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In Hindu panchang there are 12 months. It is based on Sun Sankranti and Moon. Every year there would be difference of 11 days between Sun and Moon. In three years, it becomes one month. Therefore, after every three years Adhik month comes. This time Adhik month will remain in Jayesth month. It remains between 16th May and 13 June.

In ancient times, Adhik months was considered inauspicious. Later on, Shri Hari has given his name to it. Since then, it is known as Purusotam month. In this month, every quality of Vishnu can be found. There are good results in religious work.

Adhik month is spiritual month. It is advisable to avoid material work. Marriage, Karnvedh, Chudakaran etc. cannot be done. It is also advisable to avoid construction and house entry. The work which is predefined can be done.

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Daily, worship Shri Hari, your idol or favored god. Keep your food, thoughts and conduct clean. Chant Geeta during the entire month. Help poor people. Donate food, clothes and water. It is also beneficial to do work for pitru. The work done for desire can be fulfilled during this month.

Worship Krishna in morning-evening. Light lamp in front of him in evening. Daily listen god's katha. Donate water and seasonal fruits to poor people. Donate thirty number of sweet at the end of month.

Good Luck: On Thursday, worship Devi with red flower. Your enemies and opposition become quite.

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