Intelligence and your planets - Planets can Effect Your Intelligence

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Everyone wants to be intelligent. Intelligence is the base of future. Many times we do not take right decision. It affects the life. 

Intelligence and your planets
Main planet, the position of Ketu and Mercury in horoscope plays an important role in life. If main planet is weak then we cannot take good decision.

If Mercury is weak then one faces problem in taking decision. If Mercury is weak then one cannot think on time. This creates many problems. 

The main planet directly relates with mind. Ketu and Mercury give ability to predict and its expression.

The main planet governs the mind. If the main planet is weak then mind get mood swing. Therefore, mind cannot easily understand easily. 

One should strengthen main planet as it impacts on personality. The main planet can be strengthened by meditation. This will increase intelligence.

The Shankhpushpi and Brahmi are extremely beneficial to strengthen Mercury and Ketu. One should regularly consume Shankhpushpi and Brahmi. 

Soaked Triphala for overnight and eat it at night. Filter the Triphala and drink its water in morning. It is beneficial to increase intelligence. One can consume Brahmi with fresh water at night.

The consumption of Shankhpushpi powder with fresh water gives power to the body. You can eat it at night. It gives good power to the mind. One can do mediation to strengthen the Ketu. You can also keep silence to strengthen Ketu. 

Sit near the fishes and see them. It helps to increase the intelligence. Also, do mathematics. The intelligence will increase slowly.

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