Importance of Ashad Month as per Hindu Panchang

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Asadh is the fourth month of Hindu panchang. It is the month of sandhi kaal. Rain start from this month. The disease spread during this month. There will be moisture in this month. 

Importance of Ashad Month as per Hindu Panchang

Ashad Month
Asadh month is known as Kamana Purti month. This year, it remains between 29th June and 27th July.

Donate khadau, umbrella, salt and Amla to Brahman on first day of Asadh month. In this month, there is Shri Jaganath yatra. Lord Sun and Devi is worshipped in this month. In this month, hidden Navaratri also celebrated for tantra or power. 

In this month, Shri Hari Vishnu goes for sleep. One cannot do auspicious work for the next four month. On the completion of Asadh month, guru purnima is also celebrated.

It is extremely beneficial to worship idol in Asadh month. It is also beneficial to worship Devi. One gets mercy of childbirth through worship of Shri Hari Vishnu. It will be easy to get money by worshiping water. Worship Mangal and Sun in this month. This maintains energy.

In this month, eat aquatic fruit. Do not eat bell in this month. Avoid having oily food. It is beneficial to use saunf, asafetida and lemon.

Good Luck: Keep rain water in glass bottle and put it in bed room. This improves marital life.

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