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Sawan Month
Study: If children cannot get concentration in study then child can offer sandalwood and water on Shivaling. Also, apply sandalwood on child’s forehead. Do this remedy at least for 7 days. Avoid giving meat to child.

Food: Child can offer red flower and jaggery to Hanuman. Child should eat jaggery. Start this remedy on any day in savan month. Do this remedy at least one month.

Bad Company: Child should offer water under peeple tree. Put sandalwood water in child’s bathing water. Child should avoid wearing black clothes. Start this remedy from savan month and do it for long time.

Disturb Mind: Child should donate yogurt. Child should do turmeric or saffron tilak daily. Start this remedy on savan month and do it at least for one month.

Good Luck: Help at least one person during a day. This avoids big trouble and you will get solution of every problem.

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