Tamato Can bring happiness in Your Life

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It is beneficial to offer turmeric to lord Ganesha. Make lord Ganesha image with turmeric and worship it. It gives benefit. Chant “Om Gum Ganpataye Namah” with turmeric garland. 

Tomato is very beneficial for young. Tomato is beneficial in vein problem. Rub the tomato on veins. It avoids inflammation of veins. Rub the tomato on face. This avoids spots and wrinkles of the face.

The regular consumption of tomato chutney or soup avoids mental fatigue. The regular consumption of tomato chutney or make development of cells. Rub the tomato on blue injury marks. 

This gives good benefit. The tomato paste reduces the effects of sunlight from the skin. The tomato juice is very beneficial for hair. It makes thick hair. The tomato is beneficial on crack ankles.

Avoid having tomato if you are suffering with acidity. Do not eat tomato seeds if you are suffering with stone problem. Avoid having tomato if you are suffering with cold. 

If you are suffering with intestine problem or stomach pain then take doctor advice before having tomato.

Tomato juice is beneficial in blood pressure problem. Tomato keeps eyes healthy. Tomato increases consciousness. 

The consumption of tomato, carrot and beetroot juice gives similar benefit of milk.

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