Gram Chana Will improve your Luck - Astro Upay

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Roasted gram avoids weakness. Eat roasted gram if you face lack of energy in the body. Eat 50 gm gram daily. 

gram chana
Student can eat gram while studying. Eat gram without peel. Chew gram a lot. Do not drink water after having gram.

Gram increases the power of body and mind. The gram with jaggery or sugar gives more energy. Soaked gram at night and eat it in morning. 

Mix honey in remaining water and drink it. If you are facing conflict then offer gram to Hanuman.

Feed gram to monkeys on Tuesday or Saturday. This increase positivity in life. Gram increase beauty of the skin. 

The mixture of gram flour and flour strengthens body. It keeps skin healthy. One can mix flour in gram flour.

Mix one fist gram in munakka. This is beneficial for strong mind. The mixture of gram and munakka is beneficial to avoid heat. 

This reduces body’s heat. You should take medical advice before having gram if you are suffering with stomach problem.

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Kitchen Solve Internal Family Fights Problems - Astro Upay

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The health of family members and quarrel associated with kitchen. If your stomach remains upset then take your meal sitting on kitchen floor. 
Internal Family Fights

Kitchen improves Rahu. The people of the house should eat together in the kitchen. Eat together in the kitchen on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Digestion improves by eating and sitting on ground.

Keep your face on east side while having food in kitchen. One should maintain piousness of kitchen. Do not wear shoes in kitchen. Keep the kitchen clean. 

First worship goddess Annapurna before lighting stove in kitchen. The negative energy in kitchen gives negative energy from the food. The stove in kitchen should light between southeast sides.

Sunlight is necessary in kitchen. Sunlight makes kitchen holy. One should work positively in kitchen. If the child’s health remains bad then drink him rice water. 

You can mix black pepper and salt in it. Do not keep stale food in kitchen. Do not keep stale flour in kitchen. Do not keep open grain in kitchen. Do not keep litter in kitchen.

Do not keep a heap of iron, broken things in kitchen. The presence of Rahu in kitchen creates conflict in home. This affects family member’s health. The presence of small holes and plenty of ants in kitchen denotes weak Rahu in kitchen. 

It is not good sign of having too much insects in kitchen. It is not good sign of too much litter or dust on utensils in kitchen. The crack in kitchen denotes weak Rahu. The water place should be in northeast side in kitchen.

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Bad Mangal Can Affect Married life - Astro Upay

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There is no need to scare from Mangal. There will be delay in getting married or problems after marriage due to Mangal Dosha. 

Mangal grah
Every one’s age is depending on his/her horoscope. There will be difference in thoughts after marriage due to Mangal dosha. This creates conflict. There might be separation due to Mangal dosha.

The bad effect of Mangal creates problem in child happiness. Child becomes weak due to bad effect of Mangal. Take care of eyes and head if there is a Mangal dosha. Parents suffering from Mangal dosha affect child’s bone. 

In this case, parents should try to strengthen children bones. Children can eat gram. Parents should take care of children’s hormone level. Children can drink water in copper glass.

Children are angry for parents who suffer from Mangal dosha. In this case, children should avoid juicy and stale food. Parents should avoid quarrel in front of children. Children can wear silver ring. Serve veterans and do Pitru shradha if there is threat and anger increase after marriage. 

Donate milk and spices. Do not wake up till late night and wake up before sunrise. Keep water in silver or glass in utensil near head. Women can put water on left and men can put water on right side while sleeping.

If there is financial crisis after marriage due to Mangal dosha then husband-wife can pour milk on Shri Yantra with 1008 psalm. If relatives are going away after marriage then daily worship Ganesha. Serve girl and give food to her on full moon day.

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Get Rid of Your Sin By This Deeds - Astro Upay

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A person gets fruit according to his misdeed. Sometime, this fruit is very strong that a person has to face many births. 

Get Rid of Your Sin By This Deeds - Astro Upay

It becomes sin when one does not know the way to get rid of misdeed fruits. There is every type of sin in the world.

Sin occurs from different reasons. Only lord Shiva can be helpful to get rid of sin. In savan, one can get rid of sin. 

In horoscope, the bad condition of Rahu creates sin. Sin also occurs due to combination of Sun-Shani, Shani-Rahu and mole on middle of palm.

One suffers through sin when they do not fulfill their responsibilities, cutting green trees, selfishness, abortion specially women fetus, cheating with wife, husband or friend, avoiding idol order.

One should fulfill their responsibility. Donate medicines in hospital on Monday in the month of savan. Serve patient. Chant “Om Namo Bhagwataye Rudraya” in morning. 

Plant such trees, which have long age on savan Monday. Chant “Om Gangadharay Namah” in morning.

Apologize to your idol. Show the path of knowledge and absolution to others. Chant Rudrashtak. 

Go to any jyotirling or Shivaling and offer water and belpatra to Shiva. Chant Shiva Apradha Strot. 

Take oath not to do mistakes in future. Donate food to poor people.

Good Luck: Remember god before doing karma. Then, start doing your work. This avoids karma bandhan.

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Astrology Upay to Save Money in 2019 - Astro Upay

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If there is dent in the middle of palm then one cannot become wealthy. One gets money, fulfill responsibility but they cannot save money.
Save Money

If the above part, as shown in the figure, is downward or it has mole on it then one gets money and he spends it. In this case, find out other sources of income. Rent, other business or job is the other sources of income. With your hard earned you will be comfortable but will not be able to get rich.

People whose Venus and Jupiter is good they have money and prosperity. It is in the hand of person for hard work and karma. One should understand the situation.

Chant Shri Shukat if money cannot stay. Take bath with yogurt and donate yogurt on every Friday. In the event of repeated loss or siphoning then do kanyadan once in a life. If you do not have daughter then you can do kanyadan to need daughter. Do kanyadan as remedy not as service. You can do it with care.

If your wealth suddenly decreases then check if you have grabbed hold someone’s land or wealth. If you forget to repay someone’s money in unknowingly. In this case, you should give guarantee to repay the money or land. Your financial condition will improve once you repay the wealth.

If you face wealth and financial problem then do not go in bathroom without wearing chappals. Offer white flower to goddess Durga and chant “Om Dum Durgaya Namah”. This avoids wealth problem.

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Which Planet to Worship ? - Check Horoscope Wise

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Aries: It is beneficial to worship Sun. One will not face health and wealth problem. Chant “Om Aditya Namah” in morning.

Taurus: Worship lord Shani. One will not face employment and wealth problem. Chant “Om Sam Shanecharaya Namah” in evening.

Gemini: It is beneficial to worship Venus. This will increase happiness in marital life and one will get financial benefit. Chant “Om Shum Shukraya Namah” at night.

Cancer: It is beneficial to worship Mangal. This improves self-confidence and one will make progress. Chant “Om Aum Angarakaya Namah” in morning or afternoon.

Leo: It is beneficial to worship Jupiter. It gives benefit in mind and concentration. Chant “Om Broom Bruhaspataye Namah” in morning.

Virgo: It is beneficial to worship Mercury. It gives peace in domestic life and avoids financial ups-down. Chant “Om Bum Budhaya Namah” in morning.

Libra: It is beneficial to worship lord Shani. It gives stability in career and life. Chant “Om Sam Shanecharaya Namah” in evening.

Scorpio: It is beneficial to worship Moon. This will improve health and financial condition. Chant “Om Som Somaya Namah” at night.

Sagittarius: It is beneficial to worship Sun. This will improve luck and child will not create problem. Chant “Om Aditya Namah” in morning or afternoon.

Capricorn: It is beneficial to worship Venus. It gives financial and mental benefits. Chant “Om Shum Shukraya Namah” in dawn or night.

Aquarius: It is beneficial to worship Mercury. This avoids mental-physical problem. Chant “Om Bum Budhaya Namah” in morning.

Pisces: It is beneficial to worship Moon. This improves nature and avoids marriage problem. Chant “Om Som Somaya Namah” at night.

Good Luck: Yagna or havan should be done in such way that it spread fragrance. If it spread smoke then it does not give benefits.

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