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Roasted gram avoids weakness. Eat roasted gram if you face lack of energy in the body. Eat 50 gm gram daily. 

gram chana
Student can eat gram while studying. Eat gram without peel. Chew gram a lot. Do not drink water after having gram.

Gram increases the power of body and mind. The gram with jaggery or sugar gives more energy. Soaked gram at night and eat it in morning. 

Mix honey in remaining water and drink it. If you are facing conflict then offer gram to Hanuman.

Feed gram to monkeys on Tuesday or Saturday. This increase positivity in life. Gram increase beauty of the skin. 

The mixture of gram flour and flour strengthens body. It keeps skin healthy. One can mix flour in gram flour.

Mix one fist gram in munakka. This is beneficial for strong mind. The mixture of gram and munakka is beneficial to avoid heat. 

This reduces body’s heat. You should take medical advice before having gram if you are suffering with stomach problem.

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