Zodiac Sign Wise Astro Upay for Happy Marriage

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Happy Marriage
Aries: The time is weak. There might be problem in partnership and life partner. Take care of below navel problem. Take care of bile problem. Think before changing the job. Offer water to Sun daily. Chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah” or “Om Aem Hrim Klim Namash Chandikaya”.

Taurus: The time is good. The enemies will calm. Power will increase. You may suffer with some disease. They will grow with the cooperation of the people. You may do new work. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” or chant “Argala Strot”.

Gemini: Take care of stomach, back and chest problem. Take care of private relations. Take care in journeys. Work hard in study. Chant Gayatri psalm in front of Sun.

Cancer: Cancer zodiac may face some problem. They may face vehicle and heart problem. Stress will increase. Improve your relations with mother and friends. Spend your money carefully. Chant “Om Namah Shivay”. Offer water to Sun.

Leo: Leo zodiac may face problem. Take care of health. Avoid cold. Avoid cold and sour food. Take care in journeys. Improve your relations with small siblings. The luck is good. Donate wheat on Sundays.

Virgo: The time is not good for wealth. Take care of your speech. Drink water in copper glass. Mix sesame, sugar and honey in water and offer it to Sun.

Libra: Libra zodiac sign have to take special care. Take care of health and prestige. Take care of head and eyes. Take care of parents. Do not take big decision for next 15 days. Cover white color thread through veteran or idol. Keep calm and leave happily.

Scorpio: Scorpio zodiac may face problem. Donate jaggery or jaggery products.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac may get less benefit. Take care in investment. The time is good for study. The grain business may give benefit. They may get wealth through journeys. Donate five fruits.

Capricorn: Take care of prestige. Take care of relation with father. Capricorn zodiac may face problem in employment and promotion. Cover white color thread in right hand’s wrist through father. Give food to needy people.

Aquarius: Aquarius zodiac may have weak luck. Take advice in home and investment matters. Drive carefully. Chant “Argala Strot”.

Pisces: Pisces zodiac may face some problem. Take care of health. They may face sudden problem. The time will improve after 15 days. Chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah”. Donate yogurt or milk products.

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Are your Kids lazy? - Here is Astro Upay

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The good Moon, Jupiter and Venus give good knowledge. They give good mind. The more good or bad Moon, Jupiter and Venus give laziness. The lazy people get big and thick hand. 

lazy kids
Lazy people have big or small finger compared to hand. The heavy Venus part may give diabetes to child.

The heavy part of Moon may give mental problem to child. The heavy part of Jupiter may give heart problem. Mind slowly stops working. Lazy people face joint pain and spondalities problem. 

Obese people face problem in getting child. Lazy people cannot make progress after 42 years.

Lazy people get shortage of oxygen in the body. They also face lung problem. One should avoid shortage of oxygen in the body to get rid of laziness. Do anulom-vilom 10-15 times in a day. 

Prepare small target. Lazy people do not have stable gout, bile and cough vein. Child face cough, gas and bile problem. Therefore, lazy people should eat light food.

Drink gourd juice mixing lemon in it. Drink bitter gourd juice once in a day. Also, take iron along with light food. Changing sitting and walking habit also reduces lazy. 

Use more red, brown and orange color. However, do not use red color if you are facing problem in getting marry or you get more anger.

Do not use silver glass if Moon is strong. You can use gold or iron glass to drink water. Take control on your walking style. Try to make strong upper body part. Start walking normal. 

Sit nicety on sofa or chair. Obese people can do breathing exercise for 10-15 minutes when they get fatigue.

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Astrology Upay to Get out of Confusion

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Wear red or pink color clothes to worship goddess Kushmanda. Donate red lentil, jaggery or jaggery products in worship of goddess Kushmanda. Donate this stuff to below 8 years girls. 

Chant “Om Hrim Klim Namash Chandikaya” in worship of goddess Kushmanda. Goddess Kushmanda is world born. In universe, goddess Kushmanda has the position in the center of Sun. The universe originated from the middle of the Sun.

Many people remain confuse. They cannot use their talent. Confusion is normal action. The more confusion waste the time in decision making. 

Anyone get confusion. Navratri is the time of changes in life. One should do meditation in Navratri. You should chant Durga saptshati at night. Then, you should do meditation and chant psalm.

It is necessary to take risk in life. Do not let the impact of the results fall on the decisions. One should begin the work and hand over the results to god. People who get more confusion they should put red color on top of the thumb. 

They should do eat before bed at night. People who get more confusion they should wear silver ring in thumb. It should be open from the middle.

People who get confusion they should chant “Om Namah Shivay” and offer water on Shivaling. They should also do abhishek. Do this remedy on Mondays.

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Astrology Upay to Remove Unemployment and Get Job

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Children cannot get success if pitru dosha or unknown reasons are in the home. It happens even though children are talented. The veterans of the home should collect 1-1 rupee from everyone and offer it in temple. 

Do this on new moon day or during sunset of trayodashi. Also, collect the money at this time. Do this donation on every new moon day for at least five years.

You can visit any religious place and give service. Take active participation in function. If children are not listening parents then remember lord Vishnu and take one piece of turmeric and put it in well on Wednesday or Thursday.

When unemployment increases in the home then plant peeple tree on Saturday and take care of it. The elders of the home should make saffron tilak and apply it on every family member. 

Also, apply yourself. Avoid non-veg, tobacco and alcohol in the home. Take rock salt and mix it in water. Wipe your home with this water. Do not keep dust in the corner of the home.

If you take elders advice and go outside then you may get job however you will not get stability. If a girl suffer with this dosha and get marry then she may get job however she cannot make progress.

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Signficants of Jwara During Navratri

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Jwara During Navratri
There are many customs in every festival of Hinduism but we often do not know the purpose behind them. In the Navaratri, wheat and barley are sown in a pot of soil in front of the urn and it is also worshiped.

It is believed that after the creation of earth, the first crop was barley. Barley is also called full crop. The main reason for sowing of barley is that food is Brahma therefore food should be respected.

Not only is the importance of planting barley in Navratri but it also important that how fast it grows. How much does barley grow in nine days, it is a sign of our future.

Growing of barley is considered a sign of happiness and prosperity in the house. If the barley does not grow dense or does not grow properly then it is considered inauspicious for the house. 

If the barley is white and is directly grown then it is considered auspicious. If the barley grows rotten black then it is considered inauspicious.

If the color of barley is yellow from the bottom and green above then it is believed that the beginning of the year is bad.

On the contrary, if the colors of the Jayanti is green below and yellow to the top then the beginning of the year is good but later one face problem.

If the barley grows thick and green then it indicates the whole year pass well.

If there is some inauspicious sign with the increase of barley, then recite the beej mantra of goddess on Asthami for 1008 times. Also, pray to goddess to remove the problems.

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Get Rid Of 'Matradosh' With Astrology Upay

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In the home, the animals and birds suddenly die due to matru run. The offspring stops moving forward due to matru run. One gets obstacle in education due to matru run. 

The debt increases due to matru run. The relations with women get disturb due to matru run.

On the above cases, wake up in the morning. Put both the legs together on land after wake up in the morning. Do pranam to your veterans in the morning. 

Take blessing from the veterans of the home. You should do this after worship.

The mind becomes weak due to matru run. The memory power becomes weak due to matru run. One cannot get help or cannot help others, even though they wish, due to matru run. 

The digestion becomes weak due to matru run. One cannot get child happiness due to matru run.

One should give respect to veterans to get rid of matru dosha. They should serve the veterans of the home. One can serve in old age to avoid matru dosha. 

Family members should flow little silver in running water. They should do this remedy together. This avoids matru dosha. Give clothes to veterans and take blessing on this day. This avoids matru dosha.

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Solution To 'Stree Rinn Dosh' - Astro Upay

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Stri Rin Dosh
Due to stri run dosha, wife does not give respect to husband. Due to stri run dosha there is doubt in marital life. Due to stri run dosha one cannot get respect from mother, daughter or other women.

Many times men fall in love. However, they face separation in love relationship. This happens due to stri run dosha. Sometime, girlfriend or lover marries with other person. 

This happens due to stri run dosha. Due to stri run dosha, love relations cannot convert in marriage and it breaks.

Always give respect to every woman. Do not disrespect women. Do not say bad words to women. You can give food to girls, who are below the age of 8 years, after worship. 

You should give food to 11 small girls. Keep urad, mustard and milk sweets in food. If the marriage breaks again and again then keep fast for fiver new moon day.

One can give food to 100 cows once in a year. This avoids stri run dosha. Do not keep dirt on body and home. Also, take fresh air in the morning. Give food to small girls on Fridays. 

Give kheer to small girls on Fridays. If you cannot give food then donate yogurt on Fridays. You can also serve birds. Always, make an arrangement of food-water for birds.

Men can give food to women on their birthday. This avoids stri run dosha. They can give baked food with their hand to women. This avoids stri run dosha.

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