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Job or Business
Aries: Sun decides their carrier. Career in the therapeutic and administrative field. They are good chances of doing job due to Shani. They might face problems in business.

Taurus: Mercury creates myth. They choose wrong career. Commerce is very good stream for them. Usually, they do job for few days and then start business. They get good success in speech and consulting work.

Gemini: Venus and Shani decide their career. Choose medicine, management, marketing or law field. Independent business or work gives good success. They may face problem in job.

Cancer: Mars and Moon decide their career. They can choose any field. They can get job in medicine, education, music, film, media and art. It is also beneficial to do it like job.

Leo: Jupiter and Venus decide their career. Sometime, their career is opposite to their education. They can do normal job. It is beneficial to do land, food products or wooden business.

Virgo: They have wonderful memory from Mercury. They are good businessman. Usually, interest, chemical, clothes and jewelry business gives good benefit. They can do multiple businesses. They can do only management job.

Libra: Shani, Mercury and Venus decide their career. They do job in engineering, journalist, education or law. Sometime, they choose glamour. They change business and job.

Scorpio: Moon, Jupiter and Sun decide their career. It is beneficial to do job in service, education or journalism or media. They become good teacher and journalist.

Sagittarius: They have capability of administration. It is beneficial to do administrative service. They do only job in police, administration, defense or technical.

Capricorn: It is the earth element and Mercury impacts on their career. It is beneficial to do business in wealth, consulting, water, iron, coal and petrol.

Aquarius: Mercury is main planet for them. Shani and Mars play an important role in career. Commerce, law and engineering are beneficial field. They do not do job for long time. They earn money due to their intelligence.

Pisces: Moon and Mars decide their career. They do only job and get success. Medicine, education, service and marketing are good field for them.

Good Luck: Prepare and eat sweet rotti on Tuesday. This improves relations with sibling.

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