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Throat infection occurs due to weak Mercury and Venus. Throat infection also occurs if Shani is weak. A person cannot speak clearly due to weak Mercury. 

Throat Infection
The voice is not effective due to weak Mercury. The cough deposit in throat due to weak Venus. One suffers with thyroid due to weak Venus.

One cannot speak clearly due to weak Shani. They face problem in interview. They may get fail. If one face throat problem due to Mercury then wear three copper coins in green color thread. 

Wear it on shukalpaksh’s Wednesday. If you face throat problem due to Mercury then consume mulethi daily.

If you face problem in clear speech then dip lemon in lukewarm water. Rub it on tongue. It gives good benefit in speech. It is beneficial to do gargle with tea. 

This avoids throat infection. Press the middle part of thumb before bed. If you face cough in throat then donate yogurt on Fridays. If throat remain upset then drink lemon with lukewarm water.

If voice is not clear then you can suck ginger with rock salt and lemon. This gives power to the throat. The throat can be clear through gargle with salt water. 

Drink tea without milk gives benefit in throat inflammation. You can do ujjai pranayama if your voice becomes heavy.

Soak fenugreek in water for overnight. Drink its water in morning. This cleans the throat. 

The consumption of cinnamon is beneficial in throat infection. Heat the betel leaf and cover it on throat. It gives relief in tonsil.

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