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There is a problem of hair fall when Mars is weak. Hair fall also occurs due to change in environment and change in food habits. Hair fall occurs due to more stress. 

hair fall
If Sun is weak then hair fall occurs around the head. If Moon is weak then hair fall occurs from the center of the head. The problem of hair fall is very high when Mars is bad.

If Mercury is weak then due to weak stomach hair fall occurs. If Jupiter is weak then hair fall occurs due to weak hair. 

If this happens between the age of 18 and 24 then one should do remedy to strengthen Jupiter. Their marriage is getting delay or they face struggle in marital life. Venus does not affect on hair.

The hair fall occurs due to depression, which relates to Shani. The weak Moon gives stress therefore, hair fall occurs. The weak Shani gives threat or depression therefore, hair fall occurs. 

The weak Mangal increase anger therefore, hair fall occurs. The weak Sun makes light hair. Hair becomes white due to cough, which occurs from weak Venus.

To avoid the hair fall strengthen the planets. Change your conduct. Avoid going in pollution. Polluted environment is responsible for hair fall. Stress and worry also increase hair fall. 

Reduce your stress and increase concentration. Avoid having such food that increases heat in the body. Reduce anger if you face hair fall. One should consume Amla, Brahmi and Shankhpushpi daily.

Take one liter mustard oil, mix 8-10 ratti coral or the root of ananatmool and heat it on slow flame. Put it in white color bottle and keep it in sunlight on wood for one week. 

Then, apply this oil in hair at night. This reduce hair fall. The use of reetha strengthens the hair. The blood circulation improves by rubbing nails with each other. This reduces hair fall.

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