Benefits of Having Lord Ganesha Picture on Wall - Vastu Shastra

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Ganpati not only worship first but also he is Vidhna Vinashak. He also gives intelligence. The vastu dosha of the home can be removed by the mercy of Ganesha. The Ganesha image avoids vastu dosha of main gate of the home, worship place, kitchen and work place. Keeping different color image of Ganesha in special places of the home avoids vastu dosha.

Do not keep too many image of Ganesha in the home. Do not keep three Ganesha image together. Keep left trunk Ganesha image in home. Do not keep image more than 12 angul height. Pit varn Ganesha is considered the best. Never offer basil leaf to Ganesha.

Keep yellow, light green color image on study table and room. Do not keep too many images of Ganesha. Keep only one image or statue at one place. Do not keep lord Ganesha or any god image in bed room. Keep Ganesha image inside the main gate of the home. Never put Ganesha image outside of the home.

Keep yellow color image of Ganesha at worship place. Daily offer Durva to Ganesha in morning. Keep water in utensil in front of Ganesha. Chant “Vakratundaya Hum” and sprinkle water in the home. Remaining water put in plants. This will increase prosperity, happiness and removes problem in the home.

Good Luck: Light green color is beneficial to keep health and mind good. Use green color strip to easily cure wound.


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