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Avoid having rich food if whiteness of tongue increases. In this case, you should drink more water. Keep fast once in a week. Eat less sugar. The excess whiteness of the tongue is an indication of upset stomach. This increase irritability and sloth. 


The fast gives relief to liver. Do not eat more sugar food. The spot or sores on the tongue are an indication of itching. In this case, put mustard oil on navel.

If yellowness is deposited on tongue then stay away from smoke. Avoid smoking. They yellowness on tongue is an indication of weak lung. 

Children should take care breathe problem. Drink lemon in lukewarm water to strengthen lungs. You can also take deep breath.

The white, blue or black spot on tongue increase then avoid having hot food. In this case, use more fruit in the food. Do not eat more salty or sugary food. 

Drink plenty of normal water. The more red tongue is not good sign. If pregnant women get red tongue then it is the indication of low vitamin and iron in the body.

The blue, yellow or purple tongue increase then one may face problem due to fat. In this case, do not eat rich food. You should eat cow ghee food. Do not eat sugar. Drink carrot, tomato and beetroot juice.

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