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Each planet has its specialty. It has good and bad effect. It seems on person. We can understand the planets by identifying those symptoms. The symptom of Shani is very clear. It is easy to identify.

Inauspicious: A person is thin and has harsh speech and nature. The hair is dry. A person is careless and lazy. They delay the work. The change in life comes after big event. They engage in low and wrong work. They face struggle on every stage of life.

Auspicious: A person is long and thin. He has thick hair. A person is disciplined and diligent. The person goes ahead with hard work. Usually, they become spiritual in during the middle of life. They relates with law, transportation or spiritual. They get good wealth right from delay.

When Shani is inauspicious, then keep pure conduct and behavior. Adhere cleanliness and religion. Worship lord Shiva or Shri Krishna. Avoid sleeping and waking for late time. Use more light blue color clothes instead of black clothes.

Light lamp under peeple tree on Saturday. This avoids employment related problem. Donate food to poor people. Do not give sweet products. Chant “Om Sham Shanecharaya Namah” for 108 times on daily evening. 

This avoids financial problem. Feed the birds. Visit hanuman temple on Saturdays. Chant Hanuman Bahuk on daily morning. This avoids health problems. Make Chaya donation on Saturday. Plant peeple tree on public places.

Good Luck: If you often met with an accident or your vehicle disturb then take vermillion from Hanuman temple on Tuesday. Mix ghee in it and write “Hum”. This avoids an accident.

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