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Problems in Life
Any pain or happiness comes suddenly. It comes slowly. The planets slowly come in position and gives benefits. One can come to know the coming bad times by seeing surrounding environment. The electronic items in home stop working. There will be moistness in the home.

The glass starts breaking. The water starts flowing. The lizard fell down from the wall. The animal of the home starts behaving strange. 

This symptom indicates that there may be problem in home. You should be alert and start doing some remedies. These symptoms start before 3-4 months of problem.

Eyes denotes about luck, misfortune, health, mind and emotions. If suddenly hair starts falling from eyelid then one should be alert. It means Rahu affect main planet, Moon, lagan or 8th house. 

If darkness or spots occurs then one should be alert. If there is numbness in eyes, shine, mischief or no energy then one should be alert. This problem may occur due to Sun or Moon.

One may face problem regarding prestige, body or friends. The eye denotes the energy of the person. If Mars, Sun and Shani are main planet and one face hair fall problem then one should be alert. 

Shoes indicate upcoming accidents and financial losses. One may face prestige, body or business related problem.

If shoes suddenly start breaking then be alert. One should be alert if disturbance, stutter or stiffness comes in speech or you may forget words or you speak wrong in anger. It may affect prestige, body or business. If birds suddenly start flying in evening then one should be alert for upcoming problem.

On the above cases, start worshipping and do meditation of favored god. Strengthen the main planet and chant Mahamrutanjay psalm and “Om Hum Hanumate Namah”. Light lamp in evening regularly. Also, keep basil plant and Aak plant in home.

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