Astrology Upay to Remove Unemployment and Get Job

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Children cannot get success if pitru dosha or unknown reasons are in the home. It happens even though children are talented. The veterans of the home should collect 1-1 rupee from everyone and offer it in temple. 

Do this on new moon day or during sunset of trayodashi. Also, collect the money at this time. Do this donation on every new moon day for at least five years.

You can visit any religious place and give service. Take active participation in function. If children are not listening parents then remember lord Vishnu and take one piece of turmeric and put it in well on Wednesday or Thursday.

When unemployment increases in the home then plant peeple tree on Saturday and take care of it. The elders of the home should make saffron tilak and apply it on every family member. 

Also, apply yourself. Avoid non-veg, tobacco and alcohol in the home. Take rock salt and mix it in water. Wipe your home with this water. Do not keep dust in the corner of the home.

If you take elders advice and go outside then you may get job however you will not get stability. If a girl suffer with this dosha and get marry then she may get job however she cannot make progress.

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