Falling Sick After Marriage? Try this Astrology Upay

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A person remains ill if there is high impact of Mars on seventh or eighth house. Mangal dosha creates problem before or after marriage. There would be impact of Mangal dosha. 60%-70% people get Mangal dosha. If husband or wife remains sick then do remedy of Mars.

Falling Sick After Marriage? Try this Astrology Upay

Falling Sick
Do not sit on bed on Tuesday. Sleep on Kush bed on Tuesday night. Use maximum use of pottery on Tuesday. Prepare rotti on pottery fry pan and eat it on Tuesday. Mangal dosha directly relates with RH factor. The problem occurs due to mismatch of RH factor.

Every corpus has its own chemical equation. Every corpus has its radiation and magnetic circle. Body and mind cannot meet due to mismatch. If there are such lines, as shown on the below figure then one should take care.

On the above cases, take special care of maternal and paternal grandmother. Donate white clothes or silver to any veteran once or twice in a year. Make arrangement of drinking water at laws house. Wear silver ring, without joint, on Tuesday. Wear it in index finger. Do not keep dry leaves or pedicle. Do not keep birds in cage at the home.

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