Astro Upay to For Kids Who Start Speaking Late

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In horoscope, the second and third house is important. If it is weak then child will speak late. Child will speak with break and the voice will not be clear. 
speaking late

It is necessary to have good Mercury for expression. If Mercury is affected by Shani or Rahu then child will speak late. It also gets delay in clarity of language.

Moon plays an important role in child’s speech. Moon determines how fast the child learns from the atmosphere. Mercury helps in expression. 

Child face problem in learning if Moon is weak. One face problem in speaking if Mercury is weak. 

If Mercury finger comes in or it is thick from downside and thin upside or it is turn forward or become flexible then one face problem in speaking.

If Mercury Mountain is depress then child face problem in expression. If Moon Mountain is weak then child has weak learning capacity. Cover solid silver pill in black or white color thread. 

Wear it in throat on Monday. Keep barley in child’s throat and wash it with raw milk. Put it in paper and flow it in water. If child is big then he can eat Amla or green chili.

Keep kaudi in silver pendent and wear it in white or black thread. Wear it on Monday or Saturday. Child can wear fiver copper coins in black or white thread. 

Continue make practice speaking with children. Do not give everything to child. Let him speak what he wants. Make small point with hand and put green color in it. This will increase concentration.

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