Is your Luck Getting Weak? - Here is Astro Upay

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One should follow the path of good karma and prayer to strengthen weak fortune. If one face many obstacles in luck then take mustard oil in one bowl. 

See your face in that bowl. Do this daily and deposit the oil. Donate this oil on Tuesday or Saturday.

If your work does not work then eat jaggery, clean nose and drink lukewarm water before going out of the home. 

Also, remember your favored god while going out of the home. If your decisions are getting wrong then involve veterans in your decision.

If your decisions are getting wrong then take water in one cup and mix alum 2-3 times in it. Then rinse your mouth. Unfortunate comes by taking free stuff. Jupiter and Moon can be strengthened by sitting in satsang.

You should completely involve your mind and body during satsang. It gives very good result. It improves the luck.

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