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Mercury helps to develop the mind. One takes right decision due to Mercury. Mercury also denotes about speech. Weak Mercury creates speech problem. One might face losses due to speech problem. One face mind related problem due to weak or corrupt Mercury. One get fever and stomach related problem.

Problems Mercury creates in Your Life & Their Solutions 

One cannot save money due to weak Mercury. One gets stress in job. One also get skin related problem. Weak Mercury creates problem in getting child. One cannot get position due to weak Mercury. When Mercury is in seventh house then life partner would be good for nothing. One face many problem in business due to weak Mercury.

A person would be scholar if Mercury is strong. One can use mind in proper way when Mercury is in good condition. One becomes good lawyer, astrologer or singer due to good Mercury. There are many problems due to weak Mercury. One always face debt due to weak Mercury. A person cannot make proper use of money. A person cannot make business on large scale due to weak Mercury. One might becomes victim of trickery.

Wear steel or iron ring in little finger on Wednesday. Touch pottery urn to water and donate it to any need person. Do this on Wednesday. Make nose piercing of wife, maternal aunt or daughter and donate silver. Worship goddess Durga to strengthen Mercury. Wear yellow color thread on Wednesday.

The child power of boy-girl would be less when Mercury is corrupted. The child’s mind would not be sharp. They don’t have good knowledge of mathematics, language and art. If Mercury is weak then child’s teeth would be weak. One cannot understand difference between fragrance and stench. Child may suffer with skin and breathing problem due to weak Mercury. Clean your teeth with alum on Wednesday. Feed birds and fishes. Keep solid iron ball with you. Do not intake alcohol, non-veg and chili.

Weak Mercury creates speech problem. One faces many problem due to speech problem. Balance person gets progress. There would be cuts on tongue, ulcers on throat or tongue due to weak Mercury. There would be whiteness on tongue. There would be difficulty while singing. People go away from you. Weak Mercury impacts on throat. There would be heaviness on voice. One faces many problem relating to throat. One also face cough and thyroid problem. The voice would be problem in voice. One cannot speak words properly. One cannot get happiness from aunt.

Serve 8 year old girls. See your face in mustard oil and donate it. Flow copper coin in flowing water on Wednesday. Intake brahmi. One can drink mattha. This makes voice clear and sweet. Do not keep birds in cage.

Serious gas problem, spots in stomach and mouth ulcer occurs due to weak Mercury. There would be muscles problem. One faces stains and spots on skin. Skin become dry and itching occurs. Teeth remains unstable. There would be pain in chest. One get headache when mind starts working. Keep sugar in pottery and hide it in secluded place. Keep honey in pottery and hide it in secluded place. Store first rain water and keep it on terrace. Put milk in pottery and keep it on terrace for 11 days. This avoids restlessness. Donate red masur lentil to need person on Tuesday. Hide red masur lentil in cemetery on Tuesday.

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Thumb of Your Hand Defines Your Future - Astro Upay

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Palm is the photocopy of horoscope. We can know the condition of planets through study of palm. Thumb is very important in hand. 

One can know about life and emotions through study of thumb. We can know about mind and wealth with thumb. Thumb also denotes the devotion of work.

Usually, there are parv in thumb. It is extremely beneficial to have three parv in thumb. First parv denotes willpower. 

Second parv denotes knowledge and logic. Third parv denotes silent knowledge. Sometimes, there are divine eyes on it. A person has more powerful as the parv is big.

A person would be very intelligent when thumb is long. He maintains his impact and field. Equal thumb makes person artist and emotional. They have wonderful capacity of creation. 

The more angle thumb makes person divine. They are symbol of command and intelligence. Small thumb makes person angry and freak. Sometimes, they become criminal.

In morning, see your palm. Take control on your nature and food habits. Do gyan mundra in morning and evening. 

Apply sandalwood tilak to god with your thumb. Wear enjoined silver ring in thumb.

Good Luck: Avoid shaking hands. It is beneficial to meet hand joining.

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How to Start for Stepping Stone to Success ?

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Personality decreases when Sun, Moon and Mars are weak. One cannot get sharp eyes due to weak Sun, Moon and Mars. Bhungima also become weak due to weak Sun, Moon and Mars. Stand in front of Sun and speak “Om”.

This increase confidence. The eyes become sharp when Sun and Mars is good. Keep water in green or orange bottle. Keep this in sun light. Clean your with this water.

Keep water in silver utensil. Keep this in moon light for 15 days. Drink this water with empty stomach in morning. A person become slack due to lack of vitamin D.

Sit in sunlight for 20 minutes after sunrise. Drink lukewarm milk mixing linseed. Apply sesame or almond oil while sitting in front of Sun.

A lazy person becomes languorous. One should check thyroid. Drink wheat juice. Wear crystal necklace on Friday. Wear phiroza in silver chain on Friday. Regularly do tilak of turmeric and saffron.

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Effects of Bad Rahu On Your Life - Astro Upay

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Rahu is shadow planet. It has no nature. Individually Rahu has nature of Shani. In astrology, Rahu is factor of separation, communication, acting, mystery and poison. Rahu decrease the good effect of planets and increase inauspicious effect. Rahu becomes auspicious with lagan, third, sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house. In other houses Rahu removes the effect of those house.

Effects of Bad Rahu On Your Life

Bad Rahu
Aries: Rahu may create obstacle in career and money. Chant “Om Ram Rahavae Namah”.

Taurus: Rahu creates obstacles in marital life and luck. Offer water mixing sesame in people tree. Keep pious on Saturday.

Gemini: Rahu may separate from home and brothers. It affects your speech. Offer water to Sun. Feed poor people on new moon day.

Cancer: Rahu affects marital life. One always get debt. Wear a piece of sandalwood in blue color cloth. Avoid lying.

Leo: Rahu impacts on business and property. One might face litigation. Wear square piece of silver in throat. Flow alcohol or vinegar in flowing water on Saturday.

Virgo: Rahu creates obstacle in education. A person become stubborn. Wear ivory or shell. Donate Rahu’s stuff.

Libra: Rahu creates problem in property. One cannot get happiness. Donate light. Chant Rahu’s tantric psalm.

Scorpio: Rahu affects the relations with siblings. One gets job away from home. Apply sandalwood tilak. Always keep coconut in worship place.

Sagittarius: Rahu creates fraud. One gets shortage of money. Wear shell or ivory. Use sandalwood fragrance.

Capricorn: Rahu affects health. One gets mysterious disease. Chant Rahu’s vaidik psalm. Always eat pious food.

Aquarius: Rahu creates quietness. It also creates habit of alcohol. Wear a piece of sandalwood in blue color cloth. Maintain good relations with father.

Pisces: Rahu affects the image. One faces ups-down in wealth. Wear square piece of silver in throat. Keep peacock feather.

Good Luck: Visit Hanuman temple and chant Hanuman Chalisa. This avoids physical problem related to Shani.

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When Will the Struggle End ? - Astro Upay

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The planets in horoscope shows struggle in life. In horoscope, triangle and its owner shows struggle in life. The owner of lagan, fifth and ninth house shows struggle. Fifth house is very important. If the house and its owner condition is good then struggle reduces. A person get success in less work.

When Will the Struggle End ? - Astro Upay

Struggle End
Aries: Daily worship lord Sun. Visit religious place on Thursday.

Taurus: Worship lord Shani. Plant trees and sever them.

Gemini: Worship lord Hanuman on Saturday. Chant sundarkand on Tuesday and Saturday.

Cancer: Worship lord Hanuman. Donate yellow sweets to poor and aged people on Thursday.

Leo: Plant banana tree in home. Chant sankatmochan hanumanasthak.

Virgo: Offer panchamrut to lord Krishna. Worship lord Shani.

Libra: Chant Shani psalm. Offer basil leaf to lord Vishnu.

Scorpio: Plant banana tree beside the house. Offer belpatra to lord Shiva on every Monday.

Sagittarius: Worship lord Hanuman. Use copper utensils.

Capricorn: Wear silver ring or challa. Plant many people trees.

Aquarius: Offer panchamrut to lord Shiva. Wear tulsi necklace in throat.

Pisces: Keep fast on full moon day. Worship lord Hanuman along with lord Rama.

Good Luck: In horoscope, if Jupiter is low then avoid wearing gold.

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