How To Reduce Effects Of Rahu From Life?

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There are many symptoms when Rahu creates problem. We do not be afraid of Rahu but we should do some remedy. We should not afraid of Kalsharp dosha. When Rahu is weak then it creates threat.

Heart beats remains fast if Rahu is bad. Stomach problem increases if Rahu is weak. One might face lump or inflammation problem if Rahu is weak. There will reduce in happiness of mother if Rahu is weak.

Rahu scares. Rahu reduces power of thinking and understanding. Rahu affects relations. Rahu creates suspicion. Do not afraid of Kalsharp yoga. Keep water and black sesame in urn and offer it on Shivaling on Shivaratri. Chant “Om Namah Shivay Shivay Namah Om”. This will calm down the Rahu.

Donate urad daal on Shivaratri to calm down Rahu. On Shivaratri, wash the Rudrakhsa garland and offer it to Shivaling. Chant “Om Namah Shivay Shivay Namah Om” and wear this garland in throat. This will calm down the Rahu.

Do Rudrabhishek on Shivaratri to calm down Rahu. Use sugarcane juice in Rudrabhishek to calm down Rahu. Donate barley and oil on Saturday to calm down Rahu. Do this remedy for at least one year. Keep Datura and belpatra, which is offered to Shiva on Shivaratri. This avoids Rahu’s effect.

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