Astrology Upay to Get out of Confusion

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Wear red or pink color clothes to worship goddess Kushmanda. Donate red lentil, jaggery or jaggery products in worship of goddess Kushmanda. Donate this stuff to below 8 years girls. 

Chant “Om Hrim Klim Namash Chandikaya” in worship of goddess Kushmanda. Goddess Kushmanda is world born. In universe, goddess Kushmanda has the position in the center of Sun. The universe originated from the middle of the Sun.

Many people remain confuse. They cannot use their talent. Confusion is normal action. The more confusion waste the time in decision making. 

Anyone get confusion. Navratri is the time of changes in life. One should do meditation in Navratri. You should chant Durga saptshati at night. Then, you should do meditation and chant psalm.

It is necessary to take risk in life. Do not let the impact of the results fall on the decisions. One should begin the work and hand over the results to god. People who get more confusion they should put red color on top of the thumb. 

They should do eat before bed at night. People who get more confusion they should wear silver ring in thumb. It should be open from the middle.

People who get confusion they should chant “Om Namah Shivay” and offer water on Shivaling. They should also do abhishek. Do this remedy on Mondays.

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