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We should save money according to earnings. If you are not able to save money then bad effect of Mars, Mercury and Venus may create serious financial problem. If you cannot save money then it can have a bad effect between 36 and 58 years of age. 
Habit of Saving

We should make habit of saving with earning. Such people who cannot save earnings they should wear silver ring, which is open from middle, in index finger.

If people are grabbing your property then put few drops of milk in the root of banyan tree. Do this daily. Donate black clothes once in a month. Do not wear black color clothes. Feed sweet to birds.

If there is conflict in home, sister get separation or she is suffering with loneliness then light camphor in the home in morning-evening. 

Do not keep dry flowers or trees in the home. Wipe your home with rock salt and gomutra. Do not let net in the home.

If you are not getting success and happiness after hard work then sit in middle of the home and do Rudrabhishek on Monday. Maintain cleanliness at worship place. 

Do tilak of aswagandh on forehead. Do not serve birds in the home. Do remedy of Pitru dosha on new moon day.

If you are not selected in competitive exams after hard work then take care of sisters and aunt (father’s sister). If you are not getting success or happiness after hard work then take one coin from kinnar and keep it with you.

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