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Margi Mangal
Mars is going to margi. It will remain in Capricorn sign till 6th November. There will be different impact on different zodiac.

Aries: The pending work will finish. Prestige and business related problem may get resolve. Worship lord Hanuman. Make donation of red cloth on Tuesday. Cover red color thread in right hand’s wrist.

Taurus: The time will improve. Life partner may face some problem. The animals of the home may face some problem. Take care of parent’s health. Worship goddess Kali or Durga.

Gemini: Gemini zodiac may face some problem. Keep patience in love relations and marital life. Take care of waist and stomach problem. Donate besan sweets to needy people daily.

Cancer: The conflict will resolve. The enemy will get defeated. Take care of domestic life. Take care of veterans. Stress may increase. Take care of your health. Live pious life. Serve animals. Chant “Om Aag Angarakaya Namah” daily. Avoid red and grey color clothes.

Leo: The enemy will finish. The pending work will finish. The desire may increase. One may get benefit in investment. Donate mishri, batasha, besan sweets, red clothes or shurngar in temple. If you are getting married then chant “Om Aag Angarakaya Namah” for 51 thousands time.

Virgo: The journey, stomach, friendship and vehicle problems will be solved. Avoid disappointment. You will get benefit from planning. The conflict with siblings will end. Offer water, mixing rolli, rice and sugar, to the Sun.

Libra: The time will become weak. They may face problem through parents, siblings and friends. Take care of heart and blood related problem. Take care of your vehicle. Worship your favored god. Wear red color thread in wrist.

Scorpio: The struggle will increase. Work hard. Take less risk. Take veterans advice in important decision. Give water to veterans daily morning. Donate gram and besan sweets on Tuesdays.

Sagittarius: Health and family may create problem. People may be angry with you. Spend money with care. Chant “Om Aag Angarakaya Namah”. Feed dogs daily.

Capricorn: The thoughts will improve. The decision will improve. You will get help. However, take care of head. Do not trust blindly on anyone. Take care while making relations. Feed fishes daily.

Aquarius: Save money. Body may become weak. Take care of head and eyes. Cover right hand wrist with red thread through veteran.

Pisces: You will get benefit. You will get benefit in studies. Work will finish in break. Keep patience. Do not trust blindly. Relations with sibling may become weak. Give sweet rotti to birds.

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