How Cleanliness Is Connected To Your Good Luck - Astro Upay

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Cleanliness gives comfort. Mind remains clean due to cleanliness. Cleanliness gives happiness. Cleanliness avoids disease. It also avoids discord. 

How Cleanliness Is Connected To Your Good Luck - Astro Upay

Cleanliness strengthens Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Strong Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus give prosperity. Strong Sun avoids disease and strengthens self-confidence. Strong Moon strengthens luck.

Poverty settles in dirt. Goddess Lakshmi settles in cleanliness. The cleanliness in worship indicates importance of cleanliness. The luck improves in clean home. Intelligence and progress settles in clean home.

Keeping kitchen clean strengthens the Sun. This will also avoid disease. Guest comes in the home by keeping kitchen clean. Prestige increases by keeping kitchen clean. 

Relation improves by keeping kitchen clean. Venus becomes strong by keeping bedroom clean. This will improve husband-wife relation. It also avoids irritability.

Husband-wife relation and health improves by keeping bedroom clean. Every family member has the responsibility of keeping home clean. 

By cleaning the house by yourself strengthens Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus. People whose clean the public place, they do not face liver and mind problem. They get prestige and intelligence.

Keeping study table clean reduces the effect of Rahu. One easily gets success. If there is crack in the wall then do color in the home. If home is chaotic and unclear then one cannot get success. They face discord, disease in the home. Also, business becomes weak.

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