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Many people do not get prestige after a million attempts. Many people do not get good behavior even after their good behavior. 

Astrology Yog
One cannot easily get respect when Sun, Venus and Moon are weak. The people who are troubled by themselves should always remain happy. 

Never criticize others. Offer water to Sun daily. Take blessings from elders. Donate jaggery or sugarcane juice on Sundays. Chant “Om Dhruni Suryay Namah”.

The relationship between siblings gets spoiled when Mars is bad. Diseases increase due to weak Mars. One cannot save money due to bad Mars. 

One should worship Sun if Mars is bad. Serve cow, idol and temple if Mars is bad. Wear red color thread in right hand on Monday or Tuesday if Mars is bad. 

Help disabled people. Donate food to disabled people on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

If condition decreases with aging then avoid arrogance. Serve siblings. Feed dogs with your food on Saturdays. Chant “Om Hanumate Namah” on Tuesday. 

If children get away then visit religious pilgrimages. Do not keep iron stuff on sleeping place. If children get away then donate shoes on Saturdays. 

Offer coconut to lord Shiva on Tuesdays or Saturdays if children get away.

If you suddenly face losses then wear sandalwood in blue color thread. Donate iron utensils on Saturday. Donate black sesame sweet on Tuesdays. Do Gayatri yagna on Sundays.

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