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The child’s success depends on three stuff. Health, education and career. Moon gives health, Shani and Jupiter gives career and Sun gives education. Usually, the strong Sun gives good success. The strong Jupiter gives success in health and education. 

child's success
However, it delays in career. The strong Shani creates good health. However, a person does struggle in education but get good success. If any two planets are strong then child get very good success.

Child does not get success in education if fifth house is weak or Jupiter is in second or fifth house. The high amount of fire element, which means weak Sun or Mangal, gives failure. 

The child easily gets success if the fifth house is strong. The child easily gets success if Shani or Jupiter is strong or air element is strong. Child gets very good knowledge if his birth is in middle of the night or afternoon.

It is necessary to have strong Sun and Moon for good health. The strong owner of lagan gives good health. The strong owner of zodiac sign balances the child’s mind. 

Children become weak due to strong inauspicious planets. Child gets very weak concentration due to weak Moon. It gives mental weakness. The contaminated earth element affects health and study.

The impact of Rahu or inauspicious planets create obstacle in child’s education. The strong fire element increase struggle in career. The combination of Shani-Moon and relation of Rahu gives up-down in career. The strong Mangal and Moon gives very good success. 

A person makes good progress at very low age if Jupiter is strong. The strong Shani also gives good success in life.

Good Luck: Keep two white color elephants in drawing room. This avoid wealth and child problem.

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