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Aries: First they save money and then spend on clothes and jewellery. They give respect to home Lakshmi and get mercy of Lakshmi.

Taurus: They are rich but do not save money. They do have good behavior with home Lakshmi. One should keep good behavior otherwise it might affect their business.

Gemini: Their financial condition is normal. They save money and spend their life. They maintain good conduct with home Lakshmi. Sometime, home Lakshmi might create problem.

Cancer: They are lucky in financial matter. They cannot save money. They know the importance of relations and home Lakshmi. Therefore, they might not have saving but they get money.

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Leo: They get many problems for money. They can spend their life with wealth management and saving. They face problem in earning the money if they misbehave with home Lakshmi.

Virgo: The motive of their life is to earn and save money. They might face disturbance in relations due to that. The home Lakshmi can tie them in relations and fulfill the desire of home.

Libra: They do not save money. They do such remedy after problem. Give respect to home Lakshmi. This will increase wealth and you can save money.

Scorpio: They get money after struggle. They spend too much when they get money. The home Lakshmi controls money and expenses. They cannot face shortage of money even though problems.

Sagittarius: They earn and save enough money. They have good relations with home Lakshmi. They do not have good behavior with mother. They spend their money in disease due to bad relations with mother.

Capricorn: They know how to earn and save money. They always talk but do not use money. They give importance to others after money. They get fame-prestige if they give respect to home Lakshmi.

Aquarius: They do not take care of earning or saving money. They do not face too much problem of money. They do not listen and maintain good relations with home Lakshmi. Therefore, sometime they do not have money.

Pisces: They get money. They do not save money until they face problem. They get respect if they take advice from home Lakshmi. This also avoids wealth problem.

Good Luck: Wear pink color clothes and worship. Your mind gets more concentration.

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