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Guava contains vitamin B1. It is beneficial for children. Guava has high amount of vitamin C. 

It strengthens the immune power. Guava is helpful to get rid of habit of addiction.

Guava contains nutrition such as iron, calcium, phosphorus. It strengthens the children bones. The consumption of guava strengthens the bones. 

It also strengthens the digestive system. The consumption of guava in morning avoids stomach problem.

In monsoon, cut the apple and mix black pepper or black salt and eat it. You should eat it in breakfast. 

This gives many benefits. It strengthens the stomach and improves digestion. 

Chewing guava leaves avoid mouth ulcer. It is beneficial to eat guava to get rid of fry and roasted food.

If you suffer cough with constipation then suck guava leaves. Put it under teeth. Take soft guava and roast it. 

Mix black pepper and cumin powder in it. This is beneficial to get rid of cough. 

If children are hyper then feed them guava. The consumption of guava increases the concentration in study.

The consumption of guava puree balances the insulin level in the body. The guava leaves kadda is beneficial to get rid of addiction. The guava leaves tea avoids fatigue.

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