Astrology Upay to Remove Shortage of Money

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Shortage of Money
One face shortage of wealth due to weak second and fourth house. If Sun is in second house then one cannot save money. If Rahu or bad Shani is in second house then money does not last. Do not do unnecessary expense. Do maximum use of stuff. Put the root of shami in iron box and keep it in money vault.

Chant “Om Hum Hanumate Namah” 108 times for 43 days. Take out one seed of urad daal and collect them. Keep 5 seeds along with you and donate remaining seeds on Tuesday. Keep this 5 seeds in money vault. The more effect of Ketu increases the expense. One should save money for unexpected problem. Save at least 15% of your income.

If Ketu is weak then planning fails. Offer coconut to lord Bhairav on Saturday. People who handle money in the home they should do saffron tilak. Ketu cannot affect wealth if you apply saffron tilak. Keep the root of aswagandh or sarpgandh at worship place. Do tilak with it. Donate copper, brass or flower utensil to scholars on Sunday.

Donate gold, yellow clothes, sweet, turmeric, rice and books to scholars on Sunday. Write “Aem” on copper triangle and wear it in throat on Friday. Keep saffron, turmeric and rice in silver box and donate it to mother. Take this box from mother on full moon day and put it in money vault.

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