How to Become Achiever? - Astro Upay to Become Achiever in Your Life

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Everyone wants to get success. However, many times they do not get success. It happens due to weak planets. In horoscope, if the 9th house is strong, 10th house is good, main planet is also good then one gets success. 

Many people work hard but they do not get success. The hard work on time gives good success.

It is also necessary to get support of mind with hard work. The strong self-confidence and concentration gives success. 

It is necessary to have strong Mars for good success. Mars gives chasing power. It is necessary to have strong Jupiter, which gives intelligence. It is also necessary to have strong Moon and Sun.

Sun gives energy. 

Chant Om and Gayatri psalm in front of Sun in morning. Chant psalm with complete faith. One should do such remedy to strengthen Moon. One can do mediation in evening. 

You can do breathing exercise during meditation. Never make big target. Divide your routine into smaller parts. Eat jaggery to strengthen Mars.

Donate masur lentil and do exercise. You can walk on grass with bare foot. Serve cow to strengthen Jupiter. 

Take vicinity of idol. Wear silver ring in thumb. Wear silver bracelet and drink plenty of water. One can use white, orange and red color to increase self-confidence. 

White color increases the intelligence. Yellow color also increases intelligence. Green color increase cleverness.

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