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Aries: Women of Aries has playful mind. They also get stress. They face mind problem at the age of 32. Daily drink milk. It is beneficial to offer water to Sun.

Taurus: Women of Taurus get stress and they also create stress for others. They get stress in small matters. They face problem at the age of 18. Daily do yoga and worship lord Shiva.

Gemini: Women of Gemini get less stress. They do not get stress even on serious matters. If they stress then they might face blood pressure. It is beneficial to have green vegetables.

Cancer: Women of Cancer do not only get stress but also understand it. Their stress is imaginative. Apply white sandalwood and worship lord Shiva.

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Leo: Women of Leo get less stress. If they get stress then they overcome it. They might face muscles problem due to stress. Drink water in copper utensil. Wake up before sunrise.

Virgo: Women of Virgo do not get stress but they give stress to others. They get stress only in financial matters. Daily worship lord Krishna. Avoid black color.

Libra: Women of Libra avoid every tension and move forward. They get stress only in love matters. Daily eat yogurt in afternoon and worship lord Shiva.

Scorpio: Women of Scorpio get stress in every small matter. It starts at the age of 28-29. Regularly offer water to Sun. also, wear copper.

Sagittarius: Women of Sagittarius do not get stress or they might get depression due to stress. They should eat fruit and chant Gayatri psalm.

Capricorn: Women of Capricorn do not get stress. However, they give stress to others in small problem. Avoid giving stress to others. Use white sandalwood.

Aquarius: Women of Aquarius get mind problem. They have more imagination problem. Therefore, they get headache. They should do meditation and yoga. Avoid alcohol.

Pisces: Women of Pisces have playful mind. They get stress for short time. Their stress would be up-down. Keep fast on Monday to reduce stress.

Good Luck: Do not wear gomed, nili or sapphire along with pearl. This creates serious mental issues.

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