Get Rid of Your Sin By This Deeds - Astro Upay

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A person gets fruit according to his misdeed. Sometime, this fruit is very strong that a person has to face many births. 

Get Rid of Your Sin By This Deeds - Astro Upay

It becomes sin when one does not know the way to get rid of misdeed fruits. There is every type of sin in the world.

Sin occurs from different reasons. Only lord Shiva can be helpful to get rid of sin. In savan, one can get rid of sin. 

In horoscope, the bad condition of Rahu creates sin. Sin also occurs due to combination of Sun-Shani, Shani-Rahu and mole on middle of palm.

One suffers through sin when they do not fulfill their responsibilities, cutting green trees, selfishness, abortion specially women fetus, cheating with wife, husband or friend, avoiding idol order.

One should fulfill their responsibility. Donate medicines in hospital on Monday in the month of savan. Serve patient. Chant “Om Namo Bhagwataye Rudraya” in morning. 

Plant such trees, which have long age on savan Monday. Chant “Om Gangadharay Namah” in morning.

Apologize to your idol. Show the path of knowledge and absolution to others. Chant Rudrashtak. 

Go to any jyotirling or Shivaling and offer water and belpatra to Shiva. Chant Shiva Apradha Strot. 

Take oath not to do mistakes in future. Donate food to poor people.

Good Luck: Remember god before doing karma. Then, start doing your work. This avoids karma bandhan.

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