Sun enters in Scorpio Sign - Check Impact On Your Zodiac Sign

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Sun enters in Scorpio Sign
The transit of Sun will come on 16th November. The Sun will enter in Scorpio sign and stays in same zodiac for one month.

Aries: Aries zodiac can face health problem. They can face some opponents. They also face some financial losses.

Taurus: The transit of Sun is beneficial for their professional life. Taurus zodiac perform very well at work place. However, they can face some problem in personal life.

Gemini: Gemini zodiac can get benefit from their efforts. They can defeat the opponents and move forward. They can face some small problem. Their health remains good. The financial condition will improve. The prosperity will increase.

Cancer: During the transit of Sun, Cancer zodiac can get financial benefit. However, they can face some problem in love relationship. There are yoga of job change.

Leo: The material happiness will increase. The social prestige will also increase. However, Leo zodiac can face some problem in personal life.

Virgo: During the transit of Sun, Virgo zodiac can face some conflict with others. However, they can get some financial benefits.

Libra: Libra zodiac can face health problem. There can be conflict in family. The income will increase after your effort.

Scorpio: Scorpio zodiac can face health problem. There can be up-down in career.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac can face health problem. The expenditure can increase. They can do some mistakes. Therefore, keep patience and take care while doing work.

Capricorn: The transit of Sun is beneficial for Capricorn zodiac. The achievement will increase in career. This will increase your self-confidence. They can get some good news.

Aquarius: During the transit of Sun, Aquarius zodiac can make progress at work place. However, they can face some problem in marital life.

Pisces: The transit of Sun increase struggle of Pisces zodiac. They can face conflict. However, keep calm and face the problem.

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Importance of Laddu in Indian Tradition

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Laddu in Indian Tradition
The god has created laddu with their power in the faith of goddess Parvati. When both Shiva children asked laddu then goddess Parvati asked to prove their superiority. Lord Ganesha proved his superiority and gets that laddu. Since then, laddu or modak offer to lord Ganesha.

The round figure and round seeds of laddu are the symbol of Mercury. The sweetness of laddu relates with Sun-Mars. The fragrance of laddu relates with Moon. The dry fruits in laddu are the symbol of Venus. The yellow color of laddu relates with Jupiter. The unequal seeds control the Rahu-Ketu. Therefore, one laddu controls nine planets. The bundi laddu is beneficial for astrology and planets.

Offer the same number of laddu as age to lord Ganesha. Chant Ganesha “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah” with every laddu. Eat one laddu and donate others. This avoid employment problem. Do this remedy on Wednesday.

Offer one big laddu to lord Ganesha. It is beneficial to take big laddu. Offer it and worship for immediate childbirth. Take four part of laddu. Feed one part to any beast and one part to poor people. Husband-wife should eat the remaining part. This will avoid childbirth problem. Do this remedy on the day of husband birthday.

Offer 108 laddu to lord Ganesha. Chant “Om Ganesha” with every modak. Donate every laddu as sacrament. Do this remedy when you face too much problem due to wealth or debt. You can do this remedy in morning on any day.

Good Luck: In horoscope, if Moon is weak then you should include milk and milk products in your diet. Do not eat fast food.

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Which Things brings Misfortune? - Astro Upay

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Many times our fortune is very good. The horoscope planets and condition of life is very good. However, fortune cannot support on time. This happens due to misfortune in our life. This misfortune is created by us. Many times we do not know the reason. Therefore, we should avoid doing some work and avoid misfortune.

Which Things brings Misfortune? - Astro Upay

Food Items: If you eat food from someone, who does wrong business, then your fortune decrease. Fortune decrease if you eat food at wrong thinking person home. Health decrease if you eat food at bad thinking person’s home. Earning and wealth decrease if you eat food forcefully or free. In these cases, donate food to needy people on Tuesdays. Offer basil leaf to lord Hanuman every morning.

Clothes: Fortune decrease if you wear bad clothes even though you have good clothes. If you donate bad clothes to someone then your fortune decrease. This will reduce your financial condition. In these cases, you should wear clean and good clothes. Offer red clothes to lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Do not donate bad clothes.

Free Gift: Fortuner decrease if you take free clothes, free food items or service without hard work. This affects the fortune. In this case, you should give anything in return. You can donate food and wealth to poor people. This avoids misfortune.

Misconduct: If you deliberately kill fetus. If you misbehave with any women then it affects your fortune. It also stop the growth of offspring. Do not kill fetus until it is the matter of death. Do not misbehave with any women even if it is necessary. If you have kill fetus then you can plant people or banyan tree. This avoids misfortune. Chant Gajendra Moksha every morning. It is beneficial to apologize to the woman whom you have misbehave.

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How Will Changes In Jupiter Affect Your Life? - Astro Upay

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The Jupiter is going to set between 12th November and 10th December. This time is not good for auspicious work. It is not auspicious to set Jupiter during good work. People can face problem in land related work. People can face pique with child. People can face problem in marriage related work. It is not beneficial to change the job. Nuisance will increase in society. The grain stores may face problem. The grain may become costly.

Aries: Health becomes weak. Aries zodiac can face family problem. The luck becomes weak. Do meditation of favored god. Think before doing any work.

Taurus: Take care of head, eyes and stomach. Keep calm in family. Taurus zodiac can face problem in marriage and marital life. Take care of veterans’ health. They can get benefit in employment. Do not keep overconfidence. Business remains weak.

Gemini: They can face neck and waist pain. Self confidence can decrease. The time is not good for health. Take care of family. Take care of speech. They can face problem in business. People can face problem in spiritual and social work. Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspataye Namah”.

Cancer: Cancer zodiac can face disease. Take care of your health. Take care of veterans. They can get sudden financial benefit. They can get benefit after hard work. Donate blankets to needy people.

Leo: Leo zodiac can face stomach problem. The time is good for family. People can face problem in love relationship. The luck is weak. Businessmen can face problem. People can face problem in employment. Cover yellow color thread in right hand’s wrist.

Virgo: Take care of stomach. Virgo zodiac can face problem getting in job. Keep patience. Do not increase enemy. The debt will decrease. Chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah”.

Libra: Libra zodiac can face cough or infection problem. People can get relief from stress. They get normal happiness from family. They can make new relations. They can get wealth. Avoid enemy. Live in the vicinity of idol. Donate food in temple. Chant Gayatri psalm in front of Sun.

Scorpio: Take care of cough problem. They get mental peace. Take care of relations with siblings. Take care of old relations with friends. They may face problem in business and employment. The situation will improve after 12th December. Take advice from veterans.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius zodiac can get fatigue. Take care of speech. They cannot concentrate on work. Take care while driving. They get success after hard work. Take care while making new relations. The fortune will decrease. Chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah”. Cover yellow color thread in right hand’s wrist. You can do turmeric tilak.

Capricorn: The stomach, intestine and urine problem will be solved. Capricorn zodiac can face cough problem. They will get progress. They will get support from friends. They will get benefit in employment. The business can decrease. They can get benefit in finance and foreign journeys. Do not make enemies. Do not take loan. Serve cow.

Aquarius: Aquarius zodiac can face health problem. Family can make progress. They can go away from the home. They can get benefit in education. Take care of health. It is beneficial to invest wealth. People can get benefit from IT sector. The business will improve.

Pisces: Pisces zodiac can face health problem. Take care of liver. They can face family problem. Take care of relations with parents. The time is not good for business. Take decision after consulting. Do savings.

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Astrology Upay For Twins Children - Astro Upay

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The prophecy done when twins born on same lagan. However, there is difference between their fortunes. If they have less than four minutes difference then they face problem. 

If lagan is different of twins then it is easy to understand their horoscope.The horoscope of twins is different even though it controls by different planets. Usually, one person is very lucky and other has to do struggle.

If Twins were born when the owner of fifth house is in dual sign or when Mercury or Moon is santankarak. The radix 1, 6 and 9 has more chances to get twins. 

Sometime, the result of fortune chances after the birth of twins. Usually, twins take the fortune on heights.

Parents should do rudrabhishek for twins’ child after their birth. Take special care of their elder child. Child who has more struggle in horoscope, cover his finger with water element gemstone. 

Do not keep co-ordinate name of twins. Do not keep name on same word. Keep at least one year distance in their marriage.

Parents can do some remedy to calm down the negative constellation. Do not give non veg food to twins at least four years. Chant Vishnusahastranam for first four months. Try to strengthen the main planet of twins.

Good Luck: Chant Gayatri psalm in the home in morning. This will avoid negative energy and vastu dosha.

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Astrology Upay For Children Who Screams A Lot

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Many time children scream. This affects their health and mind. In astrology, voice indicates breath. Our voice and gesture indicates our personality. Voice directly relates with planet. The motions with voice indicate the condition of planet.

Screaming kids are too thin or too obese. Screaming kids get discomfort and anxiety. These types of kids are too much dull or too much hyper. 

They face anxiety at the later age. Therefore, family members should maintain good atmosphere in the home.

This avoids anxiety from the child. Screaming child always get the fear of throat infection. Screaming child may face urine infection. 

Their Mercury becomes weak and child face throat and urine infection. Screaming while talking is a sign of bad Mars.

If child screams, make noise and Mars Mountain is upward then try to reduce the child’s anger. Otherwise, child may face blood pressure problem. After two years, start watching the child’s screams. If child talk with screams or he scream too much if his desire not fulfill.

This type of child gets less memory power. Screaming directly impacts on mind. Screaming kids are emotional. This type of kids requires emotional support. Calm the child. 

If child screams then advice him not to do that. This avoids anxiety, hunger and effects on mind. Parents should avoid screaming on child.

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