How to Identify Genuine Coral Gemstone?

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Coral is not gemstone. Coral is an organic timber. The island can be made through coral. The coral island is called as coral reef. 

Genuine Coral Gemstone
Coral gets fitted as triangle or capsule. The coral is ending due to increase in the sea level temperature. 

The more use of fish decrease the oxygen level in sea. This affects the coral. The existence of coral is in danger due to global warming.

Dummy coral cannot give benefits. The upper side of coral is very smooth. The water cannot stay on it. 

Put coral in hot water then keep it in refrigerator. If there is no change in its color then it is real coral.

Do not wear any gemstone without deep check of horoscope. Wearing gemstone without deep check creates many problems. Headache, eye problem, anger, stomach problem and joint pain are the bad effects of coral. 

Brother-sister relations disturb due to bad effect of coral. One often gets injury due to bad effect of coral.

It is beneficial to drink coral water. This will strengthen the Mars. Stomach becomes strong by drinking coral water. The coral water is beneficial for liver. 

Coral water avoids bone pain. Coral water gives power to the body and mind. Coral water reduces anger. The delay in marriage can be avoided by wearing coral in copper. 

Every mangalic person cannot get benefit by wearing Mangal.

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