Best Solution for Rahu Dosh by Astro Uncle

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Rahu creates many problem in people's life, if your rahu is weak than you have to struggle a lot. Here is best solution for rahu dosh provided by astro uncle.

Best Solution for Rahu Dosh by Astro Uncle

Rahu Dosh
A person gets too many problems when Rahu affects them. A person becomes stubborn when Rahu affects them. He may have stomach pain, headache. He forgets such things and his luck is also not powerful.

If your power of luck decrease due to Rahu or it is weak in birth chart then you will be separated from your parents and siblings.

Do not wear grey or dark green color. You should avoid using black color. You can wear nutmeg tying up in black color cloth on Saturday.

You should control on your anger. Do not wake up till late night. You should wake up before sunrise in the morning. You can get benefit by doing these remedies.

If your idol or teacher gives you gift then you should always keep it with you. You will make progress. Do not steal anything.

Extra Remedy: If your financial condition is bad then you will get benefit by keeping small square ball of silver under the root of neem tree.

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October 2014 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

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Astrological Prediction for October 2014 Month, October 2014 Horoscope for All zodiac sign. For all the visitor of astro upay, here is the monthly prediction for all zodiac sign for the month October, 2014. here is monthly astrology prediction for October, 2014.

October 2014 Horoscope - Astrology Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign - Astro Upay

October 2014 Horoscope
Aries: Arians Suns seems to be giving you a wonderful time. However condition of other planets balanced all the excitement by giving some adventure. Seen the situation of Mars you must drive very carefully. Avoid any stiff as much as possible. And try to keep strict command over your speech. Although all your endeavors will be successful. But you will have to be really cautious in partnership. It means that along with your work you will have to be equally concerned about your family as well as health. In tough times, offer your service to your lord Hanuman and resides with Bajrang Bann.

Taurus: Taurians you will have to be really cautious throughout the month. Mars is in seventh house hence take good care of your life partner and don’t get annoyed of him or her without any major reason. In partnership you may have to face some difficulties. The first half of the month might bring some issues relating to children or education. However, second half will erase your difficulties. Month is overall positive to participate in religious stuff and also for income. To avoid any difficult situation, donate carrots in Hanuman temple.

Gemini: Gemini’s this month will give mixed results to you. However, this is a short time hard work pay well. You will feel like to win over all the troubles. Though, this time might require attention to over own. This month either you will go on a long trip or a distant relative might arrive at your place. In the second half of the month you might get unnecessary tense regarding your siblings or children. In time of trouble offer water to lord Sun.

Cancer: Cancerians will get positive results in the first half of the month because Sun transit positive in this time. If you are planning to buy new phone since many days it will be great to buy in the first half of only. Time is also beneficial for short trips. If you are a tenant and planning to shift the time is very favorable. However, some domestic issues might crop in the second half of the month. Take each of your decisions very carefully during this time. In times of troubles distribute gulabjamun in Shani temple.

Leo: You will have to accomplish all your work very carefully during this time. Most of the planets will not be able to provide you good results. Hence, you should not be dependent over your fate. Rather should concentrate on hard work and karma. Drive very carefully this month. Try to be as spoken as possible even in the matters relating to finance. You will have to very patience. Though there will be relief in the second half of the month yet health of parents and siblings will require more attention. In the time of troubles donate red fruits or red vegetables in Hanuman Temple.

Virgo: You may face some difficulties but things will be fine even in the tough times. Take special care of your health in the first half of the month. You are more prone to fever. However, you will be full of self-confidence. You may get honor by the government or by some organizations too. But in the second half of the month you will have to be cautious for the financial matters. Also, you need to try to be as polite as possible. As a remedy to difficulties, it will be auspicious to offer to honey over the Shivaling.

Libra: This month indicating that you will have to resolve all your financial matters very intelligently. You will have to avoid any useless expenditure. In addition to this you will also have to take special care of your health. Especially in the second half of the month you need to be cautious about your health. However, you may get money from somewhere suddenly. But it will be great if you don’t share your planning to anyone. Additionally behave properly at work. As a remedy reside Gayatri Mantra 11 times every day.

Scorpio: First half of the month will be comparatively positive for you. Your sign lord is on your own sign. Hence success is natural to you in this time. Income will also increase. However, you will have to be extra cautious for your health while working. Also, you will get benefit out of journey. However the second half of the month is not very positive for you. In this time you may have to spend a lot. And your health might also suffer. To avoid any trouble donate black grams.

Sagittarius: Almost, the entire month will be positive for you. Sun is on your karma house i.e. 10th house in the first half of the month. Hence, you will do great in your work. Your senior also comes to rescue. Senior officers’ will be happy with you. On the other hand the second of the month will be beneficial in all the situations very strong. Improvement is possible in the financial matters. Looks like you might also go on some corporate journey. However, you should drive very carefully. You will get better chance to spent time with your loved one. As a remedy to difficulties black cloths to the needy person.

Capricorn: Starting of the month will be average for you. If you are really not scared of the hard work everything will be fine. You might get blessed by your father or father like person. However, it will be important to take special care of the health of your parents. You may have to go on distant journey. Positive results are expected hard work. On the other hand, don’t hazard in case you get many work related offers. It won’t be nice to argue with elders or disrespect them. As a remedy to difficulties, offer your service to your father or someone like your father.

Aquarius: You will have to work very cautiously thought-out the month. Especially during the first half of the month Sun is in your 8th house. Hence, a lot of your hard works in go fail. You are vital also get malfunction in this time. It will be a right decision to drive carefully at a slow speed. If you are planning to something it will be great ponder over your thought properly. However, your troubles will be fine in the second half of the month. Financial situations will also get better. But it will be important to take good care of your parents. As a remedy to difficulties, offer vermilion mixed water to lord Sun.

Pisces: The entire month will keep you in stress. Either some domestic or external tensions might give you stress. Hence, you will have to be very cautious but don’t take any business related decisions. You may also get stress due to some domestic spouse issues. Even the second half of the month is very positive. Try to avoid trips during this time. Drive very carefully and avoid any type of dispute. In times of trouble offer vermilion mixed water to lord Sun and reside Hanuman Chalisa.

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How to Build confidence - Astrology Remedies by Astro Uncle

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It is very important to know the weakness of child. If you do not solve it then they cannot make progress. Guardian should take care of them. Parenting is very important for everyone. 

How to Build confidence - Astrology Remedies by Astro Uncle

How to Build confidence
If life line meets to the mind line then child cannot take decisions. He thinks too much to take decisions. If life line goes downward then child has weak heart or will power. If heart line goes straight and meets life line and mind line or mind lines goes downward then it shows child has weak mind and he cannot take decisions. They have fear. They cannot trust anyone.

You should motivate them in every work. You have to give time to their thinking. You should advise them about their conscientious. Divide child’s day in small parts. You may get benefit by avoiding too much task at one time.

You should give them Brahami. They can drink water in glass of silver. They can wear Sarpghandh in throat tying up in black thread on Saturday.

You can keep them in vicinity of dainty. They get power by their love. They can get more benefit by chanting “Om Ham Hanumataye Namah”.

Child’s confidence increase and thread decrease by chanting “Om Ham”. During this chant he has to take breath in and out.

Child can get benefit by wearing coral necklace in throat. But his Mars should not markesh. They can seat in front of the lord Shiva and do meditation. Your threat will be removed. They become brave by worshiping lord Hanuman or chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Extra Remedy: If you do not get happiness from child then you can keep honey in silver bowl at your worship place. You have to keep it on Monday, Thursday or Friday.

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How Papaya is related with your Luck - Astrology Connection

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Papaya is good for health. Papaya is good for liver. Luck is also related to papaya. Papaya and the root of papaya are very helpful to your luck. Astro uncle is explaining how papaya is related with your luck in astrology context.

How Papaya is related with your Luck - Astrology Connection

Papaya is related with your Luck
Papaya is very fruitful for any problem which relates to Jupiter. If there is a bad time of Jupiter then you can eat 100 Gms papaya every day.

Take seeds of papaya and dry it. Add black salt in it. Bugs from stomach can be removed by eating this seeds on morning-evening.

You can also save from devil eye by wearing papaya seeds in throat. You have to wear it in black or red clothes on Tuesday or Saturday.

You can get benefit by eating male papaya. You can get rid of from getting education by wearing root of papaya in throat.

You should eat papaya after taking lunch/dinner. Do not eat cultivated papaya. Do not add any spices in papaya.

You should remove the shell of papaya before eating. Do not drink water immediately after eating papaya. Laziness removes by eating papaya.

If there is aging or pimples on face then you can scrub the papaya on your face. You have to wash it with lukewarm water and cotton.

Extra Remedy: If you do not get your debt then you can donate milk on Saturday. Take small ball of silver and keep it in Gangajal at your home. You will get more benefit by avoiding use of such products which is made from dead animals.

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How to Worship Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish? - Astro Upay

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You have to do fast on Chaitri Navratri. If you have tension regarding your prestige then you have to eat after offering water to the sun. You have also established urn. You have to take copper urn, fill water in it and keep leafs of mango trees and coconut. 

How to Ask Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish?  - Astro Upay

Durga Maa to Fulfill your Wish
You have to seat in front of this urn and goddess Durga and do chant of “Ae Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichaye” everyday. If you have tension regarding your prestige then you have to avoid iodine. You have to intake it after sunset. You can eat fruit, sugar less tea or coffee.

Person who is facing problem getting education they have to avoid eating food during these nine days. You have to offer white flowers to goddess Durga and Sarswati. You have to do chant of “Om Hrim”. You will get interest to get education. You will do good work after learning them.

You can make Rangoli using flour, turmeric and Sindoor. You have to make it near the worship place in the home. You have to do light after the sunset. When the light is off then you have to remove this Rangoli. On the next day you have to make new Rangoli. 

You can write “Om, Aem, Hrim, Maa, Durga” etc. While preparing this Rangoli you have to chant “Om Du Durgaye Namah” or keep sharing your problems to goddess Durga.

You have to do “Om Du Durgaye Namah” and offer 11 Kamalgata. When you are in trouble you have to keep this in your pocket.

Special Remedy: If you have toothache then takes one glass of water and deep trifla in it. Filter it in the morning and keep it in mouth for 2-3 minutes. You have to do gurgling which gives strength to your gums.

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How to Maintain Relation With Elder Brother/Sister - Astrology Remedies

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Are you having bad relation with your brother/sister? check how to maintain relation with brother/sister via astrology remedies by astro uncle.

How to Maintain Relation With Elder Brother/Sister - Astrology Remedies

Maintain Relation
You should do such remedy to maintain good relations with your elder sister/brother. If a person has strong/weak Mars then he cannot get happiness from his elder brother/sister. There might be sourness in relationship. Guardian should not do partiality between the children.

If a person’s second, third and eleventh place is weak then they can find faults from each other. Also due to their weak Mars their relationship will be broken.

Do not compare your child with others. Child don not listen your advice when their Mars is weak or strong. They have bad speech. They will hurt their siblings. If Mars is weak then siblings may exploit their brother/sister. When they become capable the conflict will increase.

If there is gap between mind line and life or such lines starts from thumb and comes to life line. If they cut from life line then the relationship will be broken or might be conflicts between them.

Do not make partnership with your elder siblings if your Rahu-Mars or Saturn-Mars is weak or together.

Remedy: If you have hair fall and itch problem then you can use oil on it. You have to take medical advice. Donate Amla or Amla food for 11 Wednesday.

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Navratri 2014 - Prediction for All Zodiac Sign

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Navratri will start on this Thursday 25th September. On this Navratri some special events will occur. Navratri will start on Thursday, the cause of Thursday Jupiter is set on Cancer. Also Saturn is in high position of Libra. This situation came in Navratri in 2002 but Saturn was not in a good position.

Navratri 2014 - Prediction for All Zodiac Sign

Navratri 2014 - Prediction

Difference in dates in calendar

During Navratri some calendar’s date will decrease so Navratri will celebrate only for 8 days. Some calendar has decided to celebrate Ashthami and Navmi or Navmi and Dushmi on same day. Calendar who considered Navmi and Dushmi on same day they celebrate Navratri for 9 days. One should know about this from their astrologers.
After 59 years this event will happen

Pandit Sharma says in 28th September 1954 Navratri started with good position of Jupiter and Saturn. This time will happen after 59 years in 2073. This time Navratri will start on Thursday and Jupiter-Saturn in good position so it is very important for many fields. Saturn and Jupiter are friendly in nature. They both do creation. Jupiter creates knowledge and Saturn is element for punishment. Navratri will be beneficial for India.

India will shine

In this Navratri India will shine. This time is also good for business. Election will be held in Haryana and Maharashtra, there might be change in government. People remain happy and there might be raining in north India. The external security will increase.

Aries: Due to full eye of Saturn the benefit and loss would be same. Ketu is in your sign which will affect you. You will face difficulty in new work. The decision will be wrong in earning.

Remedy: You will get benefit by worshiping goddess Kali.

Taurus: You become more emotional and you might become so arrogant that people bore from you. The condition will be normal in income. There might be new start in business.

Remedy: You can worship goddess Sarswati and keep peacock feather in your home during this Navratri.

Gemini: There might be possibility in disturbance in discipline. You will start work very well but it will not complete. You might do show off and there will be shortage of income. Do not do work by taking loan/credit.

Remedy: Offer Sindoor and necklace of lemon to goddess Kali in this Navratri.

Cancer: This Navratri will be very special. You will move ahead for new work and get success in it. Your nature will be spiritual and get security from good people. The shortage of money will vanish and you will get new source of income.

Remedy: Offer necklace of red flower to goddess Mahalaxmi.

Leo: Saturn will be on third and Jupiter on tenth place from your sign. This time is good for work. You will get enough money from the work. You have to give respect to your elders. You will get success in work with the help of elders.

Remedy: Donate cloth to 3 year girl and worship goddess Durga.

Virgo: Jupiter will be on 11th and Saturn on 2nd place during this Navratri. Also Rahu is in Virgo. There might be possibility of big work can be occur. You will definitely get success. There will be improvement in financial conditions.

Remedy: Feed/serve girls whose age is between 3 to 9.

Libra: Saturn is in your sign and it has good position. Jupiter is also in 10th and at good place. This condition will create good time to earn money. The problems will be solved. The conduct will improve. You will get success in your goals and decision would be clear.

Remedy: Offer Malpuva to goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

Scorpio: The good eye of Jupiter is on your sign. Saturn is on 2nd place. Problems will be solved during this time. Incomplete work will be finished and you might get chance to go for spiritual work. The financial condition will improve.

Remedy: Offer one coconut to goddess Mahakali during these 9 days.

Sagittarius: There is a distance between Jupiter and Saturn. You will find difficulty in work. You should avoid show off. You have work hard to establish yourself. You will lean to spiritual. The financial condition will be normal.

Remedy: Gift new clothes to your mother. Worship goddess Shakambhari.

Capricorn: Jupiter has good eye on your sign. There will be progress in work and ways of income will be good. The owner of sign Saturn is in good position. You will get happiness during this Navratri. You may receive good news. The incomplete work might be finished.

Remedy: Dainty milk or Kheer to goddess Mahalaxmi during this Navratri.

Aquarius: The festival of Navratri will give you happiness. It will increase the enthusiasm. You will get satisfaction in your work. Income will also increase. The quarrel will be solved in home and office. You will get support from friends.

Remedy: Chant Ramraksha Strot during this Navratri. You have to seat in front the image of Ramsita during chant.

Pisces: The enthusiasm will increase as Jupiter has god eye, less effect of Saturn, visibility of Ketu and eye of Rahu. There would be end of enemy’s conspiracy. You will get success easily.

Remedy: Offer necklace of lemon and red flower to goddess Mahakali.

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