Which Things brings Misfortune? - Astro Upay

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Many times our fortune is very good. The horoscope planets and condition of life is very good. However, fortune cannot support on time. This happens due to misfortune in our life. This misfortune is created by us. Many times we do not know the reason. Therefore, we should avoid doing some work and avoid misfortune.

Which Things brings Misfortune? - Astro Upay

Food Items: If you eat food from someone, who does wrong business, then your fortune decrease. Fortune decrease if you eat food at wrong thinking person home. Health decrease if you eat food at bad thinking person’s home. Earning and wealth decrease if you eat food forcefully or free. In these cases, donate food to needy people on Tuesdays. Offer basil leaf to lord Hanuman every morning.

Clothes: Fortune decrease if you wear bad clothes even though you have good clothes. If you donate bad clothes to someone then your fortune decrease. This will reduce your financial condition. In these cases, you should wear clean and good clothes. Offer red clothes to lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Do not donate bad clothes.

Free Gift: Fortuner decrease if you take free clothes, free food items or service without hard work. This affects the fortune. In this case, you should give anything in return. You can donate food and wealth to poor people. This avoids misfortune.

Misconduct: If you deliberately kill fetus. If you misbehave with any women then it affects your fortune. It also stop the growth of offspring. Do not kill fetus until it is the matter of death. Do not misbehave with any women even if it is necessary. If you have kill fetus then you can plant people or banyan tree. This avoids misfortune. Chant Gajendra Moksha every morning. It is beneficial to apologize to the woman whom you have misbehave.

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