50+ Astrology Remedies to get Grace of Goddess Lakshmi

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The festival of lamp, Diwali, will be celebrated on next week dated Thursday 23rd October 2014. There will be worship of goddess Lakshmi. If one can worship in proper way then he will get good money till the next Diwali. According to scripture, there are few measures which can be done on Diwali and get grace of goddess Lakshmi.

Do this 50+ Astrology Remedies to get grace of goddess Lakshmi

goddess Lakshmi
Here we will tell you more than 50 measures to get grace of goddess Lakshmi. Anyone can do this. You can do many measure or 5 measures.

1.    Worship the image of Mahalakshmi in which she is seating near the legs of lord Vishnu. You can get immediate grace by worshiping this image.

2.    Keep supari in Lakshmi Poojan. Keep red thread on supari and offer rice, kumkum, flower and other worship stuff. Keep this supari in your locker after worshiping.

3.    Light oil lamp on Diwali and add clove in it and do aarti of Hanuman. You can also keep this lamp in any Hanuman temple.

4.    Light oil lamp at corner and come home in the night. Do not look back while coming to home.

5.    Make necklace from the leafs of ashok tree and tie up it on main entrance. Negative energy will remove from the home by doing this.

6.    Use yellow kaudiya during worship of Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi will impress easily by doing this. Your financial problem will be solved.

7.    Light ghee lamp on the night of Diwali. Keep 9 lamps in it. Light all 9 lamps and worship goddess Lakshmi.

8.    Worship your shop, computer and other stuff, along with Lakshmi Poojan, which are source of your income.

9.    If you see any girl wearing red saree while going out then it indicates that you will get grace of Mahalakshmi. It is the auspicious event. Donate such stuff to that woman whose husband is alive.

10.    Worship Lakshmi and Kuber on Diwali and chant at least 108 times below mantra.: Mantra: Om Yakshya Kuberay Vaishvaya, Dhan-Dhanyadhipataye Dhan-Dhanya Samrudhi Mam Dehi Dapah Swaha

11.    Use Gomati chakra during Lakshmi Poojan. It also gives financial benefits.

12.    Make one rule in Diwali. Server first chapatti to cow whenever you make food in the home.

13.    According to scripture, a person who plants peeple tree he never gets sorrow in his life. He never has shortage of money. You must have to offer water after planting it. When people tree increase the wealth also increase in your home. You have to take care of peeple till it become big so that you can get good benefit.

14.    Stable lagan is considered the best time for Lakshmi Poojan. By worshiping on this time Mahalakshmi permanently stays in your home.

15.    Go to lord Shiva’s temple and offer rice on Shivaling. Keep in mind that whole rice can be finished. Do not offer half rice on Shivaling.

16.    Light a lamp under the peeple tree near your home. You have to do this measure on Diwali night. Keep in mind after lighting a lamp do not turn back and speak anything.

17.    Keep open the main door till late night on Diwali if possible. It is belief that Mahalakshmi comes on earth and goes to their devotee’s home.

18.    Keep one coconut and offer rice, kumkum, flower on it and also keep it during Lakshmi Poojan.

19.    You must have to buy brush on Diwali. Clean your home with new brush. When you do not use it you have to hide it in your home.

20.    It is the new moon day and you must have to offer water to the peeple tree. The bad effect of Saturn and Kalsarpdosh will vanish by doing this.

21.    Wake up early in the morning on Diwali and add raw milk and gangajal in bathing water.

22.    Wear clean and good clothes and offer water to the sun after taking bath. Offer red flower to the sun.

23.    Donate grains to pundit or needy person. You can also donate clothe with grains.

24.    Take 11 leaf of peeple and write Shri Ram on it. You can use sandal to write Ram name. You can get good result if you do this action seating under peeple tree. Make necklace after writing the name and offer it to lord Hanuman.

25.    Lord Hanuman is considered as easily praised god in kalyuga. To get his grace there are many measures. You can get good result by chanting Hanuman Chalisa seating under peeple tree.

26.    Peeple tree is the Ramban to remove bad effect of Saturn. To get good result in Sade Sati and Daiyaa you must have to offer water to the peeple tree and take 7 round of it. You can also light a lamp under the peeple tree in evening.

27.    Offer Durva to lord Ganesh. You can offer 21 knots of Durva to lord Ganesh to get good result. You can also get grace of Ganesh and Mahalakshmi by doing this measure on Diwali.

28.    Do tilak of saffron when you go outside from the home. Do this every day. You will get grace of Mahalakshmi.

29.    Donate black blankets to poor on Diwali. The bad effect of Saturn, Rahu-Ketu will vanish and obstacles remove during the work.

30.    Keep Dakshnivarti shell while worshiping Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi likes this shell very much. You will get peace and happiness by worshiping it.

31.    Maintain peace in the home during all 5 days of Diwali. Do not make conflicts. Goddess Lakshmi leaves on that home where there is peace.

32.    Take one rupee coin from Kinner on Diwali and keep it with you. You will get good result.

33.    Mantra of Mahalakshmi: Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamale Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Om Mahalakshmaye Namah

34.    Chant this mantra. Use the rosary of Kamalghata to chant the mantra. Chant at least 108 times this mantra on Diwali.

35.    Light incense stick and lamp in front of Shri Yantra. Seat on bench of Kush facing east side. Then worship Shri Yantra and chant “Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Kamale Kamlalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Om Mahalakshmaye Namah“ with rosary of Kamalghata.

36.    Donate brush in any temple. If there is a Mahalakshmi temple near your home then donate rose incense stick to the temple.

37.    Make the image of Swastika at the main entrance. Write Shubh-Labh with kumkum on both sides.

38.    You will always get grace of lord Ganesh if you keep his image on Diwali. Family members will not have to face shortage of money.

39.    Keep the knot of turmeric in Lakshmi Poojan. Once the Poojan is finished keep this knot at the place where you keep your money.

40.    Feed small ball of flour to fish in the pond or lake if possible. According to scripture many bad effects vanish by doing this remedy.

41.    Light a lamp near the plant of Basil on Diwali. Offer cloth to the basil.

42.    Buy crystal’s Shri Yantra on Diwali. Keep it in your locker by covering it with red cloth. You will not have shortage of money.

43.    Offer water to the Shivaling in copper urn in the Diwali’s morning. If you add saffron it would be great.

44.    You can keep red cloth in your locker if you want to save more money. The saving will increase by keeping this. Keep the image of Mahalakshmi in which she is seating.

45.    Tie up 3 Gomati chakra, 3 yellow kaudiya and 3 knot of turmeric in yellow cloth. Keep this pack in your locker. You will get good money.

46.    If you are facing any financial problems then do this measure in any auspicious time. Take a leaf of peeple tree. Write a name of Shri Ram on that leaf with kumkum or sandal. Keep sweet on the leaf and offer it to the lord Hanuman. You will also get good financial benefit by doing this remedy.

47.    You must have to clean your home on every new moon day. Do light, lamp and mediation after cleaning the home. The atmosphere in the home will be sacred and good.

48.    Donate such stuff to the woman whose husband is alive. Goddess Lakshmi will impress immediate and problems relating to money can be solved. You should do this measure on every week.

49.    If one established small Shivaling under the peeple tree o Diwali then he will never face any problem. If he is facing serious problems then also it will remove. You must have to worship Shivaling once you established under the peeple tree. Poor also become rich by doing this measure.

50.    Keep Lakshmi Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Shri Yantra in Poojan. If you have crystal’s Shri Yantra then you will get good result. You also have to worship coconut, Dakshnivarti shell and Hathajodi.

51.    You have to chant ShriShukat and Kanakdhara Strot on Diwali. You can also do Ramraksha Strot or Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand.

52.    You have to offer basil’s leaf to Mahalakshmi. You have to keep light should be on right side, incense stick on left side, flower should be in front and dainty should be on south side in plate while doing Lakshmi Poojan.

53.    You have to ring shell and bell in each room after doing Lakshmi Poojan. Negative energy and penury go out from the home. The goddess Lakshmi comes in home.

54.    Do not offence any elders and you should touch their legs by bowing them. Take blessing from them. Many big problems can be removed by doing this.

55.    Make a rule from the day of Diwali that you must have to see your palms immediately after waking up in the morning.

Diwali Puja Muhurat 2014 - Auspicious time for Diwali Pujan

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This post will provide you Diwali Puja Murhat, On which time should we do pooja for Diwali Festival, Laxmi Puja time 2014 and  Auspicious time for Diwali Pujan.

Diwali Puja Muhurat 2014 - Auspicious time for Diwali Pujan

Diwali Puja Muhurat 2014
Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindu community and celebrated with great zeal. However, it is celebrated everywhere in the world. People celebrate it with their different customs. In India every state has their own customs and they do follow it.

It is the festival of five days, five days of long festival and each day a special importance. Starting form ‘Dhanteras’, ‘Kali Chaudash’, ‘Diwali day’, ‘New Year’, ‘Bhaiduj’ are the five days of Diwali.

People do believe in muhurat for Diwali and they always look for the muhurat on Diwali and do puja according to those timings. The muhurat differs every year. There are some sacraments that are followed on Diwali.

Diwali Puja Muhurat 2014 - Auspicious time for Diwali Pujan

Diwali muhurat for 23rd October, 2014 – There are several provisions on which the Diwali puja is done. It is essential to do the puja fixed ascendant. It is said in scriptures that Diwali puja can be performed in those specified ascendants which are fixed. Let’s take a look at this year’s Diwali ascendants and positive timings for Diwali 2014.

Pradosh Kaal Muhurat

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 18:56 to 20:14 
Duration = 1 Hour 17 Mins 
Pradosh Kaal = 17:39 to 20:14 
Vrishabha Kaal = 18:56 to 20:52

Mahanishita Kaal Muhurat

Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 23:39 to 24:31+ *(without sthir lagna)
Duration = 0 Hours 51 Mins
Mahanishita Kaal = 23:39 to 24:31+
Simha Kaal = 25:27+ to 27:44+

Transform this Diwali in a different way of celebration and do something new this Diwali that brings happiness and cheerfulness in your life. Spread love and keep away evil spirits from your house. Enjoy the festival of lights with exchanging gifts to each other and be blessed with blessings of goddess Lakshmi. We wish a very happy Diwali 2014!

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8 Places Where You have to Light a Lamp in Diwali Festival

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Diwali is the best night to convince goddess Laxmi. According to scripture, goddess Laxmi visits on the earth. So there are many ways to convince the goddess. From ancient times people light a lamp on such places to get special grace of goddess Laxmi. Let us know where you have to light a lamp in Diwali night so that the problem relating to money can be solved.

8 Places Where You have to Light a Lamp in Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival
Below is the list of 8 places where you have to light a lamp on this diwali to bring happiness and to worship goddess lakshmi.
  1. Light a lamp under the peeple tree and come at home. Do not look back after lighting the lamp. The problem relating to money can be solved by doing this.
  2. If it is possible then light a lamp in any graveyard. If this is not possible then you can light a lamp at any temple which is at lonely place.
  3. You must have to light a lamp on the both sides of your entrance at home on Diwali night.
  4. You can also light a lamp at the corner near the home. The problem relating to money can be solved by doing this.
  5. You can light a lamp at your worship place in the home. You should take care of that it cannot be over. Goddess Laxmi become happy by doing this.
  6. Light a lamp under the bail tree on the Diwali evening. Lord Shiva likes the leaf of bail. You can get his grace by doing this.
  7. Light a lamp in the temple which is near to your home. You can get grace of all the god-goddess by doing this.
  8. You have to light a lamp in your compound. Keep in mind that it should light whole night.
Some Remedies for Diwali related things...

Remedy of Black Sesame on Diwali: Worship lord Shiva on Diwali. If you are not able to worship him completely then do one remedy. Take jar with full of water and add black sesame in it. Pour this water on Shivaling by chanting “Om Namah Shivay”. Keep in mind that flow of water would be low and chant the mantra. You can get more benefit by chanting Mahamrutanajay mantra. You must have to offer bail leaf and flower to Shivaling. You must have to do this every day. You may get good result by doing this.

Remedy for Hanuman on Diwali: Wake up early in the morning and complete your schedule and do this remedy. Take 11 leaf of peeple and write “Shri Ram” on it. You can use sandal to write Ram name. You will get quick result if you do this seating under peeple tree. After writing the name make necklace of it and offer it to lord Hanuman. Hanuman considered as the easily praised god in Kalyuga. There are many ways to get grace of him. You can also get good result by chanting Hanuman Chalisa seating under the peeple tree.

Remedy in the middle of diwali’s night: You have to make your body clean and clear means you should take bath on Diwali night. Take Rakatchandan, Raktvastra, Raktabhusan, Raktpushp, fruit, navidya, fragrance, good stuff and worship goddess Durga, Laxmi and Sarswati. This worship fulfills all your desire and saves you from the problems. You can get all the stuff from spiritual place.

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Top 5 Vastu tips to get Prosperity and Happiness in this Diwali 2014

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Providing Top 5 best Vastu tips to get prosperity and happiness this Diwali 2014 in most easiest way. just follow it, and get maximum benefit in this Diwali 2014. 

Astro uncle ke upay main aaj hai Vastu tips jo ki aap is diwali main kar sakte hai. Ye upay karne se aapko sukh, dhan or bohot sari safalta milegi. To try kijiye ye Astro uncle ke vastu upay Diwali ke liye, or baki logo ko bhi bataye.

Diwali is called the festival of lights! It is celebrated all over the world with a great enthusiasm. It is also called ‘Deepavali’. The festival of lights brings lots of happiness and people welcome it with inclination. 

Are you excited for this Diwali?Do you wish that god increase your prosperity and happiness this Diwali?Here are some vastu tips that work efficiently.

Why We Need to focus on Vastu in this Diwali?

Well, its good to focus on Vastu, as Vastu is the direct proportion to wealth, prosperity and happiness of your home. Making such easy vastu tips applicable in your home can give you more and more benefits. 

Do follow the below mentioned Vastu tips, apply it and see the change. I bat it will be positive, you will observe the change for sure.

Top 5 Vastu Tips to Do in This Festival Days - Diwali 2014

1. Most of you are going to clean your home this diwali, so while you do cleanness of your home, Do this one. This Diwali move 27 things of your house and mark changes in your life.Moving 27 things will bring variations in your wealth and bliss.

2. Throw away all that things which are unnecessary and make a way to put new things in house.By doing this you will feel revolution in your life.

3. Put a water fountain in north direction or east or south as it will be really valuable. It is said that fresh water is a sign of virtuous health. However, you need to keep in mind that the water fountain must be balanced in size of your room. You can place waterfall of water outside your front door and put it on right-hand side of door.

4. Make your home shining by light up lamps as it is the main thing we do in Diwali so, evil (lord) spirits keeps away from our house and goddess Lakshmi brings wealth in our life.Your home must look brighter with lighting and twinkling diyas.

5. According to, vastu it is good to purchase gold and silver coins for gifting your dear ones. It increases prosperity and cheerfulness in your life. The coins which you use for pooja should be wrapped in red cloth with golden strings. It is said that they are the blessings of goddess Lakshmi and sign of good luck for whole year.

If you follow such vastu tips you will be noticing many new things happening in your life that brings joy and fortune. Hope this tips will help you this diwali, not only diwali, but you can do it in normal days too. 

Expect the Lamps and lighting, you can do keep clean your house, purchase of Gold and Silver coin, Put a water fountain and Throw away unnecessary things can defiantly going to help you out, for sure!

Did you liked this? then please share it, Share it to maximum as much as you can, so maximum people get benefit from this. Facebook share, Twitter tweet, Google+ share anything you can do will work.

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Diwali 2014 Puja Vidhi - Diwali 2014 ki Pooja Kaise Karein?

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This post will give you how to do Diwali puja vidhi. Diwali is going to celebrated on 23rd October, 2014. Do check the Shubh Diwali Murhat and Do this Puja Vidhi as mentioned below.Do perform this Puja Vidhi on the day of Diwali to get more benefits from Your Isht Dev.

Jin logo ko pata nahi hai ki Diwali ki puja kaise or kis tarah karein, unke liye ye article likha gaya hai taki sahi tarike se puja vidhi karein or adhik se adhik labh liya jayein. Diwali Puja ka sahi murhat hum bata hi chuke hai, isie samay pe ye puja vidhi karein.

Diwali 2013 Puja Vidhi - Diwali 2013 ki Puja Kaise Karein?

Diwali is the festival of lights and brings lots of happiness, blessings, wealth at home. It is the festival of five days and during the Diwali days Diwali puja is done to welcome goddess Lakshmi at home. Numerous rituals and traditions are followed on Diwali. Moreover, some people get confuse on how to do Diwali puja? What is the procedure to do it? Here we will help you to understand the vidhi of it.

What we need for Diwali puja 2014?

To perform Diwali puja the following ingredients are used and it is available in market or shops.

You need turmeric (haldi) 1 spoon, kumkum powder 1 spoon, agarbatti or dhoop sticks 4 sticks, flowers, kalash, chandan powder 1 spoon, bell of puja, oil lamp, puja plate, rice 1 cup, ghee lamp, camphor dhoop patra, camphor 1 packet, curd 1 cup, milk 1 cup, ghee 1 cup, honey 1 cup, paper roll, sugar 1 cup, goddess Lakshmi idol, 5 coins, some spoons, some paper plates, lord ganesha idol, betel nuts 1 packets, few paper plates, betel leaves, red or white new cloth, banana 1 dozen, sweets, and homemade Prasad.

Diwali 2014 Puja Vidhi

Now, to begin puja you need to take bath first as purification of body is required to perform puja. Wear new cloths, collect Diwali puja items at the place you are going to do puja. During puja your face should be in the east direction. Now, put peetham on the place of puja and spread cloth on it. Put goddess Lakshmi’s idol on it and lit oil lamps on both the sides. Lit incense sticks on the right side of the idol. Make ready a plate with chandan, haldi, coins, kumkum, betel nuts and leaves. 

Place banana and Prasad on side. Then, take 1 cup of rice and mix the turmeric powder it. Now scatter water drops on it mix again. It’s called ‘akshata’. Put flowers on your right side and akshata in the plate. Prepare the kalash filled with water on your left side and pachapatram. Now, take paper napkins and keep lord ganesha idol, goddess Lakshmi idol, and coins in the right side.

After doing these all begin mantra, deep sthapana, aachamanam, pranayama, avinghnamastu, Lakshmi puja, and then mahalakshmi aarti at the end! May goddess Lakshmi and lord ganesha bless you and gives you wealth and joy!

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Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan - Diwali 2014 - Laxmi Pujan to Attract Wealth

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Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindu community and celebrated everywhere with great enthusiasm.People celebrate this festival of lights with their different rituals.They lit diyas in their house and keep away the evil spirits to enter in the house.Moreover, Lakshmi puja is done in Diwali to welcome goddess Lakshmi in the house and get blessings.

Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan - Diwali 2014 - Laxmi Pujan to Attract Wealth

Kafi logo ki request pe aaj post karte hai, kaise karein lakshmi puja is diwali pe. Taki aapke ghar sansar main paiso ki barish ho, lakshmi ji prashann ho, or jyada se jyada wealth badhe. To janiye Astro uncle ke upay se Lakshmi punjan ka sahi tarika.

Step By Step Guide for Laxmi Puja - Lakshmi pujan - Diwali 2013 - Laxmi Pujan to Attract Wealth

To attract Laxmiji on this diwali, your house must be super clean and pure, even on all of the days of Festivals. Laxmiji like to visit clean house with pureness, as they like to visit the home with freshness and which have sparking lights, Diyas and Lamps. It means your home should have that kind of environment that one would like to stay.

As many of our fans and visitor has requested, here is the step by step guide to do Lakshmi Puja for Diwali to attract Laxmiji and get maximum benefit of diwali Puja. You can also check the Best time to do Diwali Puja (Diwali Murhat).

How to do Lakshmi puja/Diwali puja?

-First of all take a green or red new cloth and spread on the table you are going to do puja. Place grains in the center and put kalash or lota on it.Pour ¾ water, betel nut, flower, coin, and some rice grains in it.Organize five different kinds of leaves in kalash.
- Put a small dish to cover the kalash and pour rice grains over it.Now draw a lotus using turmeric powder over rice grains and put the idol of goddess Lakshmi with coins.

-It is necessary to put kalash in south-west direction and place idol of lord Ganesha with ink and books which are related to your business or job or school on the table.

-Now, lit a lamp and incense sticks to begin puja with offering kumkum, flowers, and haldi near kalash. Scatter some gangajal on all the puja apparatuses which means you purified them.

-‘Panchamitra ‘is made of 5 ingredients including milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar. It is given after the puja is completed. Now begin with ganesha pujan as ganesh puja is done first in Diwali and he is considered as the lord of knowledge and remover of all the problems.

-Now, start the Lakshmi matras and pray to goddess Lakshmi by offering fruits and flowers. After that put idol of goddess Lakshmi in plate and wash it with panchamrit and the water comprising some gold coins and water. After cleaning place it back to kalash.

-Give haldi, kumkum, sandal paste and garland to goddess Lakshmi. Respect the books and ink and open the first page of books and write ‘subh labh’ on it with making swastika.

-It is now time to wash the gold and silver coin with panchamrit and water. Give patasha and puffed rice to god. Perform the aarti and distribute Prasad to all your family members.

So, now you know how to do the Lakshmi puja, what things needed to do lakshmi puja on the day of Diwali, festival of lights. I would like to request all of you to please share this to all your friends and family, as many of our friends and family member used to do things really bad, not exactly the way it should be done. So, please share and do it in proper way. Doing it wrong way lead to many problems.

Lakshmi puja is done on the day of Diwali and this year it will be done on 3rd November the Diwali day. Happy Diwali!

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How to Manage Friendship with Important Work - Astro Uncle

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There are sometimes in life where you have to manage important work as well as the friendship. You can not ignore your friends as they are going to be with you in your good time as well as in bad time. So, here is some astrology tips to follow for how to manage friendship with important work.

How to Manage Friendship with Important Work - Astro Uncle

Manage Friendship
Friends give support in every mode of life whether it is happiness or sorrow. Then question arise whether one need support in exams.

You should think before making friendship and behavior during exams. It may be caused of waste of time. There must be a limit in friendship else you may have problems with it. Do not make friendship for your selfishness. You should see sun in the morning during exams.

You have to make agenda during exams if you study in a group. Peel off 5 Supari form your head. You must have to do yagna of your deity and offer those Supari in it.

You can offer flowers to the Sun. Peel off rice from your head and donate it to the poor. Donate your old clothes and shoes.

You do not get good result if your sun is good and you study with a person whose sun is weak. A person whose Jupiter is good he has to study with those sun and moon are good so that he can get good result.

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