Astrological Remedies of Having Good Friends - Friendship Day

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Is your children or brother/sister having bad friends or he/she is growing kid? here is astrological remedies for you to how should be friends of your children. Read the astrological remedies of having good friends.

How Should be your Friends - Astrology Benefits of Good Friends

Astrology Benefits of Good Friends

Children get emotional development from their friends. There are such lines under the finger of Mercury then they get such friends who spoil their image and they have to suffer. If there is such lines on first finger then child get such friends whom he depends too much. They break their trust.

Children whose Mercury and Mars are very weak they do not get good friends. Children does not get good friends due to the effect of Saturn and Rahu on second, fourth and fifth place. The main planet is also responsible for that. Children can do “Om Ram Rahvey Namah” regularly. It will remove the problems.

You can encourage child to make friends and sharing. You can take to the good program and group gathering. It removes his loneliness.

You can discuss your goals to the child and encourage them to achieve those goals. You have to encourage the children to go in their group.

Take 3 Gomati chakra and make one pendant in gold, brass, silver or copper and wear it in throat. You have to use black or white threat.

Remedy: Children should not become too much personal with any friends. You can wear seeds of papaya in black clothes in throat.

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Saturn Turn Directs in Libra (July 21, 2014) - Astro Upay

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On this month, this is 4ht biggest event in astrology world, this time Saturn turn directs in libra from 21st July, 2014. You must know the importance of Saturn in our life, it is one of the important planet of our life, one or other way.

Saturn Turn Directs in Libra (July 21, 2014) - Astro Upay

Saturn Turn Directs in Libra
Below are the effects on all zodiac signs on moon sign based. Check out the below remedy and predictions.

Aries: - It’s favorable for you people, your problems will be reduced, if you are unemployed than you will get job, your daily livelihood will improve. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily, it will good for you.

Taurus: - you may find some health related issues, It is advisable to follow health routine, do maintain time with family,  there are some changes are going to happen as per your expectation. If you find some problem, then do offer water to pipal tree, on Saturdays.

Gemini: - Oh, some surprise profit in business – job is waiting for you, if is there any waiting payment from long time, it will come to you by now, you will get appreciation from your senior staff. Do donate black blankets to poor people.

Cancer: - you may get transfer in your job or you may be moved to another place for business, but you have to wait bit more to get fulfillment of your desire. Do donate black urad to needy.

Leo:- it will benefiting event for you. More profits flowing in business for you, you will get more fame and name. More happiness coming to you place, you may get new projects.  Fill mustard oil in a bowl and see your face in it. Donate this oil later on Saturdays.

Virgo:-  There may be shortage of happiness in your life, drive carefully and make new investment wisely. Do apply sindur tilak on every Tuesday and Saturday.

Libra:- you may     go against your near one, don’t do any unauthorized work in your hand. Do offer blue flowers to lord shiva on every Saturday.

Scorpio:- You may find new hurdles in your work, your daily routine, you may face disturbance in day to day life. There may be some difference with your family and friends, keep checking your expense, you are exceeding. Do respect elders and do offer water to shivlinga.

Sagittarius:- it is time to maintain good relation with elders, brothers. Do think before making investment or taking debts. You may get some health issues, do take care of it. Do offer blue flowers to lord shani on every Saturday.

Capricorn:- you may feel down sometimes with matter of jobs and business. Don’t take decision in hurry, Stay alert with strangers for making any kind of business. Do offer sindur and jasmine oil to lord hanuman.

Aquarius:- your new plans are going to succeed. Your new work completion will make your feel good, you may get transfer with promotion in job. Offer grass to cow, black cow on Saturday.

Pisces:-  you need take patience in every kind of work, whether it is business or job or anything. Drive carefully; work hard, success is coming to you.

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All about Kaal Sarp Yog - Astro Upay

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Are you afraid of Kaal Sarp Yog? Here is all the details about the kaal sarp yog, no need to worry for kaal sarp yog. Learn more about Kaal Sarp Yog in astrology upay.

All the thing you need to know about Kaal Sarp Yog - Astro Upay

Kaal Sarp Yog

Person’s life can be known by studying good and bad luck in astrology. In astrology there is one bad yog included which is Kaal Sarp yog. People who believe they say that it creates problem in life and person get failure.

It is belief that Kaal Sarp yog occurs when Rahu and Ketu’s every planet come in one way or any planets come between Rahu-Ketu. Anant, Kulik, Vasuki, Shankhchun, Takshak, Padma and Karkotak are Kaal Sarp yog. 

Different type of Kaal Sarp yog gives very bad results. It creates problem relating to money, career, defame and marriage. This yog gives only failure.

The main pundits of astrology has never describe about Kaal Sarp yog. They have only described Sarp yog. Kaal Sarp yog or Sarp yog describes about the secrets of birth chart but it does not affect anyone. The influence of Rahu is important but not Kaal Sarp yog. The influence of Rahu-Ketu is like shadow. This yog makes person super and important so that you do not have worry about it.

If it is in your birth chart then it shows your culture of your past birth and relates to Rahu. Rahu’s different position creates ups and down in life. You have to do remedy for Rahu. Do not afraid of Kaal Sarp yog. It gives maximum benefit. You have to save from threat and keep your culture clean.

Do not do unnecessary worship for Kaal Sarp yog. Rahu’s affect starting from the mouth.

Advice: You have to eat Tulsi after brushing your teeth. You have to add Gaumutra in bathing water. You can chant “Om Bhram Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahvey Namah” every evening.

Good Luck: If you have obesity then you have to press and do massage the middle side of the ears for 5 minutes. 

You have to do massage on the below part of the ear for 5 minutes. You have to do this in morning and evening. You will get rid of from obesity.

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Unique Tips to Identify Problems - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

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Do you feel somethings some illusion about to happen something wrong? here are some tips by astro uncle to identify problems on bad time.

Unique Tips to Identify Problems - Astro Uncle Ke Upay

Identify Problems

God give us sign when something goes wrong. It is depending on us whether we can know it or not.

If there is spot on luck line or it becomes light then there might be some problem occurs. The luck will decrease. You may lose your opportunity. You have to do such remedy to give strength to Moon. You have to work hard and do not do arrogance. 

You have to make good relation with mother. You have to serve your mother. If she does not stay with you then you can call them and take care of her. If this is not possible then you can also donate milk products and bow to such women or elder women who are close to you.

If you have pain in legs then you can do massage with mild hot eucalyptus oil. You will get benefit.

If you have conflicts in home on small topic then it indicates that you may have serious problem in future. You have to serve cow, dog and crow for 5 Amavashya. You have to avoid conflict. You have to keep water on north side. You have to light lamp in the evening. It vanish the conflict.

If your home remains unordered then it indicates you may have problems. You have to keep your home in order. You have to remove unused stuff from your home. You will get peace and anxiety removes.

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Important Effects of Mercury of on your Life - Astro Upay

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What are the importance of Mercury planet and its effects on your life.Here is detail post on how to improve mercury planet (budh grah) so you can improve your life style.

Important Effects of Mercury of on your Life - Astro Upay

Effects of Mercury of on your Life
Mercury is the soft and beautiful planet compared to other planets. It is also called as crown prince. It has earth element. It the owner of Virgo and Gemini sign. Mercury is the factor of knowledge, concentration, speech, skin, beauty and aroma. It is also factor of nose, ear and throat.

Knowledge gets power due to Mercury. One can get success in mathematical and financial matters. If Mercury is weak then one has skin problems. Their skin of face gets dull. A person have allergy of cold-cough. They take time to understand the situation. Their memory power becomes weak. They forget the things. They face ups-down regarding money. If Mercury is bad then person may have habit of fraud and duplicity.

Children have problems relating to nose, ears if their Mercury is weak. You have to take care of their food habits. Parents have to push their children to eat green vegetables and fresh food. They have to concentrate on their behavior. They have to chant mantra of Mercury. They get success.

A person whose Mercury is good they are vibrant. Their face have glow. They are apt and always say clear. They understand easily and remember for a long time. They loves aroma and keep away themselves from stink. They get more success in the field of finance, consulting and management. They have good power of express. They are devotee of lord Ram, Krishna or Vishnu.

You have to keep away yourself from stink. You can use aroma. You can also use light green color. Female have to use less cosmetics. A person has to use more green vegetables. You can wear ring of bell metal in last finger of left hand on Wednesday. You can worship lord Vishnu and Krishna. You can chant of “Om Bum Budhay Namah” mantra 108 times every day in the morning.

Children who are active in the sports their Mercury is also good. Mercury is the owner of speech. A person having good Mercury in birth chart they can get success in the field of music. They have good knowledge of instruments. They can also get success in finance, marketing and management field.

Advice: When you lose your important stuff then take white handkerchief. Keep one rupee coin the center and covered it by four corners. You have to keep this handkerchief at worship place. You will find your lost stuff in 24 hours.

Good Luck: If you want good success by doing less work then you have to seat facing north side during lunch/dinner. Do not wash hands or mouth in dish as it increase the poverty.

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How your Planets Relates Good Sleep - Astro Upay

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In today's Astrology Upay, learn how you can improve your Planets with Good Sleep. It has been said by astrologer that if you take good sleep, you can improve your planets easily. Lets learn more about it, in today's astro upay.

How your Planets Relates Good Sleep - Astro Upay

How your Planets Relates Good Sleep

Sleep is necessary for everyone. Without or less sleep person have disease. From birth chart one can see happiness of sleep and bad comfort from Lagan, Chaturth, Eighth and second place.

Moon, Venus and Mercury has relations with sleep. Water and Air sign are also relates to sleep. 2, 4 and 8 relates to sleep. 

Person gets good sleep if Moon and Mercury is on good place. Person also get good sleep if water part and good planets in eight place.

People having Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sign get good sleep. Those who have source of water near their home they get good sleep.

Person does not get sleep if Moon or Venus is weak. If Mercury is also weak then a person cannot get sleep. If fire and earth element is main then also it creates problem in sleep. 

Physical problem due to Mars also affect the sleep. If your number is 3, 7 and 9 then also you may have sleep problem.

The color of bed room should be light cream, green or pink. You have to use light aroma in bed room. Do not keep heavy stuffs under the bed. You have to wear silver in throat. Do not use red tilak.

You have to keep water in urn while sleeping and offer it to the plants in the morning. You have to use those bed rooms which have proper light of Sun and Moon.

Advice: Parents can take yellow image of Lord Ganesh and established in the home. You have to offer turmeric and laddoo on Thursday. Children can listen their advice.

Good Luck: Male who cannot get marry they have to take white American diamond and establish in silver ring. It should be wear on Friday evening in index finger of left hand.

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How Education Subjects Related to Planets - Astro Upay

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Which subject is connected to which star and how. Which subject work for your success. Check new astrology upay for How your stars are connected to different subjects.

How Education Subjects Related to Planets - Astro Upay

Education Subjects Related to Planets

Commerce (Accounts): The education of commerce mainly depends on Mercury. The subjects of accounts in commerce have relationship with Mercury. If your Mercury is good then you can understand easily. 

If person is talkative and spontaneous they are good in accounts. If you have problems in accounts then you have to eat more green vegetables and fruits.

Commerce (Theory): To having strong theoretical knowledge one’s Mercury and Jupiter should be good. Those who are talkative, fatty, eat sweets more their Mercury and Jupiter both would be strong. 

They are good in theoretical subjects in commerce. If you have problems then you have to dainty Laddoo to lord Ganesh on Wednesday.

Law: Law has relationship with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. We have to check many characteristic for this. A person who is little fatty and good personality they are perfect for the law. 

If you have problems then you have to do fast and see hanuman on Saturday.

Science: Science is the main subject of Sun. Some part of it also relates to Mars and Moon. Person who are hard working by nature and responsible they have strong Sun. 

They get benefit by studying science. If you face problem in science then you have to offer water to lord Sun and eat jaggery.

Mathematics: Normal mathematics comes from Mercury and complicated mathematics comes from Mars. Those who have courage, thin and young they have good Mercury and Mars.

They can perform well in maths. If you are facing problems in this subject then you have to eat lady finger and green pepper.

English: Children who comes from rural background they find difficulty to understand English. Any foreign language can be learned by Rahu-Ketu and sometimes by Saturn. 

Those who have arrogance and rude speech they have good Rahu-Ketu. They can learn any foreign language easily. If you are facing in English language then you have use blue color and eat foreign food.

Advice: If you are businessman and do not get success then you have to keep image of goddess Laxmi who is seating on lotus. You have to offer rose every day in the morning.

Good Luck: You have to offer mala of Tulsi’s leaf. It vanish the diseases and accidents.

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