Why Don't You Find Good Friends? - Astro Upay to Find Good Friend

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The planetary position denotes about the fellowship. The wrong or bad fellowship impacts on each and every people. There are several reasons of wrong fellowship.

If there are such lines, as shown on the above figure, on life line and Venus Mountain then one can face life and wealth problem. 

It can affect your prestige. One can get bad compatibility due to weak Sun and Jupiter. The good fellowship is necessary for everyone.

If Sun line, as shown on the above figure, is cut or its branches comes down then it can affect character and prestige. If Jupiter Mountain is depressed then one cannot easily get friends. 

If Jupiter Mountain is depressed then friend cheat the people. If Jupiter Mountain is depressed then do not share your secrets.

On the above cases, chant Aaditya Hriday Strot. Donate honey once in a month. You should donate it on Sunday. You can feed jaggery or jaggery products to others. 

You can live in the vicinity of veterans. Wear firoza in silver pendent. You can wear it in black color thread. Do not go in bathroom with barefoot. Keep silver coin in your pocket.

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