgy food at home. You can get relief by eating watermelon, cucumber, sugar cane and mango. You can decrease consumption of wheat and increase fresh vegetables-fruits.

Due to shortage of water in the body one gets hot wind. You may get fever, headache and heaviness in the body due to hot wind. In this case, you have to cover your face and body before going outside. Keep water bottle with you. You can also drink raw mango juice.

The skin becomes dark due to heat stroke. The symptoms of heat stroke are dry skin, speedy breathing, strong headache, dizziness, vomiting, irritation, diarrhea, unusual talk and unconscious.

Due to shortage of water and increased sweat may create dehydration. You have to drink plenty of water. To avoid wrinkles in summer you have to drink more water. You can also intake low calorie nutrients food.

You can clean your face with cucumber. Barley is very beneficial in summer. You can add water and salt or sugar in barley and drink it. Take thyme powder and soak it overnight in sesame oil. You can intake this mixture in the morning. You won’t get sweat from hands-legs.

Take 100 gram rose feather, Multani Mitti, 25 gram turmeric and 50 gram sandal powder. Mix all these and make a paste from it. Apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes and wash it. You can also apply turmeric and gram flour paste on children’s face.

Do not drink ice water in summer. It contains bacteria which affects our health. There should be ventilator in home.

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Find Money Loss Yog in Your Horoscope

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The next three month is not good to invest your money. It becomes worse after 30th June 2015. Many people would like to invest their money. You have to be very careful when you have debt from unknown one. You may face loss due to wrong decision. You won’t get your money.

Find Money Loss Yog in Your Horoscope

Money Loss Yog
If Mars and Mercury are bad then you face loss due to your siblings. One’s life becomes worse after the age of 47. His respect also decreases due to money and family.

If your fourth and fifth place in horoscope is weak then never do business with your friend. Your friend won’t give your money back and problems occur in your friendship.

You can establish Harsinghar banda with Lakshmi mantra. Tie it up in red cloth and keep it in your locker. The mantra is “Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamale Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Om Mahalakshymaye Namah Swaha”.

You have to do Havan with this mantra for 40 days. Do 5 rosaries every day and offer aahuti. Keep this banda on your right side and above the surface while doing Havan. Keep memorizing your friend while doing Havan.

If there is swrundosh in horoscope then your partner will cheat you. He trapped your money. In this case, a person gets success rapidly between the age of 24-28. However, they face heavy loss between the age of 39-45. You face loss in money, prestige, job and business.

They complain about body ache. You have to do Gayatri yagna regularly. Also you have to make donation. The expense and cost of yagna and donation should be bear by all family members.

You have to intake sweet before starting any important work. You must have to drink water after eating sweet.

You can chant following mantra for the next 3 months.

Aao Laxmi Baitho Aangan Rori Tilak Chadau Gale Me Haar Pahanau Vachano Ki Bandhi Aao Hamare Paas Pahala Vachan Shree Ram Ka Duja Vachan Brahama Ka Teeja Vachan Maha Dev Ka Vachan Chuke To Narak Pade, Sakal Panch Me Paath Karu Bardaan Nahi Devo To Mahadev Ki Shakti Ki Aan

You have to light a lamp in evening before chanting this mantra. Do mediation of goddess Lakshmi. You have to do 5 rosaries on Shukla Paksh’s ninth day.

Those whose second and fourth place are weak then they face loss due to their relatives. Do not do business with your relatives. If you have already started business with them then you can offer 1 pan and clove to goddess Lakshmi while worshiping. Keep the same number of clove in your family member. The clove should be fresh. Do not keep broken or dry clove.

Chant “Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamale Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Om Mahalakshymaye Namah Swaha” while offering pan.

You must have to do such measures for Pitrudosh.

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Mustard Oil Health Benefits

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Mustard oil is not only healthy but it increases your beauty. Mustard oil has very strong fragrance. It is widely used in North India. It has 60% monounsaturated fatty acid. It has 42% erucic acid and 12% oleic acid.

Mustard Oil Health Benefits

Mustard Oil Health Benefits
It has 21% polyunsaturated out of which there is 6% omega-3 acid and 15% omega-6 linoleic acid. It also contains 12% fiber. Do not boil mustard oil too much. It decreases the importance of omega-3.

Mustard oil contains magnesium and selenium. It is very helpful to protect asthma. If you want to increase appetite then you should eat your meal in mustard oil.

Mustard oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acid which controls the cholesterol level. It reduces bad cholesterol. Person has fewer chances of high blood pressure and stress.

A person who has complaint of having cough he can put mustard oil mixing with camphor on his chest. You can also take steam of mustard oil and cumin. It opens your wind pipe and you can easily take breath.

Mustard oil contains glucosinolates which prevents us from cancer. Take mustard oil and mix corn flour, curd and lemon in it. Apply this mixture on your face. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and wash it with cold water. It removes your dark circle and darkness from your face.

Take mustard oil mixing coconut oil and massage on your face. It is very helpful measure in sunburn. After doing massage wash your face with wet cotton.

Mustard oil contains vitamin E so it prevents us from sunlight, ultraviolet rays and pollution. It is very helpful in skin diseases.

Mustard oil is useful for hair. It contains beta carotene which helps to increase the hair. You can apply mustard oil on your body to prevent yourself from mosquito bite. Take mustard oil mixing camphor. This mixture is very fruitful in arthritis.

If your Saturn is bad then apply mustard oil on your nails. You can also donate mustard oil on Saturday.

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Why we Should Mango in Summer - Astrology

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Mango is the national fruit of India. Ripe mango is full of chemical elements. It contains vitamin A, B, C, D, protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, sulfur, magnesium and chlorine.

Why we Should Mango in Summer - Astrology

Mango in Summer - Astrology
Take raw mango’s poultice and tie up in clothe. Keep it on your eyes when you have burning in the eyes. Mango is very beneficial in constipation. Boil raw mango in water and filter it. Add little salt and sugar in it. It is beneficial in hot wind. Take mango’s gutli and grind it in water. Apply this paste on naval. It heals diarrhea.

Mango leaf is fruitful to remove Rahu-Moon’s bad effect. If you are going for some important work then keep root of mango’s tree in your pocket.

People who plant 5 mangos tree their next 14 generation will get benefit. However, do not plant mango tree at your home. It doesn’t give satisfaction to family members in their emotions.

You will not get defeat if you tie up mango tree’s banda on your arm. Never eat mango with empty stomach.

You may have blood disorder, constipation or stomach problem due to intake of more mangos. Also, intake of raw mango might create throat irritation, indigestion and stomach pain.

Never drink water after having raw mango. Diabetic patient should avoid having mango. Keep mango in cold water or refrigerator before eating it.

Mango is high in carotene which gives your vitamin A. You may get more benefits if you add milk in mango juice. If any wound does not heal easily then you can intake mango.

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How to Kick the Alcohol Habit Naturally - Astrology Upay

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One must have to avoid intake of alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes. It is not good for the health. Take green or blue bottle and fill it with water. Keep this bottle in sunlight for 7 days. Keep this bottle on wood. Drink 2 teaspoon water every day.

How to kick the alcohol habit naturally - Astrology Upay

kick the alcohol habit naturally
You can do Ashthgandh tilak on your forehead. You must have to see it in mirror. Ashthgandh includes agar, Tagar, red sandal, white sandal, kastoori, saffron, camphor and gorochan.

Keep seeds of ratti or gunja under your pillow while sleeping. Drink 1 teaspoon of Saunth mixed with lemon water after drinking alcohol. You can also intake orange with empty stomach in the morning.

If there are such lines under the little finger or near the thumb then you have to remain careful. You may have serious disease. If your nails become purple then you have to change your routine.

Muradabadi Dal: Take green pulse, lemon, butter, ghee, asafetida, whole red pepper and cumin powder. Boil it for 8-10 minutes adding water and salt. Mix the dal properly. You can also add bay leaf in it. Add lemon juice and cumin power and mix it properly. Its taste will increase if you prepare it in vessel or pottery. Add butter and fried cumin on it.

Sandwich: Take brown bread, butter, jelly or jam, green chutney and salty. Take 4 slice of brown bread and cook it in normal way. Apply butter on soft part and keep bread on it. Put green chutney on this slice. Again put bread on it and keep jelly or jam on it.

Noodles: You must have to prepare noodles from rice. You can keep corn or millet’s noodles. Fry them in ghee. Take green pea in boil it in water. Add cumin, salt, chili, asafetida and turmeric in it. Once it is prepare keep it in plate. Put green pea, tomato, coriander or mint on it.

Burger: Take brown bread, potato, boil corn and boil soybeans. You can add salt, imli’s chutney, coriander or mint chutney on it.

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Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini on 15th June 2015 - Horoscope for Next One Month

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There would be combination of Sun-Mars on 15th June 2015. It impacts every sign. There would be adverse effect on such sign. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces will face problems relating to health, love, marital life and professional life. People having these signs should think before investing their money. You have to do such remedy for building, vehicle and property.

Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini on 15th June 2015 - Horoscope for Next One Month.

Sun-Mars Transit in Gemini
Aries: You will get success after struggle. You have to take care of your stomach. You may face problem in maintaining relations. You may face some conflicts with your siblings. In this case, you can donate sweet-sour toffee. You have to do struggle in business and job.

Taurus: You have to take care of your larynx, teeth, hair and eyes. You have to take care of your mother. You will get success in business and job after struggle. You may start new work. But take someone’s advice before starting it. Keep water in copper vessel and drink it in the morning. Give silver to your mother.

Gemini: You have to take care of your meal. Avoid eating frozen or cold food. You can drink basil and black pepper juice. Your relative may splutter with you. The time is good for businessman. You may get promotion if you try.

Cancer: You have to take care from cold and heat. You can drink lukewarm water along with lemon. There might be conflicts between husband-wife. You may go on journeys.

Leo: You have to take care of eyes, blood, stomach and uterus till 10th September 2015. You must have to give time to your family. Take care of your life partner’s mood and health. Keep calm in your home and avoid anger. Avoid wearing dark red and yellow color.

Virgo: People having neck or eye problem they should do chanting and mediation. Maintain realtions with your father and elders. The time is good for business and job. Working people have to remain careful. In this case, flow jaggery and red flower in running water on Sunday.

Libra: You have to take care of your waist, heart, kidney or lungs. You will get good chances in business and job. Students have to do hard work. Businessman may get good benefit if they take decision well.

Scorpio: Your health, family, business and prestige will increase. Take care while taking decisions. Keep control when you speak. You must have to maintain realtions with your customers and colleagues. You have to worship your dainty as well as Lord Hanuman. Boil water and filter it before drinking.

Sagittarius: The time is good for health however you have to take care of your nose and teeth. Take care of your family. There may be controversy between your mother or life partner. Take care of your speech. Do not do partnership till 15th July 2015. The time is good for job. Do not invest too much money in share market. The time is good for respect and prestige.

Capricorn: Take care of headache and stomach. You may face loss due to anger. Do not put too much weight. You can do massage your waist and bottom of the legs with mustard oil. Keep patience and calmness at your in laws house. People working in partnership should take care.

Aquarius: Take care of your stomach and waist. Do not weaken your immune system. Drink basil, black pepper and ginger juice twice in a day. There may be unrest due to children, life partner or father in your family. Do not take big decision till the next 30 days. Working people should take care. The time is good for students.

Pisces: You will face problem due to shoulder, heart, blood pressure and kidney. You can take walk on grass. Donate kidney bean on Saturday. There might be tension due to your friends. Your enemies become weak. People who are connected with spirituality and dainty may get sudden financial benefit.

Gemini, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio people must have to remain careful from accidents. In this case, you can wear the root of Anantmul in red thread on Tuesday. Donate gram flour sweets on every Tuesday till next 30 days. Chant “Om Rudaray Namah” for 40 days. Donate medicine only once during this month.

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