Body Color Analysis as per Samudrik Shastra

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God created every human body different. The face of each person is different. His stature is different. Even the color of their skin is different. Someone has black skin color then other has white skin. The nature and character of the person can be known by its body, texture and deals. This knowledge is known as palmistry or body symptomatology.

Body Color Analysis as per Samudrik Shastra

According to palmistry experts, nature of man can be known from body’s color. There are mainly three colors based on location, nature and heredity. We called it as blonde, Wheaties and black. Based on these, we can assess the nature of any man.

According to palmistry, black people are healthy, strong, hard-working, morose and grumpy. Their intellectual development is reduced so that they are stubborn, aggressive and have criminal tendencies in all the social traditions, values and norms.

In palmistry, women who has excessive black eye, skin, pour, hair, lips, palate and tongue are scripture. This type of women is loyal and gives support till the end. Give full cooperation and fun in sex. They are reliable, excellent guide and sacrifice in love. You can find heat like sun and coldness like moon. That is their property.

According to palmistry there are mainly two distinguish in white color people. The first is a mixture of red and white which we call pink. They are intelligent, ordinary hard-working, studying and beloved ones.

In the second there is a mixture of red and yellow which is called prosody. The native are hard-working, patient, gently, sincere, voluptuous, rich and social. It is seen that the native are sick and have blood-related diseases.

According to experts, the combination of red or yellow color nails, palate, tongue, lips, palmar and plantar cereal woman have good money, generous and blessed.

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Top 5 Vastu Tips to Become Wealthy ( Get Rich Fast)

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Do you want to become Rich? Want to be wealthy? here is 5 vastu tips you need to follow to get richer faster. Follow this vastu tips and gain money faster.

Top 5 Vastu Tips to Become Wealthy ( Get Rich Fast)

Vastu Tips to Become Wealthy
Who does not want to make money? Everyone is desperately wishes that they earned good money to spend their life with ease. But sometimes despite of the hard work people do not earn money and if they have they cannot save it. According to traditional Hindu architecture one should adopt some methods to save the money.

1. Broken Glass: If you want to save the money then you must remove the broken glass. If the glass of window-door is broken then you should change it immediately. Do not look in the broken mirror.

2. Stalled Watch: Often clock is stopped and for several days it lives in the same stage at your home. It increases poverty. Therefore, avoiding doing so.

3. Broken Sculpture: You should immediately remove broken idols form your home because economic growth is interrupted.

4. Fish Aquarium : You can keep small aquarium in your home to get money. Fish is indicator of auspiciousness.

5. Thorny Plant: Do not keep thorny plant in your home. You may face financial problems.

These are 5 awesome vastu tips to follow to get rich faster. To know more tips on astrology, keep visiting us.

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9 Astro Upay to Get Job Promotion - Astrology

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If any planet is sitting at unlucky place in your birth chart and creates hurdle to the promotion then you can do following measures. Here is 9 Best Astrology remedies to get Job Promotion.

9 Astro Upay to Get Job Promotion - Astrology

Job Promotion - Astrology

1. If Saturn is hindering your promotion then take sesame oil and see your face in it. Donate that oil to the poor.

2. If Sun is hindering your promotion then you should first feed to cow. It is even more beneficial if cow is black or yellow color.

3. If Moon is hindering your promotion then mix gangajal in raw milk and pour on Shivalinga.

4. If you are facing problem due to Mars then you should respect the elderly women in your home. You can also wear silver ring or bracelet.

5. If you are facing problem in promotion due to Mercury then you can donate silver jewelry to someone.

6. If you are facing problem in promotion due to Jupiter then you can feed jaggery-gram to cow.

7. If you are not getting promotion due to Venus then you should serve your parents and other elderly people. You have to touch the feet of the mother before leaving the home.

8. If Rahu is hindering your promotion then you can feed flour to ants. You can make small balls of flour and feed to fish.

9. If you are not getting promotion due to Ketu then you should feed bread to black dog applying oil on it.

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How GOLD is Related with Astrology - Astro Upay

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Gold is very important metal which is found on earth. It denotes prosperity and royalty. In astrology it is relates with every planet. However, it mainly relates with Jupiter. Gold gives energy and heat. Also, it has the power to reduce the poison.

How GOLD is Related with Astrology - Astro Upay

GOLD is Related with Astrology
If gold suits you then you may become rich and if it does not suit to you then you may face accidents. Do not wear gold to show off. You have to wear gold if it is necessary.

If you have cold-cough problem then you can wear gold on your little finger. If you are facing problem relating to name, fame and state then you can wear gold in middle finger. If you have concentration problem then you can wear it in index finger. You can wear gold in throat if you have problems in marital life. People who have problem of getting child they can wear gold in ring finger.

People who have problem of stomach or obesity they should avoid wearing gold. Angry people should avoid wearing gold. Don not wears gold if your Jupiter is exalted in your horoscope. People who are doing business of iron, coal or Shani related stuff they should avoid gold. Pregnant and old women should avoid wearing gold.

It is not good to see money or gold in dream. It indicates you may face diseases. If you see gold in dream then it indicates that you will get money after struggle. However, if you see ancient gold coins in your dream then you may face some difficulties.

If gold is drop somewhere then you can use it. It does not become inauspicious. It is the metal of Jupiter. Do not wear gold below the waist. You may get bad luck and lose prosperity.

Wear gold in left hand if it is necessary. Give gold gifts only those who are closed to you. Avoid wearing gold ankle chain or Bichiya. Do not wear gold on waist. Children can wear gold in red thread. Do not eat meat and alcohol.

Usually, people keep gold in their lockers. Always keep your gold in red color paper or clothe. Keep gold in east or southwest side. Do not keep gold near head. You may face sleep disorder. Do not wear iron or mix metal along with gold.

It is very auspicious for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius lagan. It gives mixed results for Scorpio and Pisces. It might create problem for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius. Libra and Capricorn lagan people should avoid wearing gold.

Extra Remedy: Do not light a bamboo stick on at your worship place. You have to light a wooden or incense stick.

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Drinking Habits of Tea-Coffee and Astrology

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A person’s food habits relate with planets which impact on his life. Any liquid denotes a person’s future. A liquid food’s air and taste denotes your future. You can get the best prediction from coffee.

Drinking Habits of Tea-Coffee and Astrology

Drinking Habits and Astrology
Check out how is person's behavior on basis of their drinking habits, hows person who drink tea, coffee and water with help of astrology.Janiye Chai, coffee aur pani ka kismat konnection.  

Tea: People who used to drink strong tea they are lazy. However, they get success without doing struggle. People who like to drink tea having more milk they are beautiful and their life is full of glamor. People who mixed spices such as ginger they do more struggle in their life. People who drink sweet tea they get success in the middle of life. Those who do not like tea they are more sensitive and emotional.

Water: People who like to drink cold water they are clever and weak in character. However, people who drink lukewarm water they are hard working but they face much disease. People who drink less water they are mysterious and lucky. A person who drink normal and more water they get success from lower level to upper level. People who drink mixed water they balance their life in every adverse situation.

Coffee: A person who is going to ask the question he has given the coffee with form. They apply more chocolate on it. They also said to leave little coffee in the glass. They make different images in remaining coffee. Your life will be predicted by those images.

If the image is round then a person get financial benefits. If the image is square then you can get married or child. If the image is like mountain then it indicates you have to do struggle in your life. If the image is like bird-animal then you can get success in your career. If the straight line occurs then it is the mercy of god.

A person who likes to drink coffee their mind is sharp. People who drink black coffee they are moody and related with creativity. People who like coffee’s smell they are romantic.

Extra Remedy: Never chew basil leaf. It has mercury in it. It affects enamel of the tooth.

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2015 Ekadashi Fasting Days - List of Ekadashi Fasting Days

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Searching for Dates of Ekadashi? Here is perfect time table of Upcoming Ekadashi dates with day and Type Of Ekadashi. Check out the list of Ekadashi Fasting days in 2015 year. 

2015 Ekadashi Fasting Days - List of Ekadashi Fasting Days 

2015 Ekadashi Fasting Days
Date Day Type Of Ekadashi
01 January Thursday Pausha Putrada Ekadashi
16 January Friday Shattila Ekadashi
30 January Friday Jaya Ekadashi
15 February Sunday Vijaya Ekadashi
01 March Sunday Amalaki Ekadashi
16 March Monday Papmochani Ekadashi
17 March Tuesday Papmochani Ekadashi Vaishnava Papamochani Ekadashi
31 March Tuesday Kamada Ekadashi
15 April Wednesday Varuthini Ekadashi
29 April Wednesday Mohini Ekadashi
14 May Thursday Apara Ekadashi
29 May Friday Nirjala Ekadashi
12 June Friday Yogini Ekadashi
28 June Sunday Padmini Ekadashi
12 July Sunday Parama Ekadashi
27 July Monday Devshayani Ekadashi
10 August Monday Kamika Ekadashi
26 August Wednesday Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
08 September Tuesday Aja Ekadashi
24 September Thursday Parsva Ekadashi
08 October Thursday Indira Ekadashi
23 October Friday Papankusha Ekadashi
24 October Saturday Papankusha Ekadashi Vaishnava Papankusha Ekadashi
07 November Saturday Rama Ekadashi
22 November Sunday Devutthana Ekadashi
07 December Monday Utpanna Ekadashi
21 December Monday Mokshada Ekadashi

Keep visiting us for more updates on upcoming days and panchang of 2015. Keep visiting us for daily dose of Astrology remedies.

Chaitra Navaratri 2015 - Important Rules to Follow in Chaitra Navaratri

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Chaitra navratri starting from 21th March, 2015 and it is one of the most auspicious celebration of Mata ji. In shaktam it is mentioned that if someone wants moksham and mukti than he/she can get through devoting MAA in navratri.

Chaitra Navaratri 2015 - Important Rules to Follow in Chaitra Navaratri

Chaitra Navaratri 2015
If you believe in Hindu mythology, it is mentioned that there are 6 seasons or ritu and each of this ritu (seasons) are actually form of female(s). And thus each of this ritu has their own importance. Each of this ritu are endowed with a specific navratri season. And as per hindu shashtra, 4 out of 6 of these ritu have more importance and amongst these 4 only 2 are mostly followed form of navratri by hindu. So, if you devote MAA in theses chaitra navaratri then you are going to good return.

In chaitra navratri, people devotes nine different form of MAA on each of the nine days, which are Shri Shaill putri,Shri Bhramcharini, Shri Chandra Ghanta, Shri kushmanda, shri skandmata, Shri katyayani, Shri Kalratri, Shri mahagauri and Shri Shiddhidatri. On each day of chaitra navratri, you have to take bath, make you self clean and put the  "Kalash".

Murhat Time for Kalash Sthapna on Chaitra Navratri 2015:-

Ghatasthapana Muhurta = 06:45 to 08:00
Duration = 1 Hour 14 Mins

Ghatasthapana Muhurta falls on Pratipada Tithi
Ghatasthapana Muhurta falls during Dvi-Svabhava Meena Lagna
Pratipada Tithi Begins = 15:05 on 20/Mar/2015
Pratipada Tithi Ends = 11:32 on 21/Mar/2015
There are some Do's And Dont's you need to follow on this days of chaitra navratri, which are as per follow:-

Must Do's in days of Chaitra Navratri

1. You should have your bath on or before 9 AM of each day.
2. Try to eat only once in a day (satvic food).
3. Offer some home made bhog (special food items), and if this is not possible then offer milk and fruits to MAA.
4. you have to go to temple regularly and do puja for MAA daily in morning and evening, (you can do this at your home temple too) and lighting lamp (Diya) and offer flower and doing arti.
5. Try to gift 2 small girl child (as per your comfort) on each day of navratri (in evening).
6. Wear only new and fresh cloths each day, don't wear old discarded cloths.
7. Repeat shloks and mantra in favor of MAA few minutes daily.
8. Pray to MAA to clean your past bad karma's and pray for happy and bright future for you and your family.

Don'ts for Chaitra Navratri

1. Cutting Nails on days of chaitra navratri is not good thing. Try to avoid till ekadashi.
2. Avoid cutting hair cut on chaitra navratri, if possible.
3. Avoid stiching and knit during this period of time.
4. Don't use harsh word, bad words, lies on days of chaitra navratri.
5. Don't leave the jyot of diya burn it out, and after pooja of each day, with some flowers put to rest the Agni which stood as the witness to your puja and offering.
6. your home should be clean and dust free, at lest your pooja room where you are doing devotion for MAA and your home kitchen.
7. Avoid wearing slippers in the house in days of chaitra navratri if possible. At lest not in pooja room.
8. Avoid studying anything on the 9th day; and instead you should keep all your books and other modern gadget near the MAA and seek her blessing on this day and then on "Vijay Dashami" day you should take them and read sitting before MAA.
These are some simple rules you need to follow in these 9 days, and hope MAA will bless all of you with good health and lots of happiness. if you read Durga Saptashati or Devi Mahatmiyam parayanam on each of these days, then it will bring excellent progress and prosperity with high success in your life.

In last, i pray that may Goddess Devi MAA bless all of you with her unpolluted blessings, Jai mata di. :)

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