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Child becomes stubborn due to Rahu. If Rahu is very strong or Rahu is affected by Shani and Mars or Rahu-Mars affect Moon then stubbornness become craze in child. Whimsical child not only create problem for themselves but also for others. 

stubborn child
This type of children cannot become successful. Sometime, they become victim of frustration and depression.

The more stubborn child becomes nervous. Disturbance creates lungs, breath and heart related problem. Disturbance creates stomach or thyroid problem. 

Therefore, be alert when you have Rahu-Mars or Rahu-Shani yoga. Child becomes batty when Rahu, Mars or Shani affect Moon or lagan. Craziness may take form of violence.

Crazy child do not take good decision. Stubborn child speak too much and they criticize others. They do reverse of everything. They move their leg very much. Stubborn child get more mood swing. 

They do not express themselves. In these cases, try to change your children. Parents should keep watch on their child at the very beginning.

On the above cases, keep your home atmosphere very happy. Talk with each other. The strong Moon decreases the disorder. Whimsical people do not talk with family members. 

Apply sandalwood on navel, forehead or throat. This reduces disorder. Rahu becomes calm by applying sandalwood. Whimsical people do not take care of their body and clothes.

Wear clean clothes to strengthen Moon, Shani and Rahu. Drink plenty of water. Keep sandalwood fragrance in the home. Stubborn children can wear whole nutmeg in black or white color thread on Monday, Thursday or Saturday. 

Sit such place where there is water and plant. Sit in the company with good people. Talk with the trees. Write diary and also read it.

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