Check What to Drink in Morning according to Your Rashi

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tea or coffee
Many people drink tea after wake up in the morning. Some people drink hot water and some drink cold water. This drink decides their luck of the day. One should drink that increase their luck.

Aries: Drink ginger tea or mix little ginger in water and drink it in morning.

Taurus: Drink tea mixing milk or little mishri or one teaspoon yogurt in morning.

Gemini: Drink water mixing green cardamom or one basil leaf in morning.

Cancer: Drink tea mixing less milk or drink water mixing little yogurt in morning.

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Leo: Drink tea mixing cinnamon or drink water mixing little jaggery in morning.

Virgo: Drink mint tea or a pinch of saunf in tea in morning.

Libra: Drink green tea mixing one dry coriander or drink water mixing one pinch of celery in morning.

Scorpio: Drink tea mixing one curry leave and jaggery or drink water mixing half teaspoon honey in morning.

Sagittarius: Drink tea mixing one piece of saffron or drink water mixing one fenugreek in morning.

Capricorn: Drink clove tea or chews one pinch of sesame and drink water in morning.

Aquarius: Drink tea mixing one piece of black pepper or drink water mixing black cumin in morning.

Pisces: Drink tea mixing one bay leaf or chew one small piece of raw turmeric and drink water in morning.

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