Worshiping Lord Ganesha To Solve Financial Problems - Astro Upay

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Lord Ganesha
Worship Ganesha with crystal garland. This reduces debt. Chant “Om Chaturaya Namah Om Gajananaya Namah Om Vidhn Rajay Namah” with crystal garland. It is more beneficial to chant it in afternoon. This reduces debt.

Chant “Om Hermabay Namo Namah” with crystal garland. This reduces debt. If you do not get happiness, after hard work, due to roon dosha then plant blackberry tree on shukla Paksha’s Chaturthi.

If your talent does not work due to body’s problem then prepare swastik from silver, copper or brass. Wear it in green color thread until chaturdarshi. If you are facing conflict or problem in office then cover Ganesha image with red color cloth and chant “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah”.

If boys are facing problem in getting marry or love relationship cannot convert in marriage then do yagna with 108 modak for 11 Wednesdays. If girls are facing problem in getting marry then offer besan sweets or modak to lord Ganesha until anant chaturdarshi. Also, offer supari to Ganesha until anant chaturdarshi.

If girls are not getting marry then chant “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah” and war supari in throat. You can also keep it by making knot. If you are suffering with Pitru dosha then do obeisance to Pitru on anant chaturdarshi. If you are suffering with Pitru dosha then do such remedy on sarv pitra visharjani day.

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Symptoms Being foodie And Astro upay

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Gourmet relates with digestive system and tongue. Digestive system relates with Jupiter. Venus is responsible for taste. Those whose Jupiter-Venus is prime they have habit of having more food.

Jupiter causes habit of eating too much food. This habit depends on food quantity. People feel hunger all time. They eat plenty of food many times. Jupiter also causes obesity and weak digestive system.

Venus causes habit of taste and delight. This habit depends on taste of different types of food. In this case, people eat more food due to taste and greed. This type of people cannot eat without taste. Venus causes diabetes and eyes problem.

On the above cases, eat food in little interval. Do not eat plenty of food at a time. When you get more hunger then lie down right. Take little bit water in right hand and drink it before food. Keep face on east side while having food. Wear emerald by consulting an astrologer.

Good Luck: Always eat food with calm mind and with happiness. The food will improve your health. It is always beneficial for you.

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Food Can Help You To Bring Luck - Astro Upay

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Nowadays, people get habit of late sleeping. Many young people drink bed tea. Habit of late sleeping and bed tea can damage the body. 

The saliva with bed tea increase bile problem in the body. Drinking water in morning calm down the bile in the body.

Heart and mind becomes healthy with good food. Our mind becomes same as we eat. We must have eaten plenty of food in the morning. 

We must have eaten less food compared to the morning. We must have eaten very few at night. Use more veg food in the meal. We should eat wheat, oatmeal, barley and linseed in our meal.

Eat sprout gram daily. Mix black salt or rock salt in fry gram. It is necessary to eat balance food to work hard. Eat plenty of fruits between breakfast and lunch. 

Mix tomato, white onion, potato, gram, bans, half apple and papaya with lemon, black salt and ginger. This mixture of beneficial to strengthens the body.

Do not eat food when Sun is above the head. Use rotti and brown rice in meal. The mixture of gram flour in rotti strengthens the body. 

The barley juice strengthens and sharpens the mind. Soak one teaspoon wheat, 20 raisins and 4 almonds in one glass water for overnight. Eat this in morning.

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Prayers For Differnet Problems in Life - Astro Upay

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Disease: First, we should worship our favored god every day. Then, we should do different worship, which avoids problem. Worship lord Shiva if disease does not go away. You can also worship Shivaling. Shivaling can be established in the home. There is no loss of keeping Shivaling in the home. Less fire increase disease in the home. Do yagna, to avoid disease, at least once in a week in the home. You can also do Gayatri yagna or goddess Durga’s yagna once in a week.

Conflict: Do lord Shiva’s abhishek to avoid conflict in the home. Do abhishek to Shiva and Parvati to get rid of conflict of the marital life. Offer durva to lord Shiva after worship.

Prestige: If your face problem of your prestige or your work stop or family member-friends leaves you then chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah”. If there is a disturbance in marital life then chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah” with turmeric garland.

Debt: If you are facing too much debt problem then worship lord Vishnu or Rama. Offer fiver fruits to lord Rama and Hanuman. Light jasmine oil lamp in front of lord Hanuman and Rama.

Enemy: If enemies create problem then worship goddess Durga. If you do not get childbirth then worship goddess Durga.

Speech: If you face problem in knowledge, speech and art then chant “Om Sarswataye Namah”.

Threat/Self-confidence: If someone threatens you or your self-confidence decrease then worship goddess Kali. The worship of nisit kaal is very beneficial. Chant “Om Klim Kalikaya Namah”.

Work: If you cannot do any work then chant Ganpati Atharvashirsha.

Sorrow: If you constantly get sorrow then worship Shri Krishna. Chant “Shri Krishna govind hare muraari hey nath narayana vasudevay.

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What to do When Work Fails At Last Moment?

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If luck is weak then one has to do more struggle in life. Struggle is part of life. If the work becomes worsening then make the fortune stronger. 

Work Fails At Last Moment
In this case, you should serve mother or women like mother. If the work becomes deteriorating then give food to needy people on full moon day and new moon day.

If the work becomes deteriorating then give respect to veterans, idols and teachers of the home. Wear silver ring in thumb. If your work worsens at the last minute then feed kamal kakadi to ox on Saturday.

If your work worsens at the last minute then light lamp with jasmine oil in front of lord Hanuman. Do this in morning-evening. 

Donate milk or milk products after sunset on Saturday. If your work worsens at the last minute then donate oil on Mondays.

If your work worsens at the last minute then donate milk on Saturdays. If your work worsens at the last minute then worship lord Hanuman after sunset on Tuesdays. Also, do some remedy of pitrudosh

Take 51 kaudiya, burn it in cow’s upala and prepare its powder. Flow one pinch powder in running water daily. If you do not flow this powder daily then flow camphor powder in running water on your birthday.

If the work becomes deteriorating then feed rotti to crows for 41-51 days. You can also feed fishes for 51 days. 

If no auspicious work is working then give food parents, idol and patriarch before you eat. Avoid alcohol and non-veg food. Eat raw vegetable on Wednesday if your luck is weak.

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Shani become Margi - Check Effects on Your Horoscope

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People were surround from many problems due to vakri means more speed of Shani. Shani become margi. Due to this, many pending work will finish.

Shani become Margi - Check Effects on Your Horoscope (based on Moon Sign)

Aries: The door of fate will open. The time is good for investment. Aries zodiac may get progress with support. The pending work will finish. Take care while making relations.

Taurus: The doors of luck will open. Take care of health. Taurus zodiac may win in controversy. They may get rid of problems. Take care of parents. There may be wealth benefit. Go ahead with self-confidence. The time is good for investment. Donate mustard oil, black cloth, umbrella, chapal and urad daal on Saturday.

Gemini: There may be solution of marital life problem. Take care of your life partner. Take care in partnership till February. Gemini zodiac may face problem in partnership in September, October and November. Avoid controversy. Chant “Gum Ganpataye Namah”.

Cancer: Cancer zodiac will get benefit. They will win over enemies. Work honestly. Take care of health. Keep food balanced. Borrow or give money after thinking. Chant “Om Namah Shivay”.

Leo: Take care in matters. Take care in education. Also, take care in love relations. Leo zodiac will make progress. Serve cow, idol and temple on Thursdays.

Virgo: The will have mixed results. Spend time carefully for another year. Virgo zodiac has work hard in study. Take care in love relations. They might fight with their friends. They may get house benefit. The mother’s health will improve. The pending work will finish. They may get good job. Offer water to Sun daily.

Libra: Spend time with care. Do not take decision in hurry. Libra zodiac may do struggle. The luck will decrease. Take care while driving. Do not invest in bad things. Chant “Om Ram Rahave Namah” if you face problem in fame-prestige. Chant this psalm at night. Take care of your mother and other family members’ health. Donate black clothes.

Scorpio: The wealth problem may increase. Spend money thoughtfully. Take care of breath, back and throat problem. Take advice before starting work. Offer water to the Sun. Do not wake up till late night.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac can get rid of wrong decision. They may get rid of controversy. Avoid taking stress. Controversy may create problem till 2020. Donate besan sweet on every Tuesday.

Capricorn: The time is not good for wealth. The hard work will avoid problem. Do not give money in seduction. Donate urad daal on Tuesdays and Saturdays till January 2020.

Aquarius: The time is good. The pending work will finish. Someone may give benefit. Aquarius zodiac may get new relations. The auspicious pending work will finish. Chant “Om Namah Shivay”. You can also chant Mahamrutanjay psalm.

Pisces: The time is good. Pisces zodiac may get prestige, government employment and promotion benefit. Take care of relationship with father. Take care of father’s health. Donate honey on Thursdays. Serve cow on Tuesdays.

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Effect of Mangal On Your Zodiac Sign - Astro Upay

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Below is astrology effect on each zodiac sign of mars. Based on Moon Sign, we trying to explain mars effect on different zodiac sign.

Aries: Mangal is the owner this zodiac. Mangal normally does not get worse, but if it gets worse then heath becomes weak.

Taurus: Mangal is owner of marriage and marital life. If Mangal is weak then marital life gets worse. Violence comes in marital life.

Gemini: Mangal regulates income, debt and struggle. Weak Mangal creates struggle in person’s life. Also, the person gets money problem frequently.

Cancer: Mangal regulates child and career. Mangal is beneficial in this zodiac. However, it become weak then there are problems with child and nature.

Leo: Mangal gives stability, position and luck in life. Usually, Mangal is not weak in this zodiac. But if it becomes weak then luck does not support him.

Virgo: Mangal regulates health and age. Accident happens when Mangal gets worse. Sometime, the person takes suicidal step.

Libra: Mangal regulates marital life in this zodiac. If Mangal gets worse then marital life becomes worse. Sometime, the person may do two marriages.

Scorpio: Mangal is the owner of this zodiac. Therefore, there is no possibility of weak Mangal in this zodiac. If it gets then enemy and opponents become strong.

Sagittarius: Mangal controls the children and happiness in this zodiac. If it worse than it creates problem in child happiness. It blocks all parts of life.

Capricorn: Mangal gives any type of happiness in life. The wealth also relates to Mangal. If Mangal becomes worse then there is a problem in life.

Aquarius: Mangal has their career and employment. If Mangal is disturbed then the career is not stable. Sometimes, the person keeps changing career during entire life.

Pisces: Mangal controls their family happiness and fortune. The person does not succeed according to his own ability. Sometimes the person face kidney and urine problem.

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