Good Effects of Mangal Dosh - Astro Upay

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Mars is the lord of emotions. Therefore, it affects every emotions of marital life. It is necessary to check mangal dosh while getting marries. In horoscope, when Mars is located in special than it creates mangal dosh. It is belief that mangali person should marry with mangali person. It is also believed that one might die in mangal dosh.

Good Effects of Mangal Dosh - Astro Upay

Mars is cruel planet. It creates serious problems in marital life. One should take care in marriage if there is mangal dosh. Mars creates mangal dosh in lagan, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth house. Sometimes, it creates problems in sometime it gives benefit.

Lagan: A person won’t be beautiful. He has redness on his face. A person does bad behavior with mother and life partner. There would be problems in marital life. However, a person would be adventurous and mighty. He gets success in difficult situation. Eat jaggery in the morning to get rid of its bad effect. Use less red color.

Fourth: This mangal dosh produces less inauspicious effects. This Mars creates problem in marital life. They are very powerful and attractive. They easily attract others towards them. In these cases, worship lord Hanuman on Tuesday. Keep proper arrangement of sunlight in the home.

Seventh: This Mars creates turbulence and violence. A person does deuce. A person creates violence in marital life. This Mars is beneficial in property related matters. A person gets high position and many properties. Keep fast on Tuesday to get rid of evil effects of this Mars. Wear copper ring in ring finger on Tuesday.

Eighth: This Mars affect speech and nature. It creates loneliness in life. One might face piles and skin problem. This Mars become reason of separation or accident in marital life. This Mars gives sudden financial losses. Sometime, a person becomes good surgeon. Chant Mars psalm every morning. Offer jasmine oil and vermillion to lord Hanuman on every Tuesday.

Twelfth: This Mars fierceness desire of the happiness and luxury. They do not get satisfaction from anything. This Mars creates arrogance in marital life and relations. This Mars also creates normal negativity. A person gets good success in foreign. He gets good love and attraction. It is beneficial to keep fast on Tuesday.

Good Luck: Feed some part of your food to poor people or any beast in evening. It maintains prosperity in the home.

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How to Concentrate More Accurately - Astro Upay

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Concentration relates with mind. Moon plays an important role in concentration. Horoscope elements also play an important role in concentration. Horoscope house also impacts concentration.

Concentration becomes weak when water or air element in horoscope is head. It also occurs when Rahu or Ketu affects Moon or Moon is alone in horoscope. Concentration problem occurs when center house is empty in horoscope. One has weak concentration when radix is 02, 04, 07 or 08.

One has good concentration level when earth or fire element is strong in horoscope. It also happens when Moon is strong in horoscope. One has strong concentration when Jupiter is strong in center. One has strong concentration when radix is 01, 05, 07 or 09.

Wake up early in the morning. Mix rose water in bathing water. Chant Gayatri psalm for 108 times in the morning. Keep your diet pure. Eat milk products in your diet. Do meditation for 5-10 minutes before bed. Keep your head facing south or east side while sleeping.

Good Luck: Those whose mind is agile, they should use less purple and pink color.

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Some Important Tips for Every Horoscope - Astro Upay

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Aries: They have pride of glorious tradition. They do not take care of others. They face children related problems due to pride. Offer water to Sun every day.

Taurus: They have pride of work and discipline. They do not consider others work. They face health related problems due to pride. Worship lord Shiva.

Gemini: They have pride of intelligence and capability. They do not take care of others due to their intelligence. They face stability issues due to pride. Worship lord Hanuman.

Cancer: They have pride of beauty and class. They do not take care of others beauty and class. Their luck decreases due to pride. Regularly intake panchamrut.

Leo: They have pride of their stuff. But their pride cannot stay for long time. They face problems in relations due to pride. Offer water to the Sun every morning.

Virgo: They have pride of high education and money. Usually, they forget their old friends and stuff due to pride of money. They face financial losses due to pride. Offer 2 basil leaves to lord Krishna and intake it.

Libra: They have pride of beauty and splendor. They become foolish and ruin their money due to this. They face sudden financial losses due to pride. Offer yogurt to lord Shiva every day.

Scorpio: They have pride of their qualification. Their pride comes to end very easily. They face ups-downs due to pride. Worship lord Hanuman.

Sagittarius: They have pride of their position and strength. They take wrong decisions and face problems due to pride. They face defamation due to pride. Chant Gayatri psalm every day.

Capricorn: They have pride of intelligence and family background. They do not have control over their speech. They face children related problems due to pride. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday.

Aquarius: They have pride of divine power. They have misunderstanding. They face ups-down in career due to pride. Chant 11th chapter of Bhagwad Geeta.

Pisces: They have pride of money and property. They loss their property due to their pride. One should understand that it cannot stay for long time. Keep fast on Monday for lord Shiva.

Good Luck
: Keep hibiscus flower while preparing tea. It gives relief from joint and bone pain.

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Improve your Bad Habits with Gemstone

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Bad habits are caused by malfunctioning of the planet. Bad habits become permanent if it remains prolonged. However, bad habits become good if we send some waves through special gemstone. One should do make some effort. It gives good results. 

Improve your Bad Habits with Gemstone

Bad Habits with Gemstone
Addiction: Rahu and Shani play an important role in addiction of alcohol. One gets benefits if he wears gemstone. One can wear melamine to get rid of addiction. Its color is green and it has cuts. Wear it in silver on left hand’s little finger. Wear it on Wednesday morning.

Anger: Sin planets affect speech and nature. Jupiter gives patient and good speech. One can strengthen Jupiter element in the body. One can get rid of speech and anger. Sunela is very good gemstone for speech and anger. It is the transparent yellow gemstone. Wear it in gold or brass ring on right hand’s index finger. Wear it on Thursday.

Sloth: One cannot get proper energy if Mars or Sun is weak. In this case, a person becomes careless and sloth. One can get rid of sloth by strengthening fire element. Garnet is very good gemstone for sloth. Wear it in gold or copper ring on right hand’s ring finger. Wear it on Sunday.

Lie: Many planets are responsible for lying. However, weak Moon and Shani plays an important role for lying. Sodalite is very good gemstone to get rid of lying. Its color is blue and it has white color cuts. Wear it on Saturday.

Pearl: It calms the mind and reduces the stress. It is beneficial for good sleep. It removes threat. It controls hormones. It slowly affects mental conditions. It creates serious depression and stress. It might increase flurry and crustiness. Hormone balance may imbalance.

Coral: It increases courage and self-confidence. It improves blood and skin disorders. It is beneficial for gynaec problem for women. It is beneficial for Mars related problem.

Opal: It is very effective gemstone. It has many colors. However, white or light blue color opal is very effective. It affects three planets. It directly affect water element. Opal is extremely beneficial for Cancer sign. It is wonderful gemstone to control emotions and balance the mind.

Peridot: It is green shiny gemstone. It controls two planets. It is extremely powerful gemstone for intelligent and knowledge. It is extremely beneficial for Gemini and Virgo sign. This gemstone removes bad effects. It sharpens the speech and increases the attraction.

Lajward: It is beautiful blue color gemstone. It has golden splatter. It controls two powerful planets. It is extremely beneficial for Aquarius sign. It is beneficial to avoid wound-injury, protection and avoid threat. It is also beneficial for spiritual benefit. It gives more benefit if it is more blue.

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What is Shani ki Sade Sati? - Astro Upay

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Shani gives special impacts on every sing while moving. When this impact occurs due to special conditions of Shani then it is called as Sade Sati. It starts when Shani remains in twelfth or remains in the same sign or remains in the second sign. 

What is Shani ki Sade Sati? - Astro Upay

Shani ki Sade Sati
2.5 years three stages called as Sade Sati. Shani remains 2.5 years in one sign and impacts three sign. Dhayya means when Shani comes in fourth or eighth house while moving in signs. It remains on one sign therefore, it is called as Dhayya.

It is believed that Sade Sati gives bad results. But it is not true. One should check its basic condition. Then check Shani’s condition in horoscope. It depicts the good or bad effects of Sade sati or Dhayya. Sade Sati gives good results if Shani is good. However, if Shani is unfavorable then one faces problem in Sade Sati or Dhayya. Sade Sati or Dhayya gives good results when it starts and creates problem when it comes to an end.

One gets success in career if it gives auspicious result. A person gets sudden money and high position. A person also gets benefit from foreign journey. However, one faces problem in employment if it gives inauspicious results. One might face serious health issues. Sometime, he met with an accident and get defamation. Sade Sati gives negative impact on mind.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius gets benefit in career during Sade Sati. However, they might face health issues. Taurus, Gemini and Virgo face financial problems. Also, there might be separation in relations. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces face many changes. They get benefits due to this change. Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius get benefits. Sade Sati takes them to the high position of life.

Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday. Chant “Om Shum Shaneswaraye Namah” for 108 times on every evening. You can also make donation of shadow. Use mustard oil, black gram and jaggery in meal. Keep your conduct and manner clean.

Good Luck: First worship lord Shani on Saturday. Then go to hanuman temple. You will get rid of such diseases, which occurs due to Shani.

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Some Easy Astro Upay to Get Money

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Business: Keep goddess Lakshmi idol. Goddess Lakshmi should be seated on pink flower. Offer rose fragrance to goddess Lakshmi. Every day apply this fragrance before going on business.

Trapped Money: Donate sweets and clothes to poor people on Friday. Prepare mixture of water and milk. Offer it the Moon. Then pray to get money.

Job: Keep sweet and water under peeple tree on Friday. Then take 19 circles of peeple tree. Then pray for progress in job.

Patrimony: Offer pink rose garland to goddess Lakshmi on Friday. Then light ghee’s lamp and do Aarti. You will get your patrimony.

Debt: Take neem wood on Friday. Wash it with water. Keep salted water in glass. Also put neem wood. You will easily get your money.

General: Take crystal garland. Keep it in rose water for a while. Chant “Om Shrim Shriye Namah” for 108 times with this garland. Wear this garland and you won’t face shortage of money.

Good Luck: Donate white sweets on Friday. It increases your wealth and saving.

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Tips to Increase Self-Confidence in Childeren - Horoscope Wise

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Aries: Children are very playful. They have good self-confidence. Their confidence decrease when they does mistake. Regularly offer water to increase self-confidence.

Taurus: Children are very serious and hard working. However, their confidence decreases before the examination. Their self-confidence can be strengthened by seeing lord Shiva and drinking milk.

Gemini: Children are very intelligent. Their self-confidence decreases due to multi-tasking. Regularly use green color and eat saunf to increase self-confidence.

Cancer: Children are very sensitive. Small things impact on their mind. Sometimes, their confidence is very good and sometimes it is very weak. Regularly eat sugar and worship lord Hanuman to increase self-confidence.

Leo: Children are very energetic and amazing courageous. They achieve good positions if they get good direction. Sometimes, their confidence converts in over confidence. Regularly see lord Sun and eat walnut.

Virgo: Children are serious and calm. They think too much about having food and life. Usually they have less confidence however; they get confidence in difficult time. Eat saunf and use light blue color to increase self-confidence.

Libra: Children are very playful and generous. They accept everything and adjust with it. However, they do mistakes. Take care of their fellowship and keep away them from alcohol.

Scorpio: Children are very sensitive and soft. They hurt easily and take it seriously. Their confidence is weak. Drink milk, mixing sugar and worship lord Shiva.

Sagittarius: Children are very intelligent and energetic. However, they have ego and anger. They face problems due to over-confidence. Regularly chant Gayatri psalm and use more yellow color.

Capricorn: Children are lucky since childhood. They are very good at sports and education. Therefore, they get ego. They face problems in relations due to confidence. Regularly use white color and fragrance.

Aquarius: Children are intelligent and philosopher. They want to do something different from others. They have good confidence for others. However, they have low confidence for themselves. Eat more sweet products and use more sky color.

Pisces: Children are very rich of multi-dimensional. They give good guidance to society. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand them. They have confidence and they know its use. Chant Hanuman Chalisa to increase self-confidence.

Good Luck: Children should obeisance to food before having it. They won’t face health issues. Also, they do not face shortage of food.

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