Horoscope Wise Check How will be your relation with Son & Daughter-in-Law

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Aries: Son is obedient while there is no harmony with daughter-in-law. Light mustard oil lamp on Saturday to increase harmony with daughter-in-law. Avoid wearing black color clothes.

Taurus: Son is stubborn while daughter-in-law is sensible and quite. Worship lord Ganesha to improve harmony with son. Plant much trees in house.

Gemini: Son would be playful and daughter-in-law would be angry. They love their in-laws. Sometime, there might be conflict. Use sandalwood fragrance in home to improve harmony.

Cancer: They get happiness from son and daughter-in-law. They live outside due to career or other reasons. Sometime, there might be misunderstanding with son. Offer red flower to lord Hanuman on Tuesday to increase harmony.

Leo: Son would be obedient or disobedient. Daughter-in-law is obedient. Offer water mixing turmeric to Sun if son is disobedient.

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Virgo: They face problems with son and daughter-in-law. Son follows daughter-in-law and do not listen anyone. The problem increases due to lack of communication. Regularly chant Shani psalm to maintain harmony.

Libra: Son is obedient and daughter-in-law nature create problem. Daily offer water to Sun to improve harmony with daughter-in-law.

Scorpio: Son and daughter-in-law are obedient. They are working and intelligent. Therefore, they do not express their feelings. Worship together once in a week.

Sagittarius: Son is obedient however, his speech is harsh. Daughter-in-law criticizes on the back. In this case, chant Sundarkand on every Tuesday and Saturday in the home.

Capricorn: Son is obedient but your nature takes him away. Daughter-in-law might use harsh speech. Take care of your nature and chant Hanuman Chalisa.

Aquarius: There is good harmony with son and daughter-in-law. Son is little spiritual and very close to you. Take care of your marital life. Blow shell in morning-evening.

Pisces: Son is obedient but sometime, he makes mistake. Daughter-in-law is intelligent and spends time to improve relations. Control on your arrogance. Keep many fragrance plants in your home.

Good Luck: If debt increases then worships both time in the home. Specially maintain purity on Tuesday.

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