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Pollution increase nowadays. The speed of air decrease when the season changes. In this case, the breathing problem increases. The PM 2.5 particle can take dangerous form due to pollution. 

Dangerous Pollution
It goes inside the lungs. This creates problems in pregnant women, children and veterans. The PM 2.5 and PM 10 level is dangerous therefore, one face breathing problem.

Pollution may create lung cancer. Pollution affects hair. This also increase hair fall. Pollution can lead to heart disease. The small particle of PM 10 enters in the body through breath and create problem. 

People can include jaggery in their diet to protect themselves from pollution. Drink basil juice two times in a day to avoid pollution.

Mix honey in water and drink it. This is beneficial to avoid pollution. One should eat balance food to avoid pollution. Drink plenty of water to avoid pollution. People can learn vaman kriya to avoid pollution. 

People can smell camphor to avoid pollution. It is extremely beneficial to avoid pollution. One can take steam to reduce the effect of pollution.

Wash your face when you come in the home. It is beneficial to avoid pollution. Do not take breath from mouth to reduce the effect of pollution. Do not exercise or yoga outside to reduce the effect of pollution. 

Light camphor with cow’s upala to reduce the effect of pollution. Drink lukewarm water with lemon before going outside and after coming to the home.

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