Things You shouldn't Do in Daily Life - Astro Upay

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If you find someone else's stuff dropped, do not use it for yourself. If you use dropped stuff then Jupiter, Sun and Rahu gives bad effect. If there are too many red ants in home then do not let them stay. 

Things You shouldn't Do in Daily Life - Astro Upay

don't do this
You can put turmeric and stop the red ants. Never censure others. Sun and Rahu gives bad result by censuring others. Never do isshninda. Never keep negative thinking for other religion.

If nails become too much shiny and black then one should do hormone test. The size of the Moon below the nails is as good as it is. If there is no sign of Moon below the nails then eat walnut. 

Wake up early and sleep early. Always stay in touch with good people. If there is a net in the house then remove it yourself. If you are suffering with net in the home then chant Gayatri yagna for 11 days.

One can use Khair or Devdaar wood in Gayatri yagna. It is extremely beneficial to use mango wood in Gayatri yagna. One should use cow ghee, sesame and panchmeva in Gayatri yagna. 

Do not keep broken idol in worship. If you keep broken idol under tree then planets give bad result. You should crush the broken idol. You should properly immerse broken idol. The pleasures of life are reduced by the habit of ribs walking.

Rahu and Shani give bad results if one does defecation at anywhere. Planets give bad results if you sleep in Gaudhuli bela. 

Do not sleep in evening. Light lamp in the evening. Do not wear other’s shoes-chappals. If you wear other’s shoes then planets give bad results.

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Job or Business? - Horoscope Wise Check Career Options

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Job or Business
Aries: Sun decides their carrier. Career in the therapeutic and administrative field. They are good chances of doing job due to Shani. They might face problems in business.

Taurus: Mercury creates myth. They choose wrong career. Commerce is very good stream for them. Usually, they do job for few days and then start business. They get good success in speech and consulting work.

Gemini: Venus and Shani decide their career. Choose medicine, management, marketing or law field. Independent business or work gives good success. They may face problem in job.

Cancer: Mars and Moon decide their career. They can choose any field. They can get job in medicine, education, music, film, media and art. It is also beneficial to do it like job.

Leo: Jupiter and Venus decide their career. Sometime, their career is opposite to their education. They can do normal job. It is beneficial to do land, food products or wooden business.

Virgo: They have wonderful memory from Mercury. They are good businessman. Usually, interest, chemical, clothes and jewelry business gives good benefit. They can do multiple businesses. They can do only management job.

Libra: Shani, Mercury and Venus decide their career. They do job in engineering, journalist, education or law. Sometime, they choose glamour. They change business and job.

Scorpio: Moon, Jupiter and Sun decide their career. It is beneficial to do job in service, education or journalism or media. They become good teacher and journalist.

Sagittarius: They have capability of administration. It is beneficial to do administrative service. They do only job in police, administration, defense or technical.

Capricorn: It is the earth element and Mercury impacts on their career. It is beneficial to do business in wealth, consulting, water, iron, coal and petrol.

Aquarius: Mercury is main planet for them. Shani and Mars play an important role in career. Commerce, law and engineering are beneficial field. They do not do job for long time. They earn money due to their intelligence.

Pisces: Moon and Mars decide their career. They do only job and get success. Medicine, education, service and marketing are good field for them.

Good Luck: Prepare and eat sweet rotti on Tuesday. This improves relations with sibling.

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Astro Upay To Change Your Approach Towards Life

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Change Your Approach Towards Life
Our life passes under the influence of planets. We can improve our life by strengthening Jupiter, Moon, Mars and Venus between 18 and 22 ages. 

18-22 holds the foundation of life. At the age of 18, Jupiter has a significant effect on life.

Life disturb due to relations when Jupiter and Venus is weak. 

There is a big change between the age of 18 and 22 in body and thoughts if Jupiter and Venus are weak. 

One faces bad impacts due to weak Jupiter and Venus.

Students can wear yellow sapphire or they can attend good accompaniment. Sit in front of Sun and chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah” between the age of 18 and 22. 

Spend time with friends between the age of 18 and 22. Sit with veterans and serve them between the age of 18 and 22.

Feed sweet rotti to birds and flour to ants between the age of 18 and 22. Do not close roshandaan of rooms till the age of 25. 

They can read loudly after 10 P.M. Put rock salt in one packet and keep it on study table.

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Astrology Upay to Remove Shortage of Money

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Shortage of Money
One face shortage of wealth due to weak second and fourth house. If Sun is in second house then one cannot save money. If Rahu or bad Shani is in second house then money does not last. Do not do unnecessary expense. Do maximum use of stuff. Put the root of shami in iron box and keep it in money vault.

Chant “Om Hum Hanumate Namah” 108 times for 43 days. Take out one seed of urad daal and collect them. Keep 5 seeds along with you and donate remaining seeds on Tuesday. Keep this 5 seeds in money vault. The more effect of Ketu increases the expense. One should save money for unexpected problem. Save at least 15% of your income.

If Ketu is weak then planning fails. Offer coconut to lord Bhairav on Saturday. People who handle money in the home they should do saffron tilak. Ketu cannot affect wealth if you apply saffron tilak. Keep the root of aswagandh or sarpgandh at worship place. Do tilak with it. Donate copper, brass or flower utensil to scholars on Sunday.

Donate gold, yellow clothes, sweet, turmeric, rice and books to scholars on Sunday. Write “Aem” on copper triangle and wear it in throat on Friday. Keep saffron, turmeric and rice in silver box and donate it to mother. Take this box from mother on full moon day and put it in money vault.

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Correct Way to do Ekadashi Fast - Astro Upay

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Luck becomes weak due to weak Moon. Mind also becomes weak due to weak Moon. One cannot control over anger due to weak Moon. There are two Ekadashi in the month. 

Correct Way to do Ekadashi Fast - Astro Upay

ekadashi fast
One is in Shukla Paksha and the second one is in Krishna Paksha. There is special importance of Ekadashi fast. The Ekadashi fast strengthens the Moon.

The Ekadashi fast avoids bad effect of Moon. Do not intake food on Ekadashi. You can intake milk, water and fruits on Ekadashi. Ekadashi is important for meditation. Do not intake salt and sugar on Ekadashi. 

The paran of Ekadashi can be done on the after the sunrise of next day. Moon becomes strong if you drink plenty of water on Ekadashi.

Do not intake rice on Ekadashi. Donate rice on Ekadashi. It is beneficial to avoid rice on Ekadashi to get rid of cough. 

Do not intake cold food on Ekadashi. Make purify work on Ekadashi morning. Read scripture on Ekadashi. Chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah”.

Apply tilak to Vishnu on forehead. Offer daily to god. Then, drink water. You can eat fruits if you have physical problem. You can also eat food if your health is not good. Donate fruit, rice and water during a day. 

Offer white flowers to lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Sahasranama. Keep silence on Ekadashi. Do not criticize on Ekadashi.

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Horoscope Wise Mercury Benefits to The People - Astro Upay

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Aries: Mercury does not give intelligence to the person but it makes mind playful. Their mind becomes playful since childhood.

Taurus: Mercury is very powerful. If Mercury is good then person is very intelligent.

Gemini: Mercury is very important planet. Mercury not only makes person intelligent but also give dilemma.

Cancer: Sometime Mercury gives intelligence. But if Moon is weak then Mercury makes person emotional.

Leo: Mercury does not give mind and stupidity. Mercury gives only wealth. If Mercury is good then person becomes lavish.

Virgo: Mercury is very important. If Mercury is good then person has sharp mind.

Libra: Mercury gives mind and love. It keeps heart-mind balance. It creates problem only when they fall in love.

Scorpio: Mercury makes heart and mind weak. They are mentally and emotionally weak.

Sagittarius: Mercury makes intelligent in some matters and stupid in some matters. They do not work from heart. However, sometime they make big mistakes.

Capricorn: Sometime Mercury makes person very clever. In this case, person does not think about good or bad.

Aquarius: Mercury makes person intelligent. But emotions are very strong therefore; the mind is overwhelmed by the heart.

Pisces: Mercury is not good in this zodiac. A person takes decision from heart. They face more problems when they take decision from mind.

Good Luck: If you have keep office in the home then keep two different doors. You can also keep one door between them.

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How Bad Decision Can Ruin Your Life - Astrology Upay

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One should become good and useful person. Good people take wrong decision in sentimentality. When Moon is very weak then we should remain alert. Weak Moon creates problem n relations, love relationship, marital life etc.
Bad Decision

Life remains half due to Pitrudosh. If you become imbalance in small matters then Moon can make you incomplete.

Do not use glass utensil. Drink milk in silver utensil. Serve banyan tree. Such people should not be possessive. 

Try to ignore such things and matters. Put milk and water in pottery and keep at worship place before going outside from the home.

Do not become attention seeker. People praise attention seeker however; they run away. 

Attention seeker may become loneliness. Spend time in front of Sun. keep honey in water and do Rudrabhishek.

Chant “Om Rudraya Namah”. Try to speak less. They should do practical work. Eat one orange daily. 

Eat Amla powder before bed. Avoid having cold food. Live under vicinity of mother. They should read more. Cover right hand wrist with red color thread.

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