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Moon Planet in Palmistry
In palm, Moon mountain is found below the Mercury mountain. It touches the root of palm. This mountain gives one’s mind and financial condition. It also denotes sudden accidents. This mountain denotes person’s nature and thinking ability.

It is good if Moon mountain is emerges. They have strong mind. They have capacity to do decided work. If Moon mountain is emerges then person is imaginative. They may not get success in their plans. If Moon mountain is downward then their mind is weak. A person remains sad. They have negative thoughts.

Too many lines on Moon mountain keeps person worried. However, it also indicates creativity of person. A person has threat from water if there is cross on Moon mountain. If there is a mole on Moon mountain then person would be mentally disturb. If there is a cross or darkness then person gets mental disease. If there is a verg on it then person avoids every bad thing.

Keep fast on full moon day. Worship lord Shiva. Drink water in silver glass. Do not awake late night. Use more milk products in meal. Give more respect to your mother. Wear moonstone.

Good Luck: If you are facing stress or depression problem then you should do massage your hair with coconut oil once in a week.

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How to Use Chilly For Better Future? - Astro Upay

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Donate chilly if Mars is impaired. You can also donate chilly products. The proper use of chilly makes Mars strong. One can donate dry chilly, powder and pickle. Grind the chilly and mix cow’s ghee. chilly powder is beneficial in bone pain. This also reduces inflammation. One should take medical advice. chilly paste avoids gout problem.

The limited quantity of chilly improves blood circulation. The consumption of chili open the close nose. chilly sharpen the mind. Stuff which contains anti-oxidants that increase memory power. One should intake ¼ teaspoon chilly. The more consumption of chili creates stomach problem. The limited quantity of chili gives power and less problem.

One should use chilly according to season. The more consumption of chilly creates nose, eyes and stomach problem. chilly contains vitamin C. This gives power to body and mind. This improves blood circulation. chilly is also avoid heart problem. chilly avoids diarrhea. One should eat thick and small chilly. Men who face problem getting child they should avoid having chilly.

Those who face more bile problem they should avoid chilly. Do not eat chilly if your get body pain. chilly contains fiber. The more consumption of chilly may create diarrhea. The more consumption of chilly may create injury in intestine. Piles patient should avoid chilly. chilly avoids negative energy. It avoids germs. Wearing chilly in throat gives benefit in unclear atmosphere.

The consumption of capsicum sharpen the mind. It gives glow to face. Capsicum is beneficial in diabetes. Eat shiny and fresh capsicum. Keep oily vegetables, fruits in lukewarm water. This gives benefit in gout. chilly is also beneficial for sportsman. It is beneficial to keep black and white chilly where you sit. Keep black or white chilly in bowl. Keep it with you when you go for an important work.

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Secrete Importance of Yellow sapphire - Astro Upay

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Yellow sapphire is the main gemstone of Jupiter. It can be wear to strengthen Jupiter. Its effect is very high and stays for long time. It is wear in gold ring in first finger of left/right hand. 

Secrete Importance of Yellow sapphire - Astro Upay

Yellow sapphire
It should wear on Thursday morning. However, you should consult an astrologer before wearing it. If it doesn’t suit you then you might have serious disorder. It is beneficial to think on lagan while wearing yellow sapphire.

Aries: It increases you luck. You can get fame and respect by wearing yellow sapphire.

Taurus: Yellow sapphire affects your age. It is not auspicious for you. You might have healthy issue if you wear yellow sapphire.

Gemini: Yellow sapphire controls your career and marital life. You can wear yellow sapphire if Jupiter is very strong in your horoscope. Otherwise, you might face problems in your marital life.

Cancer: It controls your luck and job. You can wear yellow sapphire to get success in spiritual work and luck. However, you must have to wear pearl along with it. Otherwise, your digestive system might get disturb.

Leo: Yellow sapphire is the planet of your age and education. You can wear it to get success in education and concentration. However, if you’ve stomach problem then do not wear it.

Virgo: Yellow sapphire is the owner of your marriage and property. You should take advice before wearing it. Otherwise, you’ll face problem in your marital life.

Libra: Yellow sapphire is not favorable gemstone for you. You should avoid wearing it.

Scorpio: Yellow sapphire relates with your children, education and success. You can wear yellow sapphire to get success in your life. You can get rid from every children related problems by wearing it.

Sagittarius: Your entire life is governed by Jupiter. You can wear yellow sapphire in any situation. However, if obesity increases then you should wear coral along with it.

Capricorn: Jupiter is not favorable for you. Do not wear yellow sapphire. Otherwise, you may get defame and accidents.

Aquarius: It controls your financial condition. It is not favorable gemstone for you. You must have to avoid wearing yellow sapphire otherwise you might face problems in your marital life.

Pisces: Yellow sapphire controls your age, health and business. You can wear yellow sapphire without hesitation. It affects your personality.

Remedy: Never wear Emerald along with yellow sapphire. It creates doubt/confusion in your mind. You can wear pearl along with yellow sapphire.

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Top Health Benefits of Capsicum

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Chili was found in South America. It has been planting for 3 million years. However, it widely spread from South Africa. Chili is the plant of berry. Chili is used as spices.

Chili has different types. Capsicum is one of the types of chili. It is used to make vegetables. Chili also used as medicine. Capsicum is used to heal asthma and cancer.

Capsicum contains vitamin C, A and beta carotene. It does have calories. Chili does not increase cholesterol level.

Our free radicals in the body damage in several ways. Capsicum prevents you from heart attack, cataract, asthma and osteoporosis.

Capsicum is very helpful to reduce triglyceride level in the body. Fat does not increase in our body. Capsicum is also used in muscle and vein pain.

Capsicum contains vitamin C and A which helps us in inflammation of white blood cells (WBC). Our immune power increases due to it.

Capsicum is very useful in breathing disorder. Do not cook too much while preparing dish from capsicum.

You do not get effect of hot wind if you intake green chili in summer. You must have to intake green chili if you get scarcity of hemoglobin in your body.

Chili contains antioxidants which increases the immune power. When you have phode-phushi then you can apply green chili paste on it.

Chili also used when dog bites someone. If you have eye pain then you can apply red chili paste on your leg’s thumb.

You can intake red chili when you get snack bite. When you have throat infection then you can intake red chili chutney. If you have infection due to water then you can intake red chili chutney along with ghee.

If you get devil eye then take 5 dry red chilies and peel off from head to leg for 5-7 times in clock wise. After that keep chili on stove.

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Relation of Karma with Debt - Astro Upay to Reduce Debt

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Reduce Debt
Such bad work and responsibility which you did not fulfill that comes into debt in this birth. You won’t make progress until you pay for this debt. You can know about different debt from planets. There are mainly five types of debt. If you do such remedy for this debt then you can easily make progress in your life.

Kalatra Debt: Venus-Rahu creates Kalatra debt. This debt occurs when you don’t take your responsibility of family and do not follow honesty in life. In this case, you face problems in your life. You can chant Venus mantra and worship lord Shiva-Parvati. Also, you have to handle your responsibilities in family life.

Agyat Debt: Rahu is responsible for every debt. If Rahu is in second or eighth place then it creates Agyat debt. A person faces threat and mental disorder. In this case, donate light on Saturday. You can also donate blankets. You can chant Rahu mantra. You also have to take care of your food habits.

Jeeva Debt: If Ketu is in second or eighth place then Jeeva debt occurs. Killing birds-animals, cutting green trees are responsible for this debt. In this case, person faces threat, mental disorder and defamation. You must have to feed rotti to dog on Saturday. You can plant peeple tree. You can worship lord Bhairav.

Dev Debt: This debt occurs due to Jupiter-Rahu conjunction in ninth place. It occurs due to dishonor of god-goddess and not handling your responsibilities. In this case, you must have to offer water to the Sun and chant Gayatri mantra.

Santan Debt: It occurs when there is a conjunction of Jupiter-Rahu in fifth place. It happens due to not handling your responsibilities. In this case, you must have to love your child, handle his responsibilities and chant Jupiter mantra.

Other Debt: If your horoscope is good and still you won’t make progress then any debt is create problem for you. In this case, you must have to donate light, food and clothes on new moon day. Chant Gajendra Moksha before sunrise for 40 days.

Remedy: If you use sandal fragrance after taking bath then it removes negative energy. Also, if you use rose fragrance then it removes depression.

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