Health Problem Creating Hurdles in Kids Education? - Try Astro Upay

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child health issue
Studies are interrupted due to disease. This happens due to weak Jupiter. Mind disturbs in study due to disease. Studies are interrupted on end time when Jupiter and Moon are weak.

Take 43 small coins of copper. Start hiding them on Tuesday. You should hide them at secluded place. Many students suffer with disease before examination. In this case, put jaggery, honey and yellow lentil in yellow cloth. Keep it in temple. You should do this remedy for 11 Thursdays.

Many students do not get success in study. In this case, they should make reception of guest. Give them milk or milk products. Many time students face disease before work or study. This happens due to Mars. In this case, chant Argala Strot.

Many students become sick before important exam. In this case, serve small girls, who are below the age of 8, on Fridays. Give them yogurt and fruits. One should wear strong silver ball in silver chain through mother on Monday, Thursday or Friday. Do this when you are going out for study or special work.

Many students face mental problem before exam. In this case, chant “Om Narayana Namo Namah”. Wear yellow clothes and do turmeric tilak while chanting this psalm. If you are facing nervousness before interview then feed food to any veteran. Do this as service.

If one cannot get success in study due to illness then make donation on the name of teacher or idol. You can also do jaal tarpan on the name of veteran.

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