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On the month of Shravan Shukla Pancham day is celebrated as Naag Panchmi. On this day, snakes are worshiped. One can get spiritual power, ability and wealth by worshipping snakes. One can improve Rahu-Ketu conditions by worshiping on this day. If one get dream of snakes or they get fear of snakes then they can worship snakes.

Nag Panchami
On Naag Panchmi, take bath in morning and worship lord Shiva. First, offer water and belpatra to lord Shiva. Then, worship snakes, which is in Shiva’s throat. Offer turmeric, rolli, rice and flowers to snakes. Then, offer gram, kheer, batasha and raw milk. Make snake idol on main gate of with gobar, geru or soil. Also, worship it. Chant “Om Kuru Kulle Phat Swaha” and sprinkle water in the entire home.

Do not worship snakes without worshiping lord Shiva. Never worship only snakes. Worship snakes as the ornament of lord Shiva. Those who want mercy of snakes they should avoid land digging and cutting greens.

Take one big rope and tie seven knots. Prepare the symbolic snakes with it. Put it on bench. Offer raw milk, batasha and flowers. Also, light Guggal incense stick and chant Rahu-Ketu psalm. Then, open the knots of thread. Flow the thread in running water.

Prepare silver snakes and one swastik. Keep snakes in one plate and worship them. Put swastik in one plate and worship it. Offer raw milk to snakes and belpatra to swastik. Chant “Om Nagendraharaya Namah”. Put snakes on Shivaling and wear swastik in throat.

Visit such temple, where there is snake on Shivaling. Pour panchamrut on Shivaling in such a way that it run on snake and Shivaling. Offer, gangajal and chant Shiva Tandav psalm or “Om Namo Nilkanthaya”. This avoids bad yoga.

Good Luck: There is no Kalsharp yoga. Therefore, do not do any worship on Naag Panchmi.

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Astrology Yog That Can Ruin Your Life - Astro Upay

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Many people do not get prestige after a million attempts. Many people do not get good behavior even after their good behavior. 

Astrology Yog
One cannot easily get respect when Sun, Venus and Moon are weak. The people who are troubled by themselves should always remain happy. 

Never criticize others. Offer water to Sun daily. Take blessings from elders. Donate jaggery or sugarcane juice on Sundays. Chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah”.

The relationship between siblings gets spoiled when Mars is bad. Diseases increase due to weak Mars. One cannot save money due to bad Mars. 

One should worship Sun if Mars is bad. Serve cow, idol and temple if Mars is bad. Wear red color thread in right hand on Monday or Tuesday if Mars is bad. 

Help disabled people. Donate food to disabled people on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

If condition decreases with aging then avoid arrogance. Serve siblings. Feed dogs with your food on Saturdays. Chant “Om Hanumate Namah” on Tuesday. 

If children get away then visit religious pilgrimages. Do not keep iron stuff on sleeping place. If children get away then donate shoes on Saturdays. 

Offer coconut to lord Shiva on Tuesdays or Saturdays if children get away.

If you suddenly face losses then wear sandalwood in blue color thread. Donate iron utensils on Saturday. Donate black sesame sweet on Tuesdays. Do Gayatri yagna on Sundays.

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Astro Upay to Deal With Marital Issues

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If you cannot use your money on time then you should give food to sheep or goat. If you cannot use your money then try to keep stability in life. Give saunf, gole and sugar to younger siblings and friends.

If financial condition is bad or one cannot get happiness from father then donate mishri on Monday and honey on Thursday in temple.

If parents do not get child happiness then parents can donate goat on their birthday. It is also beneficial to rinse mouth with alum water. Offer supari to your favored god for 43 days.

Parents can serves cow if they do not get child happiness. Donate food on Thursdays if you do not get child happiness. 

Donate yogurt on Friday if you do not get child happiness. Wear copper coins in green color thread if you do not get child happiness.

If you face shortage of money or your house treasure remains empty then wear copper coins in green color on Wednesday. Put milk in glass bottle and hide it at secluded place away from the home. 

This will improve your life during old age. Put gangajal in bottle and hide it in farm on full moon day.

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How Your Luck is Related with The Land You Own - Astro Upay

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In human life, the house is very important. It is necessary to have land for house. There are different types of land. Different land has different wave. The land impacts on person’s luck. We can strengthen our luck by selecting right land.

Flat Land is equal from each side. It is best land. Kurmprusth land is upward from middle and downward from four sides. It is best land. 

Gajprushth land, which is upward in nairutya or vayavya side. It is also best land. Daitya land, which is upward in agney or north side. It is not good land. Naag land, which is flat and up-down. It is not good land.

Dig 1.5 feet deep and square dent on north side. Remove the soil from it and again fill up. If soil remains while filling it or you get more soil from dent then it is auspicious land. If soil does not remain or dent fill completely then land is medium. 

If you get less soil and dent cannot fill then land is inauspicious. In this case, do not construct your home.

If you construct home on inauspicious land then do sodhan for entire home. Do Shrimadbhagwat in the home. Renovate main gate of home. Plant basil tree in home. Live some land empty in the home.

Good Luck: Do kirtan for eight times to remove negative energy from the home.

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What to Eat and What not to Eat During Savan Month? - Astro Upay

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Do not eat eggplant in savan. It is considered impure as per the savan month. It is beneficial to eat eggplant in summer. There are more worms in monsoon. Eggplant becomes impure in monsoon. White color worms are found in eggplant. Therefore, every stuff that gets worm it should be avoided. Wash the guava and eat it. Do not eat spinach in savan.

Do not use juicy food, spices and ghee stuff in savan. Food gives benefit if you eat according to season. Do not eat yogurt in savan. Do not intake curry in savan. People who suffer with breath, cold, cough and stomach problem they should avoid having curry. Do not eat meat-fish in savan. Do not eat onion and garlic in savan. Avoid having rice at night in savan. If you eat rice then put clove in it.

In savan, the function of liver becomes weak. The moisture increase and mind remains disturbed. It is beneficial to eat maize seeds. You can fry the maize and put lemon on it. You can also boil maize and put lemon and salt on it. Extract the maize seeds and boil it. When it becomes dry then mix ghee in it.

You can mix black salt in maize. Black salt avoids bile problem. Maize seeds are very beneficial for pregnant women and children. Maize seed contains vitamin B12. It strengthens bones and body becomes strong. Mix maize seeds in milk and drink it. It gives benefit. It also increases the thinking ability. One can do hard work.

Maize seeds are beneficial for anemia patient. Maize contains folic acid therefore, it makes body strong. Maize strengthens body and bones. Children and elders should eat maize seeds. It gives benefit. Mix cow ghee and sugar in maize seeds. Grind the seed and eat them. Many people suffer with eye disease. Maize is beneficial to strengthen eyes. Prepare thick gravy of potato. Fry the potato and maize differently. Mix potato and maize in gravy.

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Astro upay for Quick Marriage in Sawan Month

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In horoscope, fire or air element has more amounts out of five elements. Therefore, Moon, Venus or Jupiter becomes weak. Due to Mangal dosha or graham yoga or inauspicious planets in eighth or twelfth house or weak seventh house creates problem in getting married.

In the month of savan, water element is strong. It is the main factor of family life. Mangal dosha, graham yoga or delay marriage can be avoided in the month of savan. Lord Shiva is the main god in savan month. One can change the luck by worshiping. One can get early marriage and avoid problem from marital life by worshiping lord Shiva and Parvati.

Wear yellow clothes in savan month daily. Offer one garland to Shiva-Parvati. Worship lord Shiva-Parvati in evening. Chant “Om Gauri Sankaraya Namah” for 108 times. Do this remedy for continuous nine days of savan.

Between 18 and 24: Worship god wearing yellow color clothes. Offer fragrance on Shivaling. Then, offer water. Chant “Om Parvatipataye Namah” for 108 times. This fulfills your desire. Do his remedy for continuous nine days of savan.

Above 30: Take 108 belpatra. Write Ram with sandalwood on belpatra. Offer every belpatra on Shivaling. Chant “Om Namah Shivay” while offering belpatra. Do this remedy on every Monday of savan. One easily gets married.

Good Luck: Use less milk in the month of savan. This creates gout problem.

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Solve Children's Problem in Sawan Month - Astro Upay

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Sawan Month
Study: If children cannot get concentration in study then child can offer sandalwood and water on Shivaling. Also, apply sandalwood on child’s forehead. Do this remedy at least for 7 days. Avoid giving meat to child.

Food: Child can offer red flower and jaggery to Hanuman. Child should eat jaggery. Start this remedy on any day in savan month. Do this remedy at least one month.

Bad Company: Child should offer water under peeple tree. Put sandalwood water in child’s bathing water. Child should avoid wearing black clothes. Start this remedy from savan month and do it for long time.

Disturb Mind: Child should donate yogurt. Child should do turmeric or saffron tilak daily. Start this remedy on savan month and do it at least for one month.

Good Luck: Help at least one person during a day. This avoids big trouble and you will get solution of every problem.

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