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Hinders Your Progress
One should do such remedy for problem. Many people cannot study even though they have good mind. Many people start study but they stop it in middle. Such people cannot get good result even after hard work. Such people stuck in problem before exam. 

In this case, cover your throat with silver ball in silver chain through mother or elder sister. Wear kaudi and hard silver ball in silver chain on Thursday. One should keep patience. Maintain interest in education and work hard for examination.

Such people cannot study in the home. In this case, hide some stuff in land on Tuesday. You can hide copper piece, jaggery, red lentil daal and red cloth. There will be positive change in home and life. Many times conflict increase in the home. One faces litigation. 

In this case, sit facing south side and put water in pottery. Put urad or sesame in pottery. Chant “Om Pitru Devay Namah Om Pitru Shanti Bhav”. Do Pitru dosha yagna on Pitru visharjan amawashya. Hide silver in the middle of the home.

Keep water in north side of the home. Keep water tank in north side of the home. This increase fame. This also avoids stress and conflicts. Children can wear 10-12 ratti firoza in silver chain on Friday. Many times children do such things that disturb the mind. In this case, offer coconut to lord Vishnu on Thursday. Prepare glass powder and hide it through child. 

This reduces the distance between child and parents. If the engagement frequently breaks then always give respect to guest. Give water and food to guest. Donate coconut in Bhairav temple on Saturday. Do kumbh marriage when you get engaged.

If women cannot get child then serve girls on Thursday. Donate food items to below 8 years girls.

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