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The health of family members and quarrel associated with kitchen. If your stomach remains upset then take your meal sitting on kitchen floor. 
Internal Family Fights

Kitchen improves Rahu. The people of the house should eat together in the kitchen. Eat together in the kitchen on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Digestion improves by eating and sitting on ground.

Keep your face on east side while having food in kitchen. One should maintain piousness of kitchen. Do not wear shoes in kitchen. Keep the kitchen clean. 

First worship goddess Annapurna before lighting stove in kitchen. The negative energy in kitchen gives negative energy from the food. The stove in kitchen should light between southeast sides.

Sunlight is necessary in kitchen. Sunlight makes kitchen holy. One should work positively in kitchen. If the child’s health remains bad then drink him rice water. 

You can mix black pepper and salt in it. Do not keep stale food in kitchen. Do not keep stale flour in kitchen. Do not keep open grain in kitchen. Do not keep litter in kitchen.

Do not keep a heap of iron, broken things in kitchen. The presence of Rahu in kitchen creates conflict in home. This affects family member’s health. The presence of small holes and plenty of ants in kitchen denotes weak Rahu in kitchen. 

It is not good sign of having too much insects in kitchen. It is not good sign of too much litter or dust on utensils in kitchen. The crack in kitchen denotes weak Rahu. The water place should be in northeast side in kitchen.

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