11 Things Whcih can Improve Your Luck

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One should worship favored god, idol and parents daily. The worship of favored god, parents and idol strengthens the Sun, Jupiter and Moon. 

Improve Your Luck
Never do jealousy, criticism and conspiracy. Jealousy, criticism and conspiracy make Shani and Rahu weak.

If you oppose malady then Sun and Jupiter become strong. Avoid bad speech. 

Sun and Mercury becomes weak due to bad speech. One should worship Sun. You can worship Sun during sunrise or sunset. 

You can chant Aaditya Hriday Strot or Gayatri psalm or “Om Dhruni Suryaya Namah”.

Keep fast on Ekadashi. Keep your mind calm. The fast of Ekadashi avoids problem. You can serve cow. Serving cow strengthens the fortune. Light five lamps in evening. Lighting five lamps improves Moon.

The Moon can be strengthened by giving respect to mother or women similar to mother. Drinking more water strengthens the Moon. 

Moon can be strengthened by wearing silver on the body. You can help to needy people. This will strengthen the Moon.

You can serve the people. Keep yourself clean. Cleanliness improves the fortune. Keep cleanliness in the north side of home. You should serve the people. 

You can serve the trees, plants, beast-animal, veterans, poor people or country. You should worship on Navratri. You can worship on Mahashivaratri. You should worship on pitru paksha.

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